Seeing a pregnant mother from a birth checkup is not easy

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Since the daughter -in -law was pregnant last year, the hospital has become the most common place for us.

When we went again on Sunday, we got up at 6 o’clock in the morning and thought that we could queue up in the early line to do the B -ultrasound, but because there were many people, it was really scheduled, and it was in the afternoon.At 11 o’clock, we ordered some snacks on the street. We thought about going home first, but after the calculation time, it was better to find a place near the hospital.

At more than twelve o’clock, we ordered two cups of coffee on Starbucks, and then nestled on the sofa daze and chatted.Our gains and losses, we talked about the place where we can improve.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, we went straight to the hospital and finally finished the inspection. At three o’clock, we returned to our house.In many peaceful days, we spend this way, and there are many times in the middle to cheer each other, saying that the environment will always get better, saying that the epidemic will eventually pass, saying that we must protect ourselves.

I feel that we must run the day well, and work hard.

If you want to be divided into stages, I can visualize pregnancy in three stages. In the first three months, my physical discomfort, loss of appetite, and often vomiting.Sometimes I just spit it up without eating a few mouthfuls. I asked me after vomiting. Can you continue to eat as I look at me?In fact, I can, if we change it, I guess she will vomit.

At that time, she had a lot of emotions, and I was not ready, and the contradictions were frequent.Here I have to review that maturity is always after incidents. I do n’t have a good job in many places, and I still need to keep learning and keep progress.That is, these important things can give people a chance to grow, and to make people see their shortcomings.

It is relatively good for three months in the middle. It is time to eat, drink, and sleep, and there is no big problem to sleep. The mood is relatively stable. It can be called a comfortable period.The last three months is more difficult, because the belly is relatively large, the life is inconvenient, and there is no big problem for eating, but sleeping at night is not solidly, which seriously affects the state and mood.

In September last year, my mother -in -law came down from northern Shaanxi to help and gave us a lot of support in life.During that time, my mother -in -law was in charge of housework, and also gave my daughter -in -law a lot of comfort.

Really, I still had a deep feeling at the time, that is, girls should not marry too far.When you are in love, you can enjoy more sweetness, but when you are sweet, you will be too far away when you are in a new situation. When you need the emotional comfort of many family members, it will be difficult if you ca n’t help it.

Human spirit requires many comfort.

Some time ago, my parents came from Shanxi. As a result, I was sunny the next day, with a high fever of about 40 degrees.After I gradually recovered, we cook together every day, and the family is full of a new atmosphere of life.The daughter -in -law is not used to the way we cook there. Recently, my mother is also studying, teaching and learning, and their mother -in -law is OK.

There is still a big difference between men and women.The daughter -in -law said that if your mother has a daughter, she can often chat with each other. The son is still not intimate.Indeed, she basically had a video with my mother -in -law every day. She talked a lot in mess. I also talked with my mother before, but only occasionally.

Hope to have a daughter, in the future, their mother and daughter can talk often.


The biggest difference after marriage and before marriage is to encounter a lot of new scenes. Every new scene needs us to do psychological construction, learn to adapt, and welcome new identities.There will be a busy hand in it, and the time of free control will gradually decrease, and there will be less space left to yourself.

To describe it in "Ordinary World", this is "to live".

The translation is to actively live, actively, actively experience various real life, and experience all kinds of necessary scenes.In addition, I also have a feeling, that is, in the specific ability of being a life, my daughter -in -law is much stronger than me, so I have been learning from her.The progress is not too fast, but it is better than before.

How do you say this? It is really related to the family. Compared with those who have been trained since childhood, compared with those who have never exercised, the specific ability is not a level at all.In fact, the biggest difference is the consciousness, consciousness and completely unawareness, and it is different in specific actions.

You are like me, I have no consciousness before, and when I was a kid, I did n’t like communication when I was a kid. Under various influences, I was not very willing to deal with people.The life is basically passive, and I should deal with it when I encounter the situation.

From the perspective of play, it is completely passive defense, and there is no consciousness of a little defensive counterattack.So in this regard, my daughter -in -law is my teacher. She often criticizes me and criticizes and commented on many of my specific performance.Why do I put criticism ahead?Because from her perspective, I still do not do it, and then she will find a chance to say me.

No, after my parents came down, she told my parents two days before, and then the three of them educated me when I was home.When I said me, I listened seriously. Many words did talk about a little bit. I accepted sincerely, and said that I will continue to improve this year, to improve consciousness, and there must be great changes in the practice.

In fact, there are disadvantages that are good. The greater the shortcomings, the greater the room for progress, which is good.

I think I am progressing.If I was previously criticized, I would bring emotions and not necessarily accept it.But after thirty, my emotions gradually went down. The main still feels useless, and the meaning is not much. At present, I am willing to accept the good criticism and guidance, and I will take it seriously.

In addition, my daughter -in -law and my parents can talk together, and I feel pretty good. No matter what they talk about, it is always good to communicate.The farthest distance between people is actually not smooth information and there is no common topic.With some more topics, the relationship between people can really closer.So when they said me that day, I felt very constructive.

This is a course of life. The school does not teach, and the family may not teach. I can only feel a little bit in my life, slowly realize, and gradually learn.Although I do n’t do much in many aspects, I am not in a hurry because I look at myself from a “growth” perspective.It will not work twice at a time, and it will not work for two or three years. Even if it is slower, it will make progress sooner or later.

There must be compromise and sacrifice in the process, but these are necessary.From one person to two people to multiple people, you must sacrifice some personal interests to finally achieve collective interests.

Most of the contradictions in the family are between personal interests and collective interests, just like our country now calls on large domestic markets, and it is because local protectionism is not good for the overall situation.Of course, the opening of the interests of small families is much easier than a large domestic market.

The principles are similar, and the real growth comes from constraints.


Of course, just like getting married, pregnancy is the beginning. After the child is born, there will be more joy and difficulties.I used to think it was difficult before. Now I changed my perspective and felt that they were new experiences and challenges.Generally, it is not rich in life.

In these new experiences, I gradually became different from before.When we went to take pictures last week, the store also had a project to record videos for her husband.I was sitting there, and then I was taken to a small black house, like an interview, let me answer questions to the camera.The other party kept asking, I answered next to me, what did you say.

When I saw the finished product this week, the first feeling was that I was very smooth and basically didn’t stumble.One hour.

Her recent overall state is okay. In the past semester, the unit went to the unit for less than two months.Originally, we were also worried that going to work in the third trimester was too tired, and later this problem was solved.

The plan can’t keep up with changes, and it is better to have less plans.

Double Eleven bought a lot of things on the Internet, bottle, wet urine, and a lot of things needed during fertility.Her friend and colleagues made a lot of suggestions, and people they needed sent the links. Really, at the critical moment, they had to rely on sisters.She couldn’t stop chatting with her sisters every day, and her fingers were like those who grew on their mobile phones.

It is also a multi -directional psychological comfort, or I said above, this is very important.

Hai Yun gave us a diapers, like a small bed, in fact, in my eyes, it is more like the three -story cart that can set up the pot.At that time, when Hai Yun sent the picture over, I also said that this thing was used for good food. As a result, she said that she was actually helping the child to change the diapers.Quite useful.

So, the child is bigger, that thing can be used for food.I just remembered that I changed so much diaper. Forget it, let’s put it in the book.

I heard many people say postpartum depression, and now I have to talk to my daughter -in -law, give some encouragement, or tell a joke.We do n’t know what state postpartum is now. Do it before giving birth.She said that during this time, as soon as she arrived at night, the child was so noisy in the stomach, always moved, and moved for a while.

I do n’t know how to describe that kind of feeling. It is amazing. As a party, her feelings must be much richer than me, but unfortunately she failed to record it.

I also asked my mother, saying whether I was particularly good when I was a kid. I don’t need to trouble the adults, and I lie there alone.My mother said that when I was a kid, I was not good at it. I had been jumping in bed, and I needed an adult to hold it with a hand frame, and then jumped for one night.I suspect that this is fake, and we have no memory. I don’t know about discrediting my words.

But I remember that I had a lot of toys at that time, but I throw it away for a while.Thinking in other places, if my baby is the same, I will throw the toys I bought twice. I don’t know if my blood pressure will rise.Mainly, I actually love to play toys. I ca n’t play it first, and I will be easy to play before playing.

Some things cannot be advanced by imagination. I do n’t know what the child is after birth. It ’s useless to see more other people’ s stories. Feeling, I can only experience it by myself.

I will write them one by one.

Dangdang record.


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