Rural people brewed sweet wine. When drinking, pay attention to a few points.

“”Rural male friends generally like to drink their own grain white shochu, and female friends, usually, like to drink some sweet wine.

Rural self -brewed sweet wine, also known as "rice wine", is made of rice or glutinous rice. Most of them are used to using glutinous rice to make sweet wine.Because rural people drink sweet wine, because there are still a lot of nutrients in the grain, it is still on rice grains, and it is used to mix with wine and lees.Essence

Making rice wine in the countryside is too simple to make shochu.Rural families make rice wine, cooking glutinous rice mature rice, and then cooling and loose temperature, so that when the temperature of the glutinous rice is about 35 ° C, put down the sweet wine powder and stir well.Wait for the container to be installed. Use a plastic film to firmly bundle it with a rope, seal the container mouth, so that rice wine can be fermented in an anaerobic fermentation in an environment of 30 ° C.

The rural wine songs for sweet wine and the winemaking wine made of white alcohol are a kind of microbial molds, but the two types of molds are not exactly the same. The focus is on the ability to decompose starch in the grain fermentation process.The same place.

When brewing sweet wine and white shochu, the wine song must be perit the oxygen to ferment in order to decompose the starch in the grain, that is, the carbohydrates, and the alcohol, forming a sweet wine or white shochu.

In this process, when the alceives are decomposed, they will not only produce a small amount of methanol, but also a large amount of ethanol.Everyone knows that this methanol is also organic organic matter, but it has a great harmful effect on the human body. When a person drinks 0.1 mg of methanol, the human body is poisoned, dizziness, swelling of the eyes, and bleeding of the eyes.Insomnia in the eyes, even life is in danger.

The boiling point of methanol and ethanol is different, which is much lower than ethanol.If the sweet wine is warm to the temperature of the rhinol boiling point, that is, about 75 ° C, the methanol will gas to volatilize into the atmosphere, then there is only ethanol in the sweet wine.At this time, sweet wine is safe, healthy, and no harmful substance to the human body.

Therefore, the sweet wine brewed naturally in rural families, when drinking, must be warm and boiled, and the methanol is volatilized to remove the main material methanol that is harmful to the human body.

In addition, there are no boiling sweet wine, and there are still many microorganisms in the inside, such as various molds. Only after boiling, these microorganisms are eliminated, and people can drink this kind of self -brewed sweet wine.

If these brewed sweet wines are very suitable for drinking, the amount of brewing is more, and the family needs a long time to finish drinking.At this time, the sweet wine is called raw sweet wine. There is a lively alteopus wine in the inside. Under the conditions of aerobic or anaerobic, a biochemical reaction will continue.It is the ingredient of acetic acid, which makes sweet wine not sweet, but it becomes acidic and affects the quality of sweet wine.

Therefore, at this time, all the raw sweet wine must be killed by the inside of the sweet wine after boiling.In this way, it can improve and maintain the excellent quality of sweet wine, and the alcoholic content of the sweet wine will not decrease.

All in all, the rural self -brewed sweet wine cannot be drunk directly. It must be boiled by warming, eliminating methanol and eliminating microorganisms to ensure the quality of sweet wine and good health, otherwise it will be harmful to the body.Therefore, during the Spring Festival, when drinking sweet wine, rural friends must drink it after boiling to be safe and healthy.

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