Scientists violate the two rats with morality?The male mouse is pregnant, "leptin" is discovered so

Conjunction is always an unlimited behavior. Some creatures are born in the form of a conjoined body, and some are artificially carried out a conjoined body the day after tomorrow.In this way of survival similar to deformity, two are not exactly the same individuals, and the levels and traits of various hormones and traits in the body will change. What kind of sparks will it produce?Recently, scientists have made the male and female mice in the body and gave birth to offspring. Two years ago, scientists in the United States discovered leverin by lean and fat mice.Let’s walk into this wonderful conjoined world to see what is going on.

This experiment was jointly carried out by the two departments of the Naval Medical University. The rough experimental process is as follows: castration of an experimental male mouse, and sacrificed three female rats to supply blood, uterus and eggs for experimental mice, and thenPregnancy with a male and pregnant mouse conjoined.

In this way, the vagina of female rats was blocked. When the fertilized eggs developed in the mature period in the mouse, the mouse cub was successfully delivered through a cesarean section, and 10 young children lived down and developed into adulthood.

Such experimental results fully illustrate that after the male and female rats are connected, the uterus transplanted into male rats can be used as a place for embryonic development, which may have a great impact on the development of animals.

To put it bluntly, the mouse just plays the identity of a surrogate. Other organs and tissues are transplanted, and the embryo can develop mature under the action of estrogen.Therefore, the place where this experiment is really used should be a female in vitro pregnancy.

The way of conjoined makes people continue to have new discoveries and breakthroughs in biological aspects. As early as decades ago, people had found a kind of obesity genes. This genetic mutation in the trait was manifested as obesity and diabetes of the human body.Then it was discovered to control the obesity of the human body -this was also obtained through the experiment of mouse conjoined.

On August 12, 2019, Douglas Corman and Jeffrey Friedman won the Lask Award because they discovered leverin, which was a key role in appetite and weight regulation.hormone.So how did it discover?

In fact, as early as the 1950s, people discovered two genes that caused obesity and diabetes -DB and Diabetes.In addition, these two genes can also cause obese mice to produce some diseases that also exist in obese people, such as infertility, decreased immunity, and low body temperature.

At the same time, scientists also discovered such a situation. When the inner lesions of the mouse’s hills and abdomen, the same symptoms of mice with this obese gene can also be produced and carried.Unreprudible connection.Therefore, people conducted such an experiment of heterogeneous symbiosis, that is, directly connecting the two individual organizations so that they would exchange blood during healing.

In this experiment, the healthy mice in the wild have the problem of decreased feeding and decreased fat content, while mice damaged by the hypothalamus are not a big deal.Such experiments show that the animal injury of the hypothalamus will produce a signal. It is also part of the wild and healthy mice that feel that the wild and healthy mice will also reduce weight.However, due to the brain injury of the hypothalamus, it is impossible to respond to this phenomenon, which leads to a reduction in normal animal weight.

However, scientists are not satisfied with this result, and then they have done a series of targeted experiments, that is, coexisting the wild mice and DB mice (DB are genes that cause obesity), and wild miceThe symbiotic experiments with FA mice have decreased more obvious in these two experiments.

So this shows that the products of the above genes are expressed in the brain of the hypothalamus.In the continuous exploration of the next decades, people obtained such a conclusion through a conjoined experiment: normal mouse obesity is because they cannot produce a hormone that regulates food and weight, and those mice with gene mutations are becauseTheir hill brain does not express the receptor of this factor.

Finally, in 1994, Friedman used the positioning cloning technology to obtain the OB gene, and the cytokine encoded by the OB gene was lept.It is a polypeptide secreted by fat, the main function is to adjust the energy balance and weight.The level of leptin in human plasma is directly proportional to the weight of fat.Let’s simply say that the mechanism of leptin and insulin are similar.

Take an example of eating in our daily life. For example, if you eat more fat and oil, the amount of fat in your body will increase. At this timeSo many fats are so good, hurry up and greet the companions to destroy the enemy, and the level of leptin will rise. At the same time, it will give you a signal. If you eat so much, you don’t have to eat it anymore.I will no longer be interested in fat within a few days.

If you have n’t eaten the fish for a few days, the fat in the body has decomposed a lot, and the weight is declining. At this time, as soon as the leptin sees the enemy decreases, it will not work back.If you fall, then your brain will receive a signal of hungry, and your appetite will start to get better. If you eat too much, you will return to normal.Therefore, whether it is fat or less, the level of leptin will continue to change with them to regulate their eating and weight.

At this time, some obese patients will ask, is it because my obesity is the reason for leptin and always gives me a signal that I ca n’t eat enough.What do you say about this problem, it can be said, but not all.There are many causes of obesity. I do n’t give examples here, but scientists have really done such experiments.

In November 1999, a scholar claimed that he could use leptin to treat obesity to speed up the weight loss.The more leptin is used, the more fat decreases.He selected 123 obese patients for 4 weeks of experiments. He used 0.01 mg of leptin. The patient’s weight dropped by 0.7 kg, used 0.1 mg of leptin, lost 2.4 kg, and used 0.3 mg of leptin, weight weight, weight weightDropped 7 kg.However, whether it can be applied to medicine still needs to be verified.

Various mechanisms in the body have their respective work principles. If you deliberately change this mechanism and disrupt their work, I think it may be an unexpected effect in the short term, but it will definitely causeEndocrine disorders and disorders, so readers with ideas in this regard should be cautious!

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