Rumor!Goose eggs "fetal poison"?Will you get stones if you eat too much?High -nutrition goose eggs have to be eaten like this

01 Goose Eggs "Fetal Poison"?

Some stars said on the show before that they were forced to eat a goose egg every day during pregnancy. They said that they were "fetal poison". Does goose eggs really have the effect of removing fetal poison?

The answer is definitely not!

"Fetal poison" was not a medical word. The removal poison that the elderly said refers to the common skin inflammation of infants such as eczema and jaundice after leaving the mother.

The mother’s body is a safer environment when the baby grows, and will not be infected by various bacteria.

After birth, the baby may not be able to adapt for a while, and these skin diseases will occur.

Even if you eat a lot of goose eggs, you cannot remove the so -called "fetal poison", on the contrary, it will cause excess nutrition, obesity, etc.

02 Will goose eggs get stones if you eat too much?

Before, there was a Ms. Wang in Jiaxing. After giving birth to a second child, she went to the hospital for examination and found that there were gallstones in her body. She didn’t take it seriously until the gallstone was intensified.

Only when I went to the hospital for surgery, the doctor told her that the color of the egg yolk when the gall was taken out.

Later, there were rumors that eating goose eggs would have gallstones, but in fact it would not.

Although Ms. Wang has the habit of eating a big goose egg every day, the doctor also said that this is just a case, not directly leading to gallstones.

03 How to eat goose eggs?

In summary, we found that goose eggs have no effect of fetal poison and will not cause gallstones.

We know that the nutritional value of eggs is rich in high -quality protein and lecithin.

It is very good for brain development to promote human development.

The goose egg contains the nutrition of two to three eggs, which is rich in high -quality protein and lecithin. The minerals and trace elements are also easily absorbed by the human body.

Compared with eggs and duck eggs, the fat content is higher than that of egg duck eggs, and the protein content is lower than that of egg duck eggs.

Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines are recommended for 50g of eggs and their products per day, which is equivalent to a egg, so eating a goose egg is relatively large, and it is still necessary to control the amount.

People with high uric acid or gout know that egg products must be strictly limited, and during the onset of onset, they must not be taboo.

Eggs have high purine content, which will be converted into uric acid in the human body and will aggravate the disease.

Therefore, although goose eggs are good and too much, it is easy to cause increased uric acid. When the uric acid reaches a certain value, it will cause gout and increase the burden on the kidneys.

Note that goose eggs are cold foods. When you are confinement, Baoma should pay attention to eating methods.

Recommend a food with goose eggs as the main ingredient for your reference.

Goose egg bag rice!

Ingredients: goose eggs, rice, tomato sauce, cucumber, carrot, purple onion, corn kernels, bacon (can also be put with favorite vegetables).


First, put the goose eggs into the bowl and stir well. Cucumber, carrot, purple onion, bacon is cut for use.

Second, heat the pan, pour in the oil, pour in the carrots, bacon, and purple onions in turn.

Third, add rice, add salt, stir -fry evenly.

Fourth, add cucumber diced and stir -fry.

Fifth, the hot pot cool oil, pour the goose egg liquid evenly from the surroundings of the pot, so that the egg liquid becomes a cake -like in the pan.

6. When the egg liquid is just solidified, put fried rice on one side of the goose egg, and the other half of the egg cake is covered on the fried rice, and the egg cake is fried until golden yellow.

Put the tomato sauce on it. If you like other flavors of sauce, you can also try, such as salad sauce, sweet and spicy sauce, etc. The taste is very good. This method is not only delicious, but also can reasonably limit the intake of goose eggs.Two goose eggs, just right!

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