Sanxia is coming!Volt lamb, eat it ~

In the midsummer season, the Fascin season is coming soon

As Fulong goes public

The diners will smell the incense

Click a fresh lamb, just a bowl of fragrant lamb soup

Or a big fast, or taste it carefully

In the booming firework gas

Open the summer life

Eat a bowl of mutton in Futian

Not only can perspiration and detoxification, eliminate dehumidification

Or the "ritual sense" of Chinese newcomers entering summer

Around 7 am

The bustling, lively and extraordinary of the Huaxin cuisine

In front of the cooked lamb shop at the entrance

The diners lined up

Speaking of the taste of this shop

Unusual but not ordinary

The diners who have eaten

It is said that the lamb quality is good, the taste is crispy

Mr. Zhu, who often comes to buy lamb, told reporters:

"The lamb in this shop is pretty delicious,

Especially braised mutton is their characteristics,

Every time I get to the vegetable farm, I always take one or two pounds to go home."

Lamb in the shop

Relying on the craftsmanship of the three generations

Have an iron powder in Huaxin and surrounding areas

The owner Wu said, "After the sky is hot,

More and more customers buy lamb,

The sales volume is also better every day,

It can now sell about three sheep a day."

White -cut lamb, lamb miscellaneous, braised lamb …

The ingredients of lamb here are superior local goats and lamb

After the bone is washed one day in advance, put it in the pot and cook it.

Wait until the early morning of the next day, remove the pot for sale

After a long time stew

White -cut lamb meat is crispy and soft

There is no slightest flavor

Simply dip in soy sauce, and eat endlessly in your mouth

In addition to the traditional white cut approach

Red roasted mutton is a special dish in the store

The meat is mellow and fragrant, not greasy

Sauce red epidermis color is bright, fat and seductive

It tastes chewy and makes people appetite

01 02

In Zhuzhai mutton, Su -style book lamb noodle shop

Old diners are familiar with the door.

A bowl of Yangchun noodles, with a piece of pickles of pickles

Eat with soup with soup

The pores on the body stretch instantly

Sweaty, delicious and tonic

This bowl can be called Futian’s most noodles.

Fo Yang Tips

A bowl of soup in Fu Yang, do not need to prescribe the prescription of the medicine.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "winter diseases and summer treatment" are mainly warm food, while lamb warm, can nourish qi and replenish deficiency, drive away five internal organs to accumulate heat, and achieve the effect of warming the stomach and strengthening the body.A good product, so the appropriate amount is good for the human body.

Eat meat with a big mouth, drink soup with a big mouth

Sweaty is super satisfied ~

This year’s first bowl of volt mutton


Reporter: Xiang Fenglian

Photography: Xiang Fenglian

Video: Xu Jia

Edit: Chi Shuyue

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