Second marriage to Hong Kong people, but my husband does not allow me to tell my in -laws that I have a child with my ex -husband

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1. Marrying with his ex -husband, his first love during my pregnancy

My name is Zhang Hongling, born in 1987. At the age of 36, I am an authentic Hainan.I have been hot, lively and cheerful since I was a child, but I have a bad study. I started working in work after graduating from junior high school in 2003. Because I was not 18 years old, I helped in my brother’s restaurant at first.

Two years later, I went to the bar as a waiter just when I was at the age of 18 to sell red wine for the guests, but I was a serious job. Occasionally, when I encountered some male guests difficult to entangle, I avoided it.

At that time, I made my boyfriend, my ex -husband, he was my junior high school classmate, looked like a general, and the family conditions were average. After my family knew, I did not agree with us., But where can I hear in love? At the age of 20, I stole the account book and quietly registered with him. After registration, I told my mother: I am pregnant and register.Agree can only agree, otherwise you can only raise me and grandchildren.Seeing that raw rice has been cooked with mature rice, the family sighs and recognizes our marriage.

Considering that his family was not good, I did not want his family’s colorful gifts. On the contrary, my parents gave me a lot of dowry. In this way, we did not have a wedding. He had no house in the city. We rented a single room outside.

We are immersed in your wedding love all day long. During this period, I was pregnant once, but abortion should be the reason for often night shifts.

Later, I wanted to do something else. I just made an intermediary recruitment in Dongguan.500 yuan, I can think about this work. I agree. I have a strong ability to say that it is not difficult for me to recruit work to me. I quickly helped him recruit people. This time, I made more than 20,000 yuan.Essence

We have reached a long -term partnership. The people and I often bring people recruited to Hainan and the mainland. Although we made some money in those two years, the expenses were large and did not save any money.

At this time, I found that my ex -husband had changed, and he secretly dated others outside. Later, I learned that it was his first love lover. It is said that the woman and the ex -husband were divorced.Buy a car for my husband and buy a house together. Maybe my ex -husband still has feelings for her, and even agreed, and came back to divorce me.

I started to disagree. One was that I had been pregnant for half a year at the time, and the other was that I didn’t want to cheat them.He said shamelessly that he could not separate the first love, the woman said that she could compensate me 30,000 yuan and let me let go.Faced with a man -changing man, I didn’t want to save it.After my life was difficult to produce my daughter, I had a divorce with him, and my daughter returned to me.On the second day of our divorce, he immediately registered with the woman.

Until now, I have seen the true face of my ex -husband. Fortunately, my family cares, I have collected me and my daughter, and slowly I slowed over from it.

2. Working in Shenzhen, knowing the current Hong Kong husband

In 2010, when my daughter was 1 year old, I wanted to go out to work. One was to leave this sad place, and the other was to create a better life for the child, so I entrusted my daughter to her parents and went to Shenzhen to find a job.

Because I have a cheerful personality and a good shape. In Shenzhen, I quickly found a job in the bar. It was also a waiter to sell red wine. The salary of about 10,000 a month. Except for daily expenses, the rest was stored.

At that time, a tall and handsome and Sven guest often came to help me, singing to me, and looking for me to buy wine.Over time, we were familiar with and learned that he was a Hong Kong -owner. He drove a car and occasionally played with his friends in Shenzhen.

After a few months, he began to pursue me. At the beginning, I refused, because I felt that I was not worthy of him. He was two years younger than me. He looked good, his family conditions were good, and he had not married.

But he has never given up, and has been particularly good to me. I have not felt the care of others for a long time. I slowly like him and agree with him.I told him that I had married, but I didn’t dare to say that I still have a child. He was surprised at first but said he didn’t care.

I thought he was just playing with me, but what he didn’t expect was that he was serious. When he proposed to me, I confessed to my previous marriage life and children. He disappeared for half a month after silence. ThenI spent half a month I was drunk, and then I realized that I loved him deeply.

Half a month later, he looked tired and pulled me and found me. He couldn’t do without me. It was my person who was recognized. He didn’t care about my past.Parents, because he told my parents that I was married but had no children, he said that he would definitely live in Hong Kong anyway anyway. Let me go back to see my daughter occasionally.

I felt a little bit painful, and both ends were not, but the balance still tended to him, so I agreed.We finished the wedding in Hong Kong and took him back to my hometown to have a wedding. My daughter was 3 years old. She could only be a child of relatives to attend my wedding. I was uncomfortable.

After the wedding, after getting along with my daughter for a short time, he and I returned to Hong Kong to live.At the beginning, I did not adapt to the environment of Hong Kong. The houses in their 45 square meters of houses were separated into two rooms and two halls. I finally saw Hong Kong’s soil gold. I will make meals every day for everyone. Then my husband goes to work.The public mother -in -law goes to drink tea, and this is basically the same every day.When they left, I was in a daze in the house alone. I want to find something to do.

Three months later, I found the work of pouring tea from the Mahjong Pavilion near home. I also had a salary of more than 10,000 a month. I lived a day a day. I lived in Hong Kong for 3 years.Three times, and I have never been pregnant with my husband, my in -laws are a little anxious, and I often buy supplements for us to eat.

3. Back to the Mainland to operate restaurants

Later, the taxi in Hong Kong was not very easy to do. I also missed my daughter more and more, so I discussed with my husband to go back to the Mainland to find some business. After thinking about his husband, he nodded and agreed. He came forward to persuade his in -laws, and his in -laws agreed.After we returned to Hainan’s hometown, I started watching the shop shop and fancy a facade shop on the upper and lower floors of 400 square meters. I planned to go down to make catering, because the brothers and sisters of the family are all dining experts. Everyone thinks it is feasible.

So I loaned 500,000 from the bank. In addition to the deposit with my husband, our night market catering bar was opened like this. To be honest, it was really money to make catering in my hometown.Come back, every day I made money, so I bought a car in my hometown and bought a house. My daughter also took me back with us. She was already in junior high school at this time.She is not so close to me. She can’t say a few words a few words every day. She is just a rebellious period at this age. She still has great hostility to my husband. Sometimes I want to ease their emotions.

When I was giving birth to my daughter, because of the difficulty of giving birth and making money over the years, my body was poor. I have never conceived. I went to see the doctor and said it was me.After the in -laws knew, they secretly said euphemistically that if he had a child at home, he had to have a child or something. I could also understand the ideas of the two olds.My husband is also very embarrassed. He often talks between me and my in -laws, but his temper becomes greater and greater. Sometimes, I have to ask him to eat well.

My parents and siblings have seen our contradictions, but there is no better solution.

And I have to be busy with the business in the store, and take care of the old and small. Seriously, I really want to give up a nun to become a monk.

4. Go back to Shenzhen to work

Later, I had a lot of night market meals on my street. The price was very low. My business was difficult to make a lot. In addition to the epidemic for three years, the shops basically lost money every month.I went in, and my husband said he couldn’t go back to Hong Kong.

It happened that a colleague I met in Shenzhen before was preparing to open a restaurant in Shenzhen. She needed an experienced person to help her in the past.

After looking at my store, although the shops that were unwilling to work hard were closed like this, after all, it was not realistic. This year, I set off the workers’ salary and handled the store.Life.

But my daughter can only be put in Hainan. I have n’t realized the dream of my in -laws. I do n’t know how to go in the future. My family advised me to leave Hainan, but I have too much reluctance and unwillingness.There is no way to be a competent mother. It is really a dilemma, and I can only take one step.

The last thing I want to tell you is: Life is like this, there is no perfect, there are always regrets.


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