Sand sculpture gift awards, my wife is so funny

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Pioneer Editorial Department/Crispy Crispy

Hello everyone, this is a crispy sauce that has been made in the recent gift ~

My head is not a head, it is like a ball, the kind of breaking as soon as it blows.

Isn’t this going to 520? It happens that my good girlfriend is also this day’s birthday, so I have been worried recently. What birthday gifts are good?

Honestly, I think choosing gifts is a time -consuming job.From the perspective of my straight daughter, what is the marriage, birthday, holiday or something, is it not fragrant when sending red envelopes?Give money directly, save time and happy. I think it should not be unhappy when someone receives money?

Although the red envelope is good, it will also make people feel perfunctory and not attentive.

After all, talking about money hurts feelings.(Friends: Am I worse your money?)

So what should I do?Of course, open a certain treasure and start picking gifts!

Good guy, do n’t know if you do n’t open it. When you open it, what are the sand sculptures?Don’t be so funny!

Come, look down!Good things can’t be alone alone, you are happy and happy, you are really happy!

Friends, your feed is here!

One said that this gift is really good and very creative.

Come, everyone will imagine with the pioneering bacteria. In an afternoon of the wind and the sun, the breeder’s younger brother (Bushi) courier brother brought this feed to his friends and said with a smile:"Dear, your Bushi birthday gift is here, please sign for it."

Friends who do not know the truth are touched with three points and seven points, and the courier packaging is opened in the eyes …

Then!The eye -catching view is: mammalie with feed/green boar with feed with feed

Oh, this picture, this is really …

A happy day!TA will be moved!

(Your friend: Are you polite?)

Birthday robe

It makes sense, this gift is the most domineering, most unpredictable, incredible, most unexpected, most unexpected creative (sand sculpture) gift.

Good guy!People are iron, Fan Er is steel, and she is not panicked a day.

My dear friend, today is your birthday, I wish you a long life!

Look, the yellow robe is added, and the moment I have the momentum in the world.

Look, its domineering yellow, as well as its unruly element.

Look, it designs the design.

Look, my birthday is handsome!

My friend couldn’t help but say: Never!(Gun!)

Learn from 5 pounds of gifts?

About the next gift.

Let me talk about it first: It is also nine -year compulsory education, shop, why are you so good?Intersection

"True Brick"

Can you believe it?

If I met a brick on the road, I would probably go away.Some people quietly move home, write a few words on it, and add some paintings, and people will become waste into treasure!

I have to say that the gap between people and people is often reflected in their brains.

Master, I realized, so go to the brick!

Pill box

It seems that there is a serious illness, a normal person, who will give "medicine" on the birthday of others!

Whispered BB: Except

Is this the legendary "Is it crazy on the edge of the dead ground"?

Although this one seems to be not suitable for girlfriends to send girlfriends and good brothers, it is easy to cause misunderstandings …

However, it is more suitable for sending objects ~ (Know what I mean?)

Single dog certificate

Good guy, spoofing friends for a while, always spoofing.

To tell the truth, this gift is 520, it is really suitable!

Do not laugh!

Although it is a single dog in the world, it is 520 and gave this gift on the birthday of my girlfriend. I would like to remind it friendly. Where can I find friends like me?

Don’t say it, I went to place an order first …

The banner full of rituals

In fact, I think I can bring this banner to Haidilao, and then ask my friends to come over to eat hot pot.

Coupled with the professional smile of the clerk, and "Blessings of Blessings".

"Bless you healthy and safe, say Byebye for all your troubles, and say HIHI for all happiness!

Happy birthday of dear dear!""

This picture, one word: absolutely!

English word sanitary paper

At first glance, this gift is a bit outrageous, but if you think about it, it is still very practical.

Take a look at the meals and take a look at the knowledge.

Take a look at it when you line up, and English has improved again.

Take a look at the toilet and take a look. It is the taste of learning.

If you want to say the shortcomings, it may be the study of the mystery and forget some important things.(For example, when the toilet …)

Salted fish slippers

"Zi Fei fish, do you know that fish don’t want to be a shoe?"

Just a copy of the shopkeeper, buy it!Buy it!

Small things are really chic and can dominate the circle of friends.

Well, the above players are alternative to friends’ birthday gifts.

The problem comes:

What do you think is better for me to send friends?

Squatting an answer online is very anxious!

PS: The source of the picture material in the text, unintentional offense, invading and deleting

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