#Science pig raising technology

Sister Flower loves to support.Family, Sister Hua will report to you and report the good news. If the family needs the little pig, you can contact the flower sister. Sister Hua has beautiful goods in his hands.Today, Sister Hua sold Da Fei, but did not sell a lot.If you want to raise pigs, please, please Jun Zhongbao.It is a fermented agent and probiotics. Pigs eat the digestive intestines.

The old fans should know that our column is a small bead of the barrier.Now I moved the small bunches and small bags to the side.In the past, this was a rash bead, but Sister Hua had moved to this column.Because Sister Hua only bought five pigs today, the five -headed pig called the back three heads in it, and began to be two ends, so I bought it.Then move the four heads inside to the back.Take a look at you.Seeing it, now here is the six heads in front. Now when you buy two ends, there are only four heads left here.There were three heads here, and five pigs were sold together.Take a look at the thin sister who bought pigs.

Today, it ’s a pity that Sister Hua is busy, and I’ m looking at it and catching pigs, so I ’m a regrettable to shoot a short video for you.Seeing it, my pig has been raised for eight months, the largest is 400 pounds, and I saw it in four pounds. In the past, our family was Guan Xiaozhu.Now this sow has been pregnant for more than 70 days, so Sister Hua moved it to this column.

Unfortunately, Sister Hua didn’t make a short video today to see you, but how big my pig is, my pig grew up eating flowers and feed.This is the flower feed. I have posted a good material, which is the treasure of the army.You look at the bags of Hua Sister’s house, and you are all the bags in the military.It is half 500 grams and a half pounds in one bag, and about one thousand pounds of about one hundred and fifty pounds.Sister Hua mixed like this, and our family is the family that eats.I mixes rice bran inside, in which is rice bran, and there is oil bran in this bag. I mix with rice bran and oil bran.Our pigs have shiny skin, and they are very pale.

Because this thing was originally fermented, it was a probiotics.

The intestinal tract of the pig is very good, and the pig loves this material, because the ingredients have a strong flavor of wine, and they love this fragrance.I washed the water today, washed the wolf for a bit, and put the pig in without disinfection.Our family basically does not do disinfection work. This is a pair of shoes.Sister Hua did not do more vaccines, once it was swine fever, but the tail pipe roll. I did not do other seedlings.

Sister Jiahua is not a publicity today. How good is this thing?How good this thing is, look at Sister Hua.The first head is 180 kilograms, the second head is 180 kilograms, the third head is 180 kilograms, the fourth head is 149 kg, and the fourth head is 1988Kilogram.Because I saw what my pigs looked like in your old stove, the price was not good, the price was seven or three, so it sold 13,966 yuan.Sister Hua wants to earn me today and share this video with everyone today.

Baby Scale-(24inch)