Rumor: Do you have to do this test every pregnant woman?The doctor said, maybe it is useless

During the rare National Day holiday, everyone took advantage of this opportunity to play well, but for a special group, it is not much different from the National Day, that is, expectant mothers.Whether it is a holiday or not, you must not miss it.

There is a examination during the checkup, not every pregnant woman to do, so many expectant mothers are tangled. Should they do this test?That is the non -invasive DNA check.

So, let’s continue to look down with questions now. I believe that after reading it, the prospective mothers will know it.

NON-Invasive Prenal Testing (NIPT), also known as non-invasive prenatal DNA detection.The detection principle is based on the mother’s plasma contains the fetal free DNA. By collecting the fetal departure DNA in the peripheral blood of pregnant women, the new generation of high -throughput sequencing technology is used to analyze the fetal chromosomal information.Rate is used to predict the risk of illness.

Through this examination, the fetus has a chromosomal non-rectification disease, including 21-trisomy syndrome (Donald syndrome), 18-trisomy syndrome (Edward Syndrome), 13-tritenal syndrome (Potato syndrome).

This inspection also has advantages and disadvantages:


• Extract the blood of pregnant women. The amount of samples required is small and convenient.

• Compared with creative inspections such as amniotic fluid puncture, there is no wound, reducing risks such as infection and abortion.

• sensitivity can reach 98.6%~ 100%, and specificity of 99.7%to 100%.


• Failure to detect micro -lack, micro -repeats and chromosomal chromosomes, chromosomal structure malformations, and abnormal chromosomes.

• It is impossible to completely replace the screening techniques such as ultrasound and serum, and amniotic fluid puncture.

When expectant mothers, they suspected that there were the following chromosomal abnormal diseases: 21-tritenuatum syndrome (Tang’s syndrome), 18-trisomy syndrome (Edward syndrome), 13-tritenom syndrome (Potatopa’s familySyndrome), age is less than 35 years old, and non -invasive prenatal genetic testing can be done when there is no taboos.This examination can be performed at 10 weeks of pregnancy. The best weekly week is 12 ~ 22+6 weeks.

Non -invasive prenatal genetic testing is a prenatal screening method, not prenatal diagnosis. When there is the following situations, it is not recommended to perform non -invasive prenatal genetic testing: Pregnant women have a history of chromosomal abnormal fetal delivery, and one of the couple has clear chromosomal abnormalities;Pregnant women have undergone heterogeneous blood transfusion, transplantation surgery, cell therapy or immunotherapy, etc., and have interference with non -invasive prenatal genetic test results; fetal imaging examination suspects that the fetus has micro -lack, micro -repeat syndrome, or other chromosomal abnormalities;High -risk groups of various genetic diseases.

The following situations are best not to conduct non -invasive prenatal genetic testing: prenatal serum science screening high risk, an elderly pregnant woman with an expected age of ≥ 35, and other pregnant women who need to do prenatal diagnosis indications.Pregnant women with <12 weeks or 100kg of gestational weeks.Pregnant women who have conceived through in vitro fertilization -embryo transplantation.Pregnant women with double folder membrane twice pregnancy; pregnant women who combined with malignant tumors; imaging screening found abnormalities, suggesting that the fetus may have ingot chromosome diseases.

Finally, it should be noted that before conducting non -invasive prenatal genetic testing, it is necessary to provide the doctor with their detailed last menstrual time for the doctor to verify the gestational week and provide other output test results.It is also necessary to tell the doctor in detail whether the couple have abnormal chromosomes and the family history of a single genetic disease; whether it has auxiliary reproduction, whether transfusion, cell therapy, or whether there are tumors, do not conceal it, otherwise it may be useless to do it if it is done.Essence

“The truth of the female disease “” The truth is here “””

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