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"May you have a vast universe", Chen Sai, good rain psychology | CITIC Publishing Group, August 2021.

As a senior master of "Sanlian Life Weekly", Chen Sai has many years of observation of Tongshu as a reporter.Following the previous "About Life, I know everything comes from the Children’s Book", her new book "May You have a vast universe" continues the experience and emotional world of children’s book writers, but it is different from the previous one.It is the moment when this book is "touched" when she was "touched" when she was studying with her children.

The children’s books and authors mentioned in the book are well -known, but the story behind the creation is little known.Chen Sai made a deep excavation with curiosity.The interview with the author has brought more first -hand information to readers, and the interpretation of the possibilities of life, nature and life has made children’s books no longer simply understand books that children read.

Chen Sai said that a person with curiosity will not be lonely or tired of life, will not be paranoid or fall into the soul self -locked, and will not be cloudy. Instead, he will listen and imagine different perspectives and perspectives.What kind of distress or worry, you can always find a balanced path with free and flexible mind and healthy emotions.This is probably the secret of reading the breadth, height and depth of the thin children’s books.

"Wildness and Tenderness: Self -cultivation of Animal Parents", [Beauty] Jennifer L. Vodolin, translated by Li Yushan, Commercial Press, June 2021.

Human reproduction should go through the three stages of conception, production and breeding.At each stage, people have a lot of experience to learn from each other, and they will also evaluate the results. They are divided into good, bad, better, and worse. Therefore, when human parents choose which parenting experience to useFrequent puzzles, but also feel guilty because of their inadequate or unprepared eccentricity.

The author of this book is the permanent scholar of Duke University. The main research field is animal behavior. She has a different approach to cross the territory of human beings.How to solve it, thereby providing inspiration for human parenting.

Because I do n’t have a child, and at the same time, I have made many friends who have had children. Volin often observes how to raise children with a mentality of a person next to the person next to the person. They often imagine them as a kind of animal.In the book, the story of her friend, the puzzle of human childcare and the treatment of animals alternately. We can see the wrinkle shark with more than three years of pregnancy, and use the mouth to have a child’s stomach.In a good beginning, let the children eat the desert spiders that they eat, the female rhinocer of the full -time mother … In comparison with humans, we will not think that this is a book about animals, but from animal parenting methodsIt is enough to make people open and bring some comfort.

"Secret of IQ", [French] Florens Pilo, [French] Celasta Azuz painted, waves of waves | China Friendship Publishing Company, July 2021.

Applicable age: 7+

"This child is really clever." This is probably a commonly used language between parents, but I do n’t know if the child who has been constantly hear this evaluation has summarized the criterion of the adult’s judgment: the head is smart, the academic performance is very smart, the academic performance is academic performance, the academic performanceIt ’s smart, the memory is clever, and it’ s clever to argue. Dad ’s smart children are smart … but is it really like this?

In this book, the author raises 15 questions about IQ, which has not only explained the theoretical of IQ, but also the prejudice corrections that everyone knows well.It helps children (and adults who read this book) realize that the cleverness in daily speaking is not a word with a clear boundary. Of course, the academic performance cannot be fully represented by IQ.Different people are good at things, and the footholds of IQ are different. Only when you learn to look at themselves from multiple angles, will you not be raised by adults as you want.

The painter Celara Azuz was once an advertising art director. He is now focusing on the creation of children’s book illustrations. His illustration work "Hello, Robot", we have recommended in the new book list of the 6th issue.

The second series of "Detective Fart" (4 volumes in total), [day] Troll/painting, Pupulan | 21st Century Publishing House, August 2021.

Applicable age: 5+

"Fart Detective" is a story of the super popular detective in Japan. The picture book version has always been loved by children and is often recommended by readers.It not only kneads the fauna, such as maze, text puzzles, passwords, puzzle games, etc. in the detective reasoning story, but also builds a beautiful world of correct, good and evil.Because of the popularity of the book, in 2016 NHK began the production of the hand -made animated version, and the 2018 animated version of the broadcast pushed the boom of butt detective to a new height.Fart detective has also become a well -known "star" in Japan.

There are four books in the newly published second series. Each consists of two stories. The first story is the case of the Eight Classics, such as robbery, theft, etc. The second story is mostly strange things in life.EssenceLike the first series, the little readers need to observe and think about the prompts of Detective Detective in order to find the answer.

"Whose bicycle is this?", [Day] Gao Yan pure/painted, magic image | Guangxi Normal University Press, July 2021.

Applicable age: 2+

This is a picture book with a guessing nature.A little boy rode a bicycle, and suddenly he saw a long bicycle different from his bicycle, so he asked, who is this bicycle? In the next page, the crocodile rides the bicycle.Then the crocodile saw a gray bicycle with a bucket. It also asked, who is this bicycle?In the next page, a new bicycle is constantly appearing at the elephant in the bicycle … every car appears, each car is different according to the characteristics of the animals. You need to guess while reading.The ending.

"Lion in the attic", [German] Ute Clazer/Painted, Wonderland | Dolphin Publishing House, June 2021.

Applicable age: 4+

Enter a secret passage from a space at home to reach a new world. This is a bridge often in fantasy literature.What this picture book is about to talk about a little girl Kara met a stone lion in the attic. It taught Kara to calm down to listen to the voice of the world, and taught her to play wonderful music with a cello.However, as Kara went to the world to perform, she gradually forgot how to listen, and the cello no longer emits wonderful music, so Kara returned to the attic to find a lion …

The theme of this book is "listening", which is noisy for the Kara family, listening to help Cara to get tranquility.For a musician, listening to let her experience the beauty of music.For those who are irritable, listening to help him recognize himself.Listening, it seemed to be the light of the sleeping person.

"Enlightenment for Children" (5 volumes in total), Zeng Zirong, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, June 2021.

Applicable age: 6+

This is a set of art and humanistic enlightenment books written to children. The text avoids the excessive spoken of some books, but there is no serious learning.

The illustrations in the book come from ancient Chinese famous paintings, with a total of more than 300.In the world of the ancients, follow them to taste poetry, history, architecture, and art.Most of the verses in famous paintings are classic literary articles, so this set of books is equivalent to the language, history, and art classes of primary and secondary schools with famous paintings.

"100 super simple children’s Steam Games", [US] Andreya Skal Zoy, Hunan Science and Technology Publishing House, June 2021.

Applicable age: 5+

This is a book with various scientific experiments. There are 100 simple and interesting small activities, covering the enlightenment knowledge of chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, programming, aesthetics and other disciplines, emphasizing the fun of doing experiments.

These experiments are not difficult. Some children can complete independently. For children who can’t read independently, parents need to understand the principles of operation.Most of the experimental materials are taken from commonly used items in daily life, such as using rolling paper cores as the maze by themselves; stacking with potato chips, eventually forming a circle; painting with a mop handle on the ground, and so on.

"Little Spy Hred", [Me] Louis Fitz, translated by Li Ran, translation of Lin Publishing House, July 2021.

Applicable age: 9+

The "little spy" in the title may allow readers who first picked up this book to treat it as a detective novel, but in fact the "spy" here is about the "gossip".The spy operation of the 11 -year -old girl Harrite quietly observed all the people around him and immediately wrote the ideas and judgments he had taken into the diary that was carried.She will also discover new clues from the chat of others, and then look for the best observation points, and even secretly run into private houses, just because of curiosity to stop the weird and exaggerated rich wife, why do time spend time every day on calling on the phone callEssence

Of course, she is not well -behaved, but a girl who is not abducted by outside standards and is very loyal to her feelings.The reason why she is so gossip is because she has always been responsible for taking care of her nanny and her love of literature, telling her that if she wants to be a writer, the best way is to write down all the people and things she sees.

But one day, Hreder’s private diary was discovered by her classmates. Her straightforward but mean record triggered a class of classmates and her. The seemingly simple interpersonal relationship on the campus became complicated.It was a problem that Harrite was immersed in observation of people and has never thought about becoming a writer.

Although the book is the main character, she records the way of others, and it seems that she is a narrator.She did not let us see a "perfect child", and did not beautify the campus life. Therefore, the children’s novel published in 1964 was known as the "new realism" in the history of American children’s literature.And lead a generation of creative atmosphere.

"Children’s University: Removal Class of Scientists for Children" (3 volumes in total), [Germany] Ulrichyan/Ula Schto Elnager, [Germany] Claus Enca CarterDrawing, Chihiro | Chenguang Publishing House, July 2021.

Applicable age: 10+

The themes of these three books are "nature", "humanities", and "world". Authoritative scientists from various professional fields at the University of Tubinen Children’s University (the University of Tubinen at the University of Tubinen in 2002, by Tuobin, by TuobinThe professor of Gendi University is a child from 8 to 12 years old to teach scientific knowledge, and this activity has expanded to many universities).The two editors are the editor of Tabosen’s "Schwarben Daily".At the end of each book, there is a brief introduction to the professor of children’s universities. They are not in a regular life, but to introduce how they fall in love with their majors.

Each book is eight chapters, and the "world" contains topics such as dinosaurs, volcanic fires, and people’s origin."Nature" This book contains plants growth, dreaming, cloning, why I am me and other topics."Humanities" contains topics, ultrasonic, mathematics, doctors, athletes and other topics.Each topic represents a discipline, and there are 24 disciplines in three books.

Some topics are that children have exposed a lot during the reading stage of the picture book, such as plant growth and human origin, but there are not many topics, such as ultrasonic waves, cloning, etc.Each topic is much deeper than the content of the picture book. It is divided into a few parts to explain. Taking "why is the Greek statue naked?" As an example, the content of this chapter comes from archaeologists.Can you talk? "" Why are middle school students in Greek sculptures naked? "," Do artists in ancient Greece do not know how to paint? "

Although it is a general reading, it is not easy for children who can already read independently. It is not easy to read it.In addition, the original version of this set of books was published very early, so we can see the hot words in the early 21st century in the book: clone.

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The title picture comes from the picture book of foreign language teaching and research and publishing house "What clothes did people wear in the past?"".

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