Rumor, you can’t drink it except wine, you can eat everything else?These three types of food are not recommended to eat

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Qin Yu went to the doctor when he was pregnant: My husband said that he could not eat ice cream, the cold fruits could not be eaten, and the hot pot could not be eaten. I feel that I can’t eat it., Can’t you eat it?

The doctor said with a smile to Qin Yu that when you are pregnant, you can eat more except drinking. Don’t worry too much!”Zero plan”

Strictly speaking, when we are pregnant, we do not recommend taking any food containing alcohol, but other foods are not as casual, and eat it.

1 type: coffee

We will find that people who like to drink coffee are addictive, that is, he does not have a drink occasionally. He is drinking almost every day, and those who have no habit of drinking coffee will feel that it is hard to drink coffee.Intersection

Therefore, some pregnant mothers have the habit of drinking coffee every day before pregnancy, and this habit is still preserved after pregnancy.

There are also doctors that when my mother is pregnant, as long as she drinks more than two cups every day, it is no problem with caffeine below 200 mg!

However, a recent study of researchers at the National Institute of Health shows that the amount of coffee per day is less than half a cup, which is a pregnant woman with caffeine less than 50 mg.Pregnant women should be small.

The child’s birth weight is relatively small, so it is more likely to suffer from obesity, heart disease and diabetes in future life.

Therefore, if you want your children to be healthier, do not drink coffee after pregnancy. In addition to coffee, there are milk tea, as well as some chocolates contain caffeine, to avoid drinking frequently.

If you really want to drink, it is best to control it once a week!

Type 2: No cooked meat

There was a pregnant mother traveling during pregnancy before, and a very famous dish in the local area is raw snails. The raw snail tastes very delicious.

However, after the pregnant mother returned, she found that her stomach was uncomfortable. After going to the hospital for examination, she found that there were parasites in the body. Later, she could only abort.

Therefore, my mother can’t eat raw meat when she is pregnant. For example, steaks must be cooked to eat, and some places like to eat fish raw, or they are raw seafood. These are not suitable for pregnant mothers.Essence

Some doctors suggest that mothers do not eat barbecue as much as possible, not only because the barbecue is more likely to have a sore throat, but also because the barbecue may also be cooked in meat foods during barbecue, resulting in parasites inside.

And it is not recommended to eat hot pot, because when it is shabu, sometimes the time is too short, the meat is not fully cooked, and the parasites inside are not killed.

Third type: overnight food

The so -called "overnight food" is food that has been placed for more than 8 hours.

Previously, there was a mother who took a few cucumbers overnight cucumber to cause the fetus to die, and the mother had a diarrhea that had been diarrhea after eating the watermelon overnight.

Some overnight seafood can also cause food poisoning after being placed for a long time.

Overnight high -protein foods, watermelon overnight, and cold dishes overnight, these are easy to cause food poisoning. Do not eat it again.

In addition to the above three kinds of foods do not eat, if you are allergic, you should also pay attention. Do n’t eat food after eating allergic foods before.

In the past, eating mango would be allergic, so you do n’t eat mango when you are pregnant, because your mother is generally more sensitive when pregnant, or you used to eat seafood allergic before, so you try to avoid such foods when you are pregnant.Essence

Principle 1: Coarse detail matching

When you eat, do n’t just eat fine rice noodles, but also some coarse grains, corn, sweet potatoes, potatoes, yam, yam can be used as a staple food, and you can also eat some soba, oats and mung beans, black beans, red beans and other miscellaneous beans.

Principles 2: There are more vegetables than fruits

Mom is recommended to eat more than a pound of vegetables every day when she is pregnant. Half of them are more than green leafy vegetables. They can supplement vitamins, can supplement chlorophyll, and can supplement rich dietary fiber.

And fruits are recommended to be less than vegetables, and eating about half a catty every day is enough, because fruit sugar in fruits, if you eat too much for a long time, can easily lead to high blood sugar.

Principle three: meat foods change to eat

When the mother is pregnant, the meat foods eat every day is about half a catty to 7 or two, so different meats need to be changed.

Eat pork today, eat beef tomorrow, eat chicken the day after tomorrow, you can eat some freshwater fish and seawater fish every day, eat animal liver 2 to 3 times a week. Different foods can provide different nutrients, prevent mothers from anemia, lack of protein, lack of proteinEssence

Principles 4: Beans, dairy products cannot be stopped

When my mother is pregnant, it is recommended to drink 400 ~ 600 ml of milk every day, and I can also eat more soy products, tofu, soy skin or soy milk.

When making soy milk, it is not recommended to put only soybeans, can also put different foods such as black beans, sesame, peanuts, walnuts, etc., can provide different nutrients, can well supplement zinc, protein, calcium supplementation.

Principle 5: The less the seasoning, the better

When she is pregnant, she should eat less various seasonings as possible, such as soy sauce vinegar and salt.The seasoning oil and salt of the kitchen are almost the same. Occasionally, a small amount of sugar or soy sauce can be placed, but as little as possible.

The salt is controlled at 5 grams per day. If you put soy sauce, try not to put the salt as much as possible, because the mother eats too salty, it is easy to edema, and the other is easy to thirst, and the third is not conducive to the health of the kidneys.

Pay attention to the diet of my mother during pregnancy, which can make the mother and fetal baby healthier.

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