Russia’s 10 -year -old and 13 -year -old pregnant girl on TV. Some experts insist that teenagers are non -master

A 13 -year -old girl in a small city in Siberia, Russia, and 10 -year -old teenagers who are allegedly pregnant, have recently appeared in popular TV live broadcasts, which once again triggered Russian domestic public opinion heated discussion.But male experts insist that the teenagers have not yet developed, and they cannot be the father of their children.

A Russian TV host Andre Marakov (middle) with a 13 -year -old girl Dalia and 10 -year -old Ivan Ivan appeared.

According to Russian media reported on January 16, a 13 -year -old girl in Zehlezorusk, the Klasanialk area in Siberia, was recently discovered that she was pregnant, and it was a 10 -year -old who was pregnant.Little boy.

On January 23, the 13 -year -old girl Darya and the 10 -year -old boy Ivan (Ivan), accompanied by their respective mother, played a popular live broadcast of Rossiya 1 Channel, publicly talked about two public descriptions.The story of people’s acquaintance and interaction has once again triggered heated discussion on public opinion.

In this gear entitled "10 -year -old father?"IntersectionIn the live broadcast, Dalia, who was two months pregnant, claimed that she had a relationship with Ivan hiding in her own house.

Beware of Denis Davydov, a psychologist, questioned and asked whether Dalia had another male companion, and Dalia resolutely denied it.

Ivan also said that Dalia has never been with other boys, and he is the child’s father.

Dalia’s mother, Elena, is 35 years old. She accompanied her daughter to the hospital for a medical examination. She also couldn’t believe the news of her daughter’s pregnancy.

Ivan’s mother Galina is 28 years old. She thinks her son is the child’s father.

According to reports, a local pediatrician Nikolai Skorobogatov had doubted whether the boy was pregnant.

"Theoretically this is possible," Dr. Nicolai told the local media KRSK, "I know nothing about this, but if I feel that another person makes a girl pregnant, the little boy may be used to" back the pot backpot.’.

At the end of the live broadcast, the host Andrey Malakhov invited Dr EvGeny Grekov, the top Russia’s top urology and male expert, and announced the announcement of millions of audiences to the teenager IvanThe results of the medical examination.

Dr. Grove said that the medical examination team checked the results three times that the 10 -year -old boy was by no means a child’s father.He said that Ivan did not mature at all, and he was still a doll.

The host invited a local resident to express their opinions. The 40 -year -old man said: "Obviously, it is something that others are caught, and they now just want to rely on this boy."

According to reports, because Dalia is currently pregnant for only two months, it is not possible to do DNA tests on the fetus.The Russian Federal Cerasanialk region and the Republic of Hakas have established a joint investigation committee to investigate the incident.

Compilation/Writing: Nandu reporter Chen Lin

Image source: Rossiya 1 Channel

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