Rumor, pregnant women do not go out during the epidemic?This 4 pregnancy inspections cannot be saved, otherwise it will hurt the baby

I saw a news on the Internet two days ago. Zhong Jufang, the nursing nurse of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, received a call from the obstetrics ward at 12:00 noon on March 15th, saying that there was a emergency pregnant woman who waited for her to check the baby.The little feet came out, another difficulty, and it came late.

Zhong Jufang said that this situation was usually once a month. Now because of the epidemic period, many mothers choose not to check the inspection, which can encounter two of them every week.Some mothers have opened eight fingers when they come to the hospital’s palace, and they will be sent to the delivery room immediately.There are some bleeding because it is difficult to produce.

Zhou Jieqiong, director of obstetrics, reminded that in order to reduce the opportunity of the new coronary virus infection with obstetrics, it is not advisable to save all the production examination practices. Especially for the 37 weeks of the third trimester of pregnancy, this checkup can not be omitted, otherwise it is easy to occur.Difficulty and bleeding.Will hurt yourself and children

Generally, in the third trimester of pregnancy, 36-37 weeks, pregnant women must regularly do B -ultrasound examination and fetal heart monitoring, and doctors will summarize the situation of pregnant women to see if this mother can give birth or need a cesarean section.

This inspection seems unimportant, but it has a great impact on the mother’s production. If the mother has the hip position and does not go to this birth checkup, I don’t know. In case of a child, the child will cause the leg.When it comes out, the head and body can’t get out, which may cause severe bleeding during production.

In this nine births during pregnancy, when encountering the epidemic, 5 times can be omitted 4 times must be inspected

The first birth inspection: Do B -ultrasound in 7 weeks of pregnancy, some are done in community hospitals.

This time, it is generally dependent on whether it is internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.Generally speaking, if the mother is healthy, those who have not had a history of off -the -palace pregnancy before they can do not go for a checkup.

Pay attention to observation at home and buy a early pregnancy test strip to test if you have a pregnancy.

The second production inspection: 11-13+6 weeks to do NT examination. This checkup cannot be omitted

B -ultrasound looks at the thickness of the fetal neck. If the thickness exceeds certain standards, it is prompted that the fetus is likely to be malformed, and it needs to wait for a period of time for amniotic fluid puncture.

And this time there is a time window, this time from 11 to 13+6 weeks of pregnancy.

The third checkup: The mid -term Tang family screening at 16 weeks of pregnancy, blood routine and urine routine, it is best not to save this

This inspection is generally performed at 14-16 weeks. You can consult the hospital in advance whether the hospital can be carried out with the second production inspection. If possible, you can consider it together.

If not, it is recommended to check it. It is particularly important to check whether the fetus is healthy. Don’t miss it.

The fourth production inspection: three -dimensional or four -dimensional lottery in 20 weeks, this cannot be omitted by this

Seeing the fetal facial features, hands and feet, heart, liver and kidney, is it normal, and the brain is normal.

Generally, you need to make an appointment in advance, and whether you can see it once, it depends on the cooperation of the child. If some children just don’t turn their faces to see if there is no rabbit lips, they may have to let the mother come out and do it again.

The fifth birth check: 24 weeks of sugar tolerance screening, do not go to the hospital for inspection without special circumstances

You can consider buying a blood glucose meter at home to measure yourself, or to perform in accordance with the standards of diabetes in your own diet.Eat less sugar, eat less sweet fruits, and eat more coarse food, which is very good for pregnant women whether blood sugar is high or not.

The sixth birth checkup: 28 weeks of blood routine and urine regular rules, no special can be omitted

Generally, you also understand your physical condition when preparing for pregnancy, and you don’t need to go healthy.

Seventh birth checkup: 32 weeks of small rows of B -ultrasound and blood routine urine routine, no special can be omitted

If the previous check -ups are normal, the fetus is generally no problem. Pay attention to the nutritional balance and pay attention to exercise every day.

The eighth checkup: 34 weeks of blood conventional urine conventional and fetal heart monitoring, not high risks to omit

The ninth production inspection: about 36 ~ 37 weeks of B -ultrasound and production mode evaluation, this cannot be saved, otherwise it may cause the occurrence of dystocia

Determine whether you can give birth, see the fetal position and physical condition.

If there is no special circumstances, pay attention to several fetal movements at home. If the fetal movement is abnormal, you should go to the hospital in time. If there is a regular contraction or water break, you must pay attention to go to the hospital immediately.

The probability of new coronary virus infection has been greatly controlled. Nurses who go to Hubei to study assistance in Hubei in other provinces, doctors have no case of infection.Anti -control.

During the special period, mothers did not recommend going out in special circumstances, but they were not unable to go out.But pay attention to protection when going out

1. Prepare the materials before going out

In the past, our pregnant mothers may be a manual, medical insurance card, ID card, mobile phone, key and wallet, paper towels.

But now we are still preparing these magic weapons: the easy -to -clean coat, we can cover the disposable hat of hair, medical -grade masks, scrubbing, or alcohol cotton balls.

These magic weapons can minimize their possibility of being infected.

And it is best to drink less water before going out, good toilets at home, and it is best to export to the toilet outside.

2. Make these preparations before going out

Call the hospital to make an appointment to understand how long you need to go to the hospital to get the number in advance, and then go to almost time.Instead of going to the hospital early, there are many people in the hospital and are more likely to be infected.

If you have a car at home, you need to disinfect the car from time to time.And if there are no cars in the family, it is best to call some disinfection cars, and now many cars with cars are disinfected, as long as it is given a few dollars for disinfection costs.

3. Pay attention to these points when you go to the hospital

It is best to choose a maternal and child health hospital for a production check, because generally this type of hospital is not a designated hospital for new types of pneumonia.

When you go to the hospital, if you only need to go to the second floor, it is best to take the stairs, so that the space is greater and the possibility of air transmission is greatly reduced.

When it is your turn, it is a little far away from the crowd. If you can do not contact people as much as possible from everyone.

Try not to always contact other items. If you accidentally get in touch, you can wipe yourself with alcohol cotton balls.

4. The best formal regional pollution area, disinfection area and clean area in the family

The entrance is the pollution area. At this time, the hats and masks must be processed first.

Previous disinfection areas, hand washing and disinfection, such as wiping your own hand with alcohol cotton balls.Or disinfect clothes.

It is best to take a bath so that you can wash off the brought back part of it

Mother Jing said: For the health of the fetus, we must go out for a check -up. For the health of the fetus and mother, we must protect them when we go out. This is a responsible attitude towards ourselves and fetal treasures. What do you think?


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