Science | Is laser hairpiece safe?

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Don’t want to be a "hairy child"!

This is the voice of many girls who are troubled by "hairy"

Shavering knife, the effect can only be maintained for 3 to 5 days

The hair will also have a tendency to be thicker and thicker

It is easy to damage the skin barrier

Hair removal cream, it has great stimulation for the skin

Easy -to -allergic

The effect can’t last long

The hair removal beeswax, the hair removal process is quite painful

Easy to cause hairlaitis

The effect is maintained at most about 2 weeks


I heard that laser hair removal can easily get rid of body hair troubles

Become the first choice for hair loss for many beauty lovers today

But is laser hair removal safe?

Does it have adverse effects on the skin?

Will the body hair grow longer after doing it?

Interviewed expert

Zhou Cheng: Deputy Chief Physician of Dermatology Department of Peking University People’s Hospital

Laser hair removal:

According to the theory of selective optical thermal effects, through reasonable adjustment of laser wave length, energy, pulse width, etc., for the melanin of dry and hair follicles, the light can be absorbed and transformed by melanin.Lost the ability to regenerate and achieve permanent hair removal without damaging the surrounding tissue at the same time. The safety is high and the pain is mild.



"Cutcame and rooting"

Laser hair removal is particularly applicable to the yellow race, because the color of the yellow skin and hair is obvious. When operating, the black hair absorbs calories and spreads the heat to the surrounding tissue.It is usually relatively long.


Accurate and controllable

The process of laser hair removal is fine and controllable, and other skin tissues will not be destroyed except the hair follicles.The current laser technology uses the principle of extended selective light thermal effects. It can accurately control the scope of heat diffusion and only "burns" the hair follicles. The surrounding skin tissue is not damaged and the safety is high.As long as you go to a regular hospital to find an experienced doctor, laser hair removal is one of the safest and most effective medical beauty therapy projects.


High efficiency

The effectiveness of laser hair removal is 90%, and the hair treatment effect of different parts, different thickness and color hair treatment is different, but even if it cannot be completely cleared, the residual hair will become thinner and soft, and the growth rate will be slower.According to clinical experience, after three times of "freezing hair removal" treatment, most people’s armpit hair can be removed by 90%, the limbs and trunk hair can remove 75%to 80%, and the lip hair can remove 60%to 70%.The darker the color and the thicker the diameter, the more the hair follicles absorb the laser energy, and the better the effect.The more fine and light hair such as lip hair need to increase the number of treatment times to achieve better results.

Does laser hair removal have adverse reactions?

What are the preparations before hair removal?

How to care after hair removal?

Adverse reactions



Pain is the most common adverse reaction in the treatment of laser hair removal.The pain in the process of laser hair removal is mostly mild, and the pain can disappear after the treatment.The severity of the pain is related to the density, thickness, color, and skin color and hair removal site.The thicker, darker and dense hair, the darker the skin color, and the more obvious the pain during treatment; the pain is generally mild when the limbs, the chest and abdomen hair removal, and the pain is slightly heavier than other parts when the face, the hands and the hands and the hands and the hands are removed.But in general, compared with the past, the current laser hair removal treatment (such as using freezing hair removal equipment) has a lot of pain, and most of the cases can be tolerated in most cases.The beauty seekers who are extremely sensitive to pain can request the use of external anesthesia drugs to reduce pain.


Red, swollen and mild itching

During the treatment, some patients may also have temporary skin redness, swelling, and mild itching. A few hours after treatment can reduce redness and swelling, and the skin can return to normal.The most ideal treatment crowd for laser hair removal is a person with light skin tone and deep hair color.If the skin tone is darker, local pigmentation may be changed due to the destruction of the skin. For example, the pigment is deepening and the pigment is reduced, but it is mostly temporary. It can gradually recover from 3 to 6 months.


Leaving scarring

Few situations are leftover scars, which are related to too deep skin tone, insufficient equipment, high energy, and inadequate treatment. It is also related to the physique and treatment of the patient.If there are adverse reactions such as persistent erythema, blisters and pain after treatment, you need to seek medical treatment in time to avoid scars.In addition, if there is a suspected "scar constitution", you must inform the doctor before treatment to let the doctor determine whether it can laser hair removal.


After understanding the adverse reactions that may occur in laser hair removal, you should also understand the preparations and precautions before treatment to get the best treatment effect.


Before hair removal

Avoid sunlight before laser hair removal.Do not scrape hair without authorization before the first treatment, so that doctors can evaluate the efficacy and formulate treatment plans.Laser hair removal cannot be removed 6 weeks before the hair, and products such as beeswax and hair removal cream cannot be used, otherwise it will seriously affect the laser hair removal effect.One day before laser hair removal, you can use soap to clean the hair removal site. Pay attention to avoid using the bath solution as much as possible, because some bath liquid will be attached to the surface of the skin, reacting with the gel needed during the treatment process, affecting the effect and increasing side effects.If the doctor needs to remove the hair, scrape it with a razor.People who are pregnant, scar constitutions, or some drugs are taking some drugs, to inform the doctor the situation and the drug being used, so that the doctor can determine whether it is suitable for laser hair removal.


After hair removal

Laser does not require special care after hair removal, but be sure to pay attention to sun protection.In addition, in order to make the skin in the treatment area better recover, you can apply ice to 10 minutes to 15 minutes to ease the slight burning sensation of the therapeutic area or the mild erythema appearing on the skin around the hair follicles.Part of the hair in the treatment area may not fall off immediately after treatment, which is normal, don’t worry.On the day of treatment, it is advisable to clean the skin with low temperature water. After cleaning, use mild moisturizing products. Steaming sauna and hot water should be used to avoid bathing and swimming within 2 weeks.The residual hair in the treatment area will fall off after 1 to 2 weeks, and it can be removed in less than 24 hours.

Although laser hair removal is safe and effective

But there may also be a side reaction

This has something to do with laser hair removal equipment and doctors’ operations

Should go to a regular hospital for treatment

Before hair removal, ask the doctor to evaluate the hair condition

And select the most suitable laser equipment and the best treatment solution

(This article is reproduced from the public account "China Medical News")

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