Second child Bao Ma: I am pregnant when I am susceptible to pregnancy.

This news can be held up for four months, and I can finally tell everyone today ~ I am pregnant with my second child.

Because we have a custom here that we can’t say it for three months, nor is it superstition, but we still need to avoid taboos.There is actually a reason for this statement, and it will be mentioned later.In fact, this pregnancy was done very well according to the plan, and I was pregnant once, but I felt very twists and turns.

The second child was in the plan this time. At that time, I discussed with my husband and wanted to have a baby cow. It was born in spring.With this plan, I pay close attention to my body and diet. The garbage food is basically taboo. I will pay attention to the hot and cold let the body do not get sick and take medicine.I go in alone, but fortunately Xiao Q is pretty brave.

Since February of this year, she planned to eat folic acid. In March, husbands and wives were checked before pregnancy, and Chinese medicine was used to condition the body from April to May.It seems that everything is in the plan. Who knows that suddenly a moth is emerged. In mid -April, I do n’t know what I have eaten the wrong thing. I actually got acute urticaria.Not on the road.

For the first time in my life, I found that this acute urticaria was annoying.When I went to the hospital, I informed the doctor that I was prepared to be pregnant. I thought the doctor would pay attention. I did not expect that it was all kinds of treatment. I had to get an injection and dripping with medicine., Can only be planned according to what the doctor said.

At that time, I cried when I was out of the clinic, and I felt that I was uncomfortable. This major problem appeared in this critical section.At that time, the injection also experienced the first halo in life. Fortunately, my husband was accompanied by next door.I used to think that the needle was dizzy when I saw the needle and injections.It wasn’t the case. It is estimated that I didn’t eat it at the time. In addition, I felt nervous. After the needle, I felt difficulty in breathing. When I was dark, I told the nurse that I felt a little dizzy.After waking up in minutes, I found that it was already on the infusion bed.This scared my husband. In fact, I was frightened myself. After experiencing this, I found that I was more afraid of injections than before.

Next is the long half -month treatment and medication. Three days of retracement, persistent for half a month.At that time, I felt very heartbroken every medicine.The doctor said that this acute urticaria should be controlled within 6 weeks, otherwise it will develop into chronic urticaria, which is very troublesome.Therefore, I can only listen to the doctor. At the same time, I have a Chinese medicine that I have to regulate the body that I have urticaria. The doctor also stopped the traditional Chinese medicine to regulate the body and prescribed the traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of urticaria.Later, my urticaria was fine at the end of May, and the medicine was stopped, and I never relapsed.Later, I thought about what I had eaten wrong.Because I live in a city without a sea, I usually eat freshwater fish, and there are not many seafood I eat, so I dare not touch pure seafood afterwards.

Well, here is here, I feel that I am going to prepare for pregnancy. Folic acid, traditional Chinese medicine and milk powder are eating. I plan to start trying in July.Thinking of a child to be born from March to May, you need to get pregnant from July-September, so the plan is right.But in early June, my sister told me that her colleague in her office was also a second child. She was not pregnant for half a year and had been pregnant for 8 months before she was pregnant.I was stunned in my heart, yes, it ’s been 5 years since I was born with a little Q sister. Now I do n’t know how my physical fitness is. Although I always feel that I have inherited my mother’s pregnancy, I still have a little unconfident. I have to wait for it.It’s not like my sister and colleague were born in September, so it would be bad for children to go to school!

Confirm that after pregnancy, take out the cow’s silver decorations and wear it (bought after the fate)

In my heart, I began to worry and worried, and I went to a certain treasure to buy a row of Luan test paper to test.In fact, I have n’t used these things at all, but I ’m pregnant very naturally.However, since this plan is planned, it must be planned, so the test paper returns to study the use of this thing. At the beginning, I did not understand it and recorded it every day. It seems that it seems to be almost the same.Until the so -called strong yang was measured, it was arranged once, and the next step was to wait patiently.In fact, it doesn’t matter if you think about it at that time. After all, try it first.At that time, if I was really pregnant this time, the baby was still a bit early, and the due date was in early March.

After waiting for a while, it is half a month. This half a month pays attention to the body and take a break as soon as possible.Because I bought a row of LUAN test paper and gave 10 tests of Yun paper, I did n’t know how stupid I was in the middle of the week. Basically, I got up with Yun paper to test it every morning. I sent a lot of anyway.Mood is with a little expectation and a little nervous.If you see the two bars, you feel a bit early, you can’t see it, and you doubt your physical fitness.I think that if a pomelo app said that if you are pregnant, the symptoms of early pregnancy will increase your body temperature and you will have a sense of sleep.I do n’t feel sleepy. I started to measure my body temperature every day with the temperature meter. It was measured that it was 37.1 ~ 37.4. From the body temperature, I felt that I was pregnant, but I could n’t measure it.My husband said that I was too nervous and started to be a bit nervous, haha, I also think so.

Later, after a few days, I did not use the tested yun paper. Suddenly one day I couldn’t sleep at 6 o’clock in the morning, and I found that there seemed to be a very light and light and shallow. It seemed like two.Husband got up and found that she was indeed pregnant.At that time, the mood seemed to be relaxed all of a sudden, but it seemed to feel early.My tangled binding.Because of the experience of a child, this time I knew that I didn’t need to go to the hospital immediately after pregnancy, and it would be right in two weeks.

After two weeks of safety, I went to the hospital.The doctor first arranged me to draw blood to confirm HCG and progesterone values.At that time, the results of the blood test were still very good. There were more than 70 progesterone and more than 50 estradol. The doctor asked me to review the blood elephant and the B -ultrasound for two weeks next week to confirm the internal and embryos.

When I reviewed the blood image in a week, it was the blood that was tested on Sunday. I had to wait for three hours. I didn’t rest assured that I went home after the blood did not wait until the result.It didn’t take long to come home and the results came out. I was collecting the results of the blood of the blood at that time. The progesterone and estradiol fell. HGC appreciation is okay, and then I feel that it should be the same as a child.There is a possibility of aura abortion, just feel that taking some medicine.

I was about 11:30 noon on Monday. The director looked at my results and said it was not good. Let me take a B -ultrasound to confirm that in the palace or outside the palace for treatment.At that time, my heart was pinched, and I was very scared.Because it was more than 11 noon, the B -ultrasound of the gynecological department was full, and only the B -ultrasound of the General Hospital could be applied to the General Council. It was more than 5 o’clock in the afternoon, and then I could only come off work again.After returning to the company at noon, I was in a bad mood, very nervous, and I was afraid of the worst results.My husband said that he was going to accompany me. I refused, thinking that he had to go back from get off work early to pick up Xiao Q sister.When I ran off work, I went to the hospital to take a B -ultrasound, and the hospital and the company drove for 20 minutes.With a super nervous mood, his hands were shaking. At that time, the doctor took a long time and asked some questions. He was super scared.

The B -ultrasound was printed by myself after 10 minutes. I first asked the doctor who followed the B -ultrasound. The doctor said that it was confirmed that it was the palace, but there was only a pregnancy sac that could not see other things.EssenceI showed the director with the results with anxiety, but the director was already off work, and only the doctor on duty saw the results.Doctors on duty are only ordinary physicians. After watching the B -ultrasound and blood test results, they said that there are no signs of miscarriage, because progesterone and estradiol are falling, and the fetal buds are not visible.The significance of keeping tires is not great. Let the TA winner and let me eat a two -day progesterone to check the blood.I couldn’t help crying at the time. I felt that I had paid so much in the early stage.

I asked if the doctor could beat the aurone needle., One needle a day, I chose to return the order to the local hospital near home.When waiting for the medicine, by the way, a chief number of the hospital near the house was hung, and there was a clinic at night.

The speeding car returned to the local hospital and arrived at the clinic, showing the result to the director. I told the situation and asked for a progesterone needle.The director is very gentle that I do n’t want to be nervous. It ’s good to take some fetal medicine and lyzone, because the pregnancy week is small, the embryo is late, and the fetal buds have not appeared.It is said that this is a small problem.Then the director prescribed four days of progesterone needle and some medium -sized fetal medicine, oral progesterone, and reviewed the blood elephant once in two days.At that time, I felt that I might be too tired at work and life. I sent WeChat with the leader for two days off. The leader suddenly got to be pregnant, so I agreed.

The next step is to get an injection every morning. I was lying at home two days ago and dared not walk too much. I cook the rice and take my daughter to do it.On the day of reviewing the blood, I was in a good mood, hoping that the medicine in my stomach could add it.As a result, progesterone showed signs of rising, but estradiol was still falling.The director prescribed a little medicine for me, and two days came to review the blood.

The left hand has swollen two places

In the next two days, I went to get an injection at 7 am, and returned to the company after the injection. In those days, the injection had a pain pain.There is also a improvement of the results of the blood image.It feels a lot bigger!

Paper with a right hand

After stopping the luteum acupuncture, he continued to take oral medicine. Two days later, he found that he was red when he went to the bathroom. When he went to the toilet, he shook his hands and buzzed his head, and he almost cried with his face.Come out of the bathroom and pretend to be strong in the seat, told my husband and my sister, and wanted to hang up with the mother and children to go to the hospital for leave, but then calmed down and thought about it.It can be called to see the situation, and now I do n’t see more red, and the abdomen does not hurt very much.I continued to work uneasily throughout the afternoon. My leader saw that my face was poor and I asked me to go back to rest.I couldn’t help but hang the number of the hospital near my house.

After getting off work, the speed went to the hospital to explain the situation to the doctor. The doctor was the same as what I thought. He asked me to continue to observe, and he also prescribed a little medicine and progesterone needle.Whenever you check your blood every two days, wait for a week to take B -ultrasound.There was no bleeding when I got home that night, and there were no brown secretions, and my heart was a little peaceful.

Back to the day of injections every day and two days of reviewing blood.Because our company works at 8 o’clock, I can only get up at 6 o’clock every day, go out at the door at 7 o’clock, and return to the company to go to work after taking the needle. At that time, I made a forgotten side.It’s hard.The wound of the blood vessels that was pulled and pulled was not good, and it was about to draw again.The wound of the blood should be pressed for 10 minutes. Sometimes because of the time to go to work, I can only drive while driving …. In the end, the result of the review after two days still has a good aspect, so the needle is not beaten, the blood is not beaten, the blood doesNo white pump, no money.You must know that it takes more than 200 yuan to draw blood once, and those medicines will be more than 200 yuan at a time.Seeing the result is okay, you can only wait for the days of B -ultrasound.

On the day of B -ultrasound, I silently prayed in my heart that everything should be.Super nervous lying on the bed, watching the doctor finished taking photos, and immediately asked the results. The doctor said that everything was good, normal and healthy, B -ultrasound display 7 weeks+, I couldn’t help crying again, and finally appeared on the fetus.My heart buds, my efforts are not in vain, everything is as I wish.Therefore, the fetal heart buds did not appear. Do n’t give up when you see red. Do n’t give up. Give TA for a time.


After taking the B -ultrasound, the director of the women and children after the B -ultrasound, the director asked some situations, saying that he should continue to take the fetal medicine for 12 weeks, because the first child has this signs of abortion, and the second child must continue to eat it.After that, I started taking difficult medicines every day, three times a day, and I doubted my life.

Wait until 9 weeks to build files.Because I have had a pre -pregnancy examination before, the establishment of the file is also very fast, and there is no inspection to do it.By the way, I made an appointment for 12 weeks of NT.

When NT, the cute little man

Talk about the difference between the first and the second child.

Because I am busy recently, I am busy (LAN)

(To be continued … stay tuned)

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