Sanfu Tian is here. What should I pay attention to when eating cold drinks?These 3 points need to be avoided

Sanfu is here, and the summer is also here.Many people choose cold drinks to relieve heat, but the method of eating this cold drink is not right, or when the gastrointestinal and intestines of the original body are relatively weak, they will have uncomfortable symptoms after eating.For example, if you eat it too fast, it will cause blood vessel contraction and diastolic, and cause neurological headache.When eating cold drinks in summer, you need to pay attention to the following 3 points, so as to make cold drinks be thirsty and inspire.

Cold drinks usually contain relatively high calories. If it is greedy for heat and eat too much suddenly, it will cause obesity, and may even cause cardiovascular problems.Furthermore, the temperature of the human body is 37 ° C, and the temperature of the cold drink is generally below 0 ° C. The temperature difference between the two is too large. If you eat cold drinks, it will stimulate the blood vessels.Decreased resistance, the virus and bacteria lurking there will take the opportunity to grow and reproduce, and then cause symptoms such as inflammation of tonsils, bronchitis, esophagitis, cold, etc.It is recommended that if you eat one or popsicle, just eat one a day. If you drink ice vapor water, you cannot exceed 500ml a day. Do not drink too much.

In early July, a college entrance examination candidate drank a lot of cold drinks because of the severe exercise, and the result of a myocardial infarction was killed.why is that?Because after severe exercise, the muscles of the whole body are a state of fierce contraction, and the nutrients and oxygen consumed by the body will increase. At this time, most blood will go to the runway muscles to provide nutrition.If the heart affects the blood circulation, if the heart does not dredge the blood in time, and the myocardial oxygen supply is insufficient, the risk of acute myocardial infarction will occur.

It is not recommended to drink for cold drinks before meals, because it will dilute the gastric juice, affect the activity of digestive enzymes, reduce appetite, and make people do not want to eat when dining.After meals, you can’t drink it after meals. It is worried that after eating, the gastrointestinal and intestines will shrink after encountering severe cold stimulation, affect the secretion of digestive fluid, and reduce the digestion and absorption of food. ThereforeDon’t eat cold drinks.

The temperature of cold drinks is usually relatively low, and most of the bacteria and viruses are cold and cold, and they often like to hide in these foods.If the price is cheap and pay attention to the hygiene of cold drinks, gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms will occur after drinking.Therefore, when buying cold drinks, you must choose a regular, clean, and sanitary store purchase.

It’s just that again, most of the cold drinks can just make the body feel cool for a while, high sugar, high calorie, and there is no special nutritional element. It is recommended not to eat or eat.The above 3 points, and the drinks after opening, drink or divide it as soon as possible, do not put it in the refrigerator repeatedly to avoid the growth and reproduction of the bacterial virus.

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