Rumor: Can’t you need to get pregnant after taking medicine?See what the doctor says

The medication is the content that women are most concerned about during pregnancy and pregnancy. I am afraid that a little carelessness will affect the baby.The doctor has always been very cautious for women’s medication during pregnancy and pregnancy. If you can use the minimum dose, you can use the minimum dose. The shortest dose can be shortened. Try to avoid taking medicine within 3 months before pregnancy. You must choose when you must use it.Drugs that have the smallest effect on the fetus.Why doctors do this?How to determine whether the medication may affect the fetus?

According to the relevant research of the Food and Drug Administration, the US Food and Drug Administration divides the harmful level of drugs to the fetus into five categories: A, B, C, D, and X.This classification method has a certain limitations, which only contains 40%of drugs, so the FDA proposed in 2008 to cancel this hierarchical system.This drug classification has certain guiding significance for clinical practice, and we also need to figure out:

Class A: These drugs are the most secure. Drugs that have not been damaged to fetuses through animal experiments and clinical observations, such as vitamins, etc. A, B, C, D, E, etc.

Category B: This type of drug currently lacks human research. It has related animal verification evidence to support risk -free, or there are only a small amount of human body research. The relevant information of pregnant women is still insufficient.Because animal reproductive experiments often cannot predict human actual activities, this type of drugs can only be used when they are really needed.For example, penicillin, cephalosporins, β lactamase inhibitors, sulfa, erythromycin, metronidazole, and bephinoin.Chlorine.Acetaminol, etc.

Category C: These drugs have confirmed the effects of teratogenic or embryos on the fetus in animal experiments, but in humans lack research data confirmed, such, for example, chloroptein, craticin, hexrazole, ketoconazole,,,,,,,, ketonazole,,,,,, ketoconazole,,,,,, omibatorazole,,,,,Chloropenzine, chlorogenic stabilizer, bisperlide chloride, siccini, calcium channel antagonist, sedium, aspirin, spiithromycin, gasolovirvyl, fluorinonone (animal experiments have irreversible bone damage damageCure

Category D: These drugs have some clinical information that it is harmful to the fetus but it is affirmed. There is no replacement of drugs. It should be used carefully. It should weigh the advantages and disadvantages during pregnancy.Drugs include amino glycoside, tetracycline, dysentery, fragrant beanins, 吲哚 吲哚 药, and Kamasiping.

Class X: These drugs have been confirmed to have harm to fetuses and are disabled.For example, quinine sulfur amine, Libaweilin, and vitamin A.

Notice!The following types list the drugs that have been confirmed to human beings, and women must avoid pregnancy and pregnancy.

The length of pregnancy in pregnancy is also very important. It is closely related to the results of pregnancy. It is usually divided into the following periods:

1. In the stage of not sensitive (early embryo): Within 2 weeks after fertilization, before and after the fertilized eggs, the effect of the drug on the embryo is "all or nothing.""Full" means that the embryo dies (abortion) due to the influence of the death dose drug, and "none" means that the fetus is not affected by the drug, and generally does not cause fetal malformation.

2. Sensitive period (embryo period): within 3-8 weeks after fertilization.During this period, it is a period of differentiation and development of the fetal organs, and the embryos begin to differentiate, such as the central nervous system (brain), circulatory system (heart), sensory system (eye, ear), muscle skeletal system (limbs), etc.During this period, embryos are the most sensitive to drugs and prone to severe malformations.Specifically, the nerve tissue is 15-25 days after fertilization, the heart is from 21 to 40 days, and the limbs and eyes are easily affected by drugs on the 24th to 46th.

3. Low sensitive period (fetal period): 9 weeks after fertilization to full moon.During this period, most tissue occurs and function maturity. Only the nervous system, reproductive system, and teeth are still developing. During this period, medication may affect the growth and function of the fetus.

Generally speaking, during the "whole or none" period, if the drug is severely damaged, early abortion can be caused. If there is no effect, the fetus will continue to grow and develop.If the pregnant woman does not know that she is pregnant at this time, they may take some drugs. Do n’t worry too much, and check it in time, because the possibility of teratings during this period is very small, it is likely that the baby is no problem.In the next two periods, the medicine should be especially cautious. You must follow the doctor’s suggestion and do not take it by yourself to avoid regrets.

Many people on the outpatient clinic or on the Internet and headlines will consult me: "I am going to get pregnant. I have not been comfortable recently. Can I use medicine? What medicine is it?" Do you take medicine? "Is there any deformity? "These questions are really difficult to answer. The medication time, the type of medicine, and the pregnancy time are different. There is no uniform answer. You need to analyze it according to personal conditions. In a few simple words, doctors cannot make it.judge.At least the following three problems need to be known when preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy.How much time did I eat in total?How long is the usual menstrual cycle?Is menstruation regular?Drug name?

After you figure out these problems, doctors will roughly determine when to ovulate according to the menstrual cycle; know the name of the drug, you can retrieve the toxicity of the medicine for the drug; know the last menstruation and medication time, and judge which period of the embryo’s development period.In this way, you can answer the question of whether you can retain the fetus.

Therefore, when consulting doctors’ medication and fetal development next time, please take the initiative to provide the above problem information. Don’t just say "I took medicine". Some women do n’t even know what medicine he takes. How can the doctor help you?

Finally, we talk about several drugs that need to be focused on.

1. Libaweilin, commonly known as virusole, can be bought outside pharmacies. Many people will take it to treat colds. In fact, it cannot treat colds, and it has teratogenicity to the fetus.The dose will also cause obvious possibilities for fetal malformations, so women and sexual partners must contraception within 6 months after using this drug.

2. Different dimension A. This is the first -line medication for acne. It can also be bought in a pharmacy outside. For this drug, the FDA’s suggestion is to contraceptive after stopping the drug for 1 month.Some doctors believe that for half a year of contraception, women who intend to get pregnant are not recommended to use this drug, whether it is internal or external.

3. Cold medicine: There are many cold medicines that can be bought on the market, such as ammonia coffee Huang Min capsules, Senkang, Tyno cold tablets, white and black, fast -grams, and Xin Kangtaik capsules.Most of these drugs contain ingredients of chloro -phenyamin (poker Minamin) or benzallaming ingredients. It is not advisable to take it during pregnancy. Especially when you do n’t know about pregnancy, if you take the drug, it will be very 4 weeks before pregnancy.It may cause embryos to stop developing and abortion.In addition, cold medicines are mainly to improve symptoms, and it does not make colds soon.If you have a cold during pregnancy or pregnancy, you may wish to drink more hot water and exercise. Don’t eat it if you can eat it.

4. Emergency contraceptives: Many women are still pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives (Zuo Nuo progesterone). What should I do?Can children want it?According to current domestic and foreign research data, emergency contraceptives will not have a direct adverse effect on the fetus. After taking the medicine, you will find pregnancy. You do n’t have to worry about the impact of emergency contraceptives on the fetus, and decide whether to continue your pregnancy according to your own wishes.

After some women were used, they found that they were asked to have a miscarriage immediately, but it was likely that the baby had no problem. This is actually a pity. If you have this situation, please ask your doctor to help in time, and don’t give up a small life easily.(Small programs have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)


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