Rumor: Why won’t menstruation come when you are pregnant?Two cases tell you the truth

I received such a consultation on the Internet two days:

"Doctor, the contraceptive set was broken when I was in the same room for three months. There were bleeding on September 14th, similar to menstruation. I was afraid that I was pregnant and went to the hospital to test the blood.I tested it again, and I tested it again yesterday. From bleeding to now, I have n’t been in the same room. Do you help me see if the results are pregnant? I ca n’t eat and sleep well these days."

The picture above is the result of the patient’s blood test. HCG is less than 0.1, which is negative, indicating that there must be no pregnancy when the blood test is test.On September 14th, menstruation is coming, and now it is definitely not pregnant.But when I told the patient this result, she had new questions:

"Why don’t you get pregnant when you have menstruation? Didn’t you say that there are menstruation or pregnancy?"

This is a good question. She is not the first patient to ask me like this, nor will it be the last one.

Before we figure out this problem, we must first understand what is menstruation.

Menstruation is not as simple as the blood occurs once a month. Menstruation in medical definition refers to the periodic endometrial periodic loss and bleeding with the periodic changes of the ovaries.The emergence of regular menstruation marks the maturity of reproductive function, and ovarian ovulation began to ovulate, which means that women’s body begins to have the ability to conceive.

From the day of menstruation until the day of the next menstruation, the total number of days during this period is the menstrual cycle.During the menstrual cycle, ovarian follicles are constantly developing and mature, and luteal is formed after ovulation, waiting for the coming of fertilized eggs.Without pregnancy, within a week before menstruation, luteal atrophy, the level of estrogen hormone in the body drop rapidly, and the endometrial atrophy and falling off the menstrual menstruation.

Once you are pregnant, after the fertilized eggs are bed, the woman will begin to secrete HCG quickly, and the ovaries will not continue to develop follicles, and the normal menstrual process will be terminated.For example, the uterus is better than a room. When there is already a "resident" (fertilized egg), naturally there will be no new "residents" enter, so the ovaries will not ovulate.It is impossible to continue menstruation.Therefore, being able to come to menstruation shows that there is definitely no pregnancy.

After the formation of fertilized eggs, it takes about 7 to 11 days to bed, just like the seeds are buried into the soil.After wearing it, I started to secrete HCG in large quantities. At this time, I can determine whether I am pregnant through blood testing HCG.Over time, HCG has grown very rapidly, and the value continues to rise.

Now the patient’s blood HCG is very low, less than 0.1, and has been in menstruation, so she must not be pregnant.

So why are you pregnant and bleed?

This is another problem.Coincidentally, let’s take a look at another patient I received on the same day.

"I am upset and irritable before menstruation. On the first day of the menstruation on October 4th, I was dark. I went to the hospital on the 8th. I went to the hospital on the 8th. I did n’t get a blood test on the same day.The doctor saw that I went to a Chinese medicine on the 9th and prescribed three Chinese medicines. During the process of drinking, there was always endometrial falling off, dark brown, menstruation the next day after drinking, the stomach does not hurt, the backache is always, the amount is always, and the amount is always.When I took a bath at night, a large piece of things like rotten meat flowed out. I saw a large white thick film with black blood clots on it, not just what happened? "

This is a test list uploaded by the patient. I deliberately set the HCG with a red circle. It is also HCG, which has reached 1148.53, and there is a red arrow behind it.It should not be difficult to understand that the upward red arrow means that the value is higher than normal, indicating that the patient is pregnant. The "menstruation" she thinks is not menstruation.Mailing or unwintering pregnancy sac is a state of abnormal pregnancy.

When I told the patient to go to the hospital as soon as possible, she was still unwilling and still felt that it was an endocrine disorders:

"Will it be endocrine disorders? Will it be that the endometrium before menstruation has not fallen off and accumulated in it. Now I take Chinese medicine to condition the menstruation, and then it is discharged?

These assumptions in the question are not established.

Every time menstruation comes, the endometrium will be re -proliferated and falling off, and there will be no accumulation of the uterine cavity.Based on the above hormone examination report, of course, her situation will not be endocrine disorders.

Obillosilica and luteal formation are very low, indicating that the ovarian has no follicle development, and the progesterone value and HCG value increase. At that timeThis is the manifestation in the state of pregnancy.

Now that bleeding is increased, there are meat -like tissue discharge, which is likely to have an automatic abortion, but it cannot completely rule out the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. It is necessary to go to the hospital for review instead of continuing to take medicine.

After reading the two cases above, everyone should be able to understand why they will not get pregnant when they come.If you find that menstruation is different from usual during menstruation, you must also be vigilant. It may not be menstruation, but bleeding after pregnancy. You need to go to the hospital in time. Do not consider it to be endocrine disorders.

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