Search for brother, let’s get married, cut the complete works

Brother, let’s get married.

I sat in his emergency room for six years, I was pregnant, and the child was yours.His face strawberry, what child is pregnant for six years?For a while, the atmosphere was embarrassing to the extreme. If you don’t recognize, you think I will take it.He asked me, I was silent for a few seconds.Okay, then I go to find him a father.Nine months later, he dragged the doctoral doctor fiercely: Brother, I beg you, ask her to look good.He was ambiguous, went to the medical examination with a blind date, and a child was a child. The marriage was yellow.The matchmaker came to my house and scolded my mother: You said that your girl is a big yellow flower girl. Which yellow flower girl, the children are two months old, the signboards are really smashed by your family, don’t find me in the future, don’t find me in the future, don’t find me in the future, don’t find me in the future, don’t find me in the future, don’t find me in the future, don’t find me in the future.unlucky.My mother was scolded with dog blood, and then I was scolded by my mother.Who is the child’s father, I am boring and not talking.

Chen Jia, are you 28 years old?At the age of 58, you are still chaotic outside. Do you have brains?Do you want to get angry with your mother?I turned around and locked the door.I was lying on the bed, thinking that my aunt did not come for three weeks.And recently, I always feel a little appetizing. Usually, the aunt’s cycle is inaccurate, and I stay up late.I thought it was the same this time. I never thought that I was pregnant.

The child’s father is not someone else, but my ex -boyfriend who broke up for six years. I went to the classmates two months ago. He came to drink very drunk late. I sent him back.When I went to his house, I almost carried him in. When I came out, I crawled away. The taxi master thought I was wrong.After thinking about it at home for a few days, I went to Gu Xiao’s hospital to queue up to pay for the inspection. Finally, I went to his department with a report and ended in the morning.When I just entered, he didn’t lift his head. I sent me in a word. I probably felt that I didn’t go out. He suddenly looked up and saw me.His eyes shocked, his pupils were slightly shrinking, and he was really surprised for a long time. Will he really pretend?Why did my classmate treat me as someone else before?Chen Jia, he opened his mouth, and before he finished speaking, I put the report in front of him: I am pregnant, the child is yours.

I opened the door to see the mountain, and he looked down at the report. His face was serious. I vaguely felt that he was afraid. What child had to be pregnant for six years. His long fingers knocked on the report form: you have amnesia.We have broken up for six years. I was blocked by him in one sentence, and I was embarrassed to recognize.I gritted my teeth and asked him, he looked up at me, his expression was difficult to discern.Chen Jia regrets that there is a regret.Why do you think I will be a man?He didn’t look at the report, and wrote a case, and didn’t want to care about me anymore.The connection of your country almost blurted out.I never expected that he would not admit it.I said I regret it.

As far as he is like a scumbag, Chen Jia will not regret it all his life, even if he regrets it, he must not be seen by him.I let myself calm down for a few seconds. Think about what to say. You don’t think the child’s eyes are exactly the same as you.His buried head glanced at the report list.Finally sighed.

He finally admitted a ten -week B -ultrasound.You tell me where his eyes are.For a moment, I felt lost.Forget it, you can’t wake up someone who doesn’t want to be a father.Okay, then I go to find him a father.Throwing this sentence, I turned out of his door.

San Guxiao is the flower of the Gaoling Gao Mountains of the Senior Medical College, which is one year older, and is very difficult to chase.I licked him for four years and finally chased him a few months before graduation.

They all said that Gu Xiao was with me because I cried, two troubles, and hook Gu Xiao. Otherwise, how can I think of the fat and ugly Chen Jia in the history department?When his belly was full, he lived like five months of pregnancy.They didn’t know that in order to chase Xiao, I lost thirty pounds and weighed from 120 to ninety.I uninstalled all takeaway software, watch apples in the morning, and eat cucumber at night.

After eating this for a few months, I saw the long -footed mosquitoes in the mosquito net drooling.Later, I was really thin, but my aunt was seriously abnormal, and my sleep was seriously disordered.All of this is just to let Gu Xiao look at me.One day I ran behind him at the playground. He looked back and watched it for a long time. I was so shy for a long time.He likes me to be nervously walking, thinking about my opening day PAU.

You are Chen Jia’s sister, and he splashed me from head to toe like a pot of cold water.I was angry and funny. It was a bottle of water for him for a while.Then you go back and tell her not to entangle me.I took the water he gave, this was the first time I was so close to him.His eyelashes are long, his nose is pretty, and his talk is so gentle, but his words are cold and behavior.I swallowed her stomach.

So we often met at the playground.

After the tenth encounter, he asked for my WeChat.For the first time, I felt that I was thin thirty pounds, just because I had been advertising on the street since I was young, no one had to have WeChat.I asked him to watch a movie.He did not refuse. I was proposed in love, and she did not refuse.Even in the end I proposed to break up, she did not refuse, but I cried in the bedroom for a day and one night.

The roommate asked me: Is it so sad for falling in love?I cried and said, "It’s okay, it’s like sending away a man, always crying.Four he is like a dead water at the bottom of the lake, so calm that makes me fear.I just heard that his friend never dared to mention my name in front of him, and he turned his face when he mentioned it.This feels that I understand that a big yacht like him flipped through the boat in my Xiaoyin ditch. Yumen and anger are inevitable, but if he is very me, I guess I am not worthy.

After graduating, I returned to my hometown to work, with a monthly salary of 4,500.My mother arranged for me ten times a year, and she had a hundred times.I have been numb.So that this time the matchmaker introduced that after knowing each other for a month, we finalized the marriage.

The other party is a primary school teacher in the town. He is 30 years old and has a stable work. His parents stay in the countryside and have a younger brother in high school.It is not easy to find such a condition. How much can his brother go to high school universities?You are all twenty -eight, and you can only find a second marriage without getting married.Now that the second marriage brings a baby, you must know that there is still such a sister in your house, it is estimated that it is difficult.My mother whispered at the table and kept nodding.You ask, don’t the other party mind our family right?You tell them to rest assured that Sister Jiajia will not drag them.We are still young, and every time I look at my mother, I am a little annoying.

I seem to be the most cheaper of the product, the cheapest.My mother sent away the matchmaker, and when she left, she stuffed her a big red envelope. Everything was ready. As a result, I went out of that stall.

My mother was so angry that I didn’t talk to me for several days, and I was angry.Within a few days, my mother came to the city with a carton egg to see me. She wrapped her jacket on the carton, and the rice was placed in it. My mother’s hair was almost scattered.The egg was not bad, did you go to the hospital for examination?My mother carefully put the eggs in the refrigerator.

Turn my head and ask me what to check. I didn’t play with my phone. See how the child looks like.My mother said that she was going to go out. What was good -looking? I broke away from you. I really didn’t plan to want it. My mother looked at me worriedly.

The atmosphere is a bit embarrassing. I immersed it. It is not that I do n’t want it. I do n’t want it. You are not young. You do n’t want it this time. What should I do if I do n’t want it in the future?Anyway, you have been on a blind date. You can find the boy over. If you look at it with your dad, if the person is not bad, just knotted the marriage.She thinks beautiful, don’t care about it.I went to the hospital for surgery in two days, and I sent my mother away.My mother listened to me, and wanted to persuade me again. Don’t be impulsive, it is a life.

When I was close, my mother was still struggling. Did you give birth to Chen Yu like this that year?I blurted out, my mother closed her mouth all at once, and her eyes were injured.Chen Yu is my sister and my mother’s dead point.Because she is an epilepsy, she is ten years old and she will not lie.After getting angry, I was panicked. Every time I said those words, I felt revenge, but I soon regretted it.

I picked up my phone, hung up a number, went to the hospital, and went to the hospital. I was even serious about my mother’s words, otherwise I would get married.I am thinking that if I marry Gu Xiao, I am willing, how can I not want, this is my dream.

When I passed by the first floor of the first floor, I saw Gu Xiao at a glance.A group of nurse doctors rescued a patient just sent, and he was wearing a white coat and inserting the trachea just for the patient.So I think, even if you come again.I couldn’t push him that night that night.At the moment I saw him, he also saw me. He only hurriedly looked at me for a second, then looked back and continued to rescue.

He was so busy that I didn’t dare to come forward to disturb, so I had to sit in the chair outside and waited for him.I think clearly, even if he doesn’t want it.

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