Revisiting "Ten Miles of Spring Breeze", Zhao Yingnan returned from pregnancy, not retaliated with Xiaohong but autumn water

“”Five years later to watch this drama, in "Spring Wind Ten Miles", Qiu Shui and Xiaohong went around, which wasted for nearly 10 years., Because Zhao Yingnan returned with the children in his belly, so that the two were not just broken up together, but there were no fate in this life. Xiaohong and Qiu Shui began to die from military training. After the relationship between Qiu Shui and Zhao Yingnan,I just waited for 7 years to not make a boyfriend and not married, but after learning that Zhao Yingnan had a child, he took the initiative to let go. When Zhao Yingnan and Xiaohong saw the last side at the airport, Xiao Hong saidZhao Yingnan’s child.

From the plot, Xiaohong is a single -parent family. He understands how difficult the child does not have a father. Morally, Xiaohong is unwilling to let an innocent child look like himself.On the other hand, Xiaohong also knows Qiu Shui’s sense of responsibility. Even if he loves himself, for this child, Qiu Shui will still compromise with Zhao Yingnan to marry.This is different from the years they have been interacting. Zhao Yingnan and Qiu Shui did not get married or have no children. Xiaohong could see hope, but with this child, Xiaohong understood that he lost completely.So, Zhao Yingnan obviously does not love Qiushui. Why should he return abroad?In fact, Zhao Yingnan did not retaliate against Xiaohong, but Qiu Shui.

First of all, Zhao Yingnan knew that Qiu Shui loved Xiaohong, otherwise, for so many years, why did Qiu Shui not say clearly with Xiao Hong, knowing that Xiao Hong was waiting for him, and Qiu Shui always made a shrinking turtle.In the seven years of falling in love with Qiu Shui, Zhao Yingnan was defending his love all the time, including unlimited intention to show affection with Qiu Shui in front of the public.I only know to hide Xiaohong, do you remember a plot?

Qiu Shui went to the girl’s dormitory and called Zhao Yingnan to go home with him on weekends. Zhao Yingnan deliberately emphasized in front of Xiaohong that he would return to Qiushui’s house. Qiu Shui couldn’t stand it.It is impossible to be with her, she loves Zhao Yingnan.When writing novels and Zhao Yingnan quarreled, Xiao Hong was used as a harbor that relieved his dullness. He did not consider the existence of Zhao Yingnan, a genuine girlfriend, and was indecisive.If you refuse to shrink, it has a lot to do with Qiu Shui who has always refused to give a positive attitude.

Secondly, Qiu Shui was finally with Xiaohong.In fact, Zhao Yingnan always understood that Qiu Shui was special to Xiaohong, but her pride and unwillingness made Zhao Yingnan always feel that he could defeat Xiaohong’s importance in Qiu Shui’s mind, but unfortunately failed.However, Zhao Yingnan’s departure was not completely let go, but he felt too tired, but he was subconsciously changed to anyone who could not accept anyone. He had been waiting for the woman who broke up with her boyfriend for many years, and eventually was with her boyfriend.

For Zhao Yingnan, the 7 -year -old love war war is a laborious joke.It turns out that the fool is himself. No wonder Qiu Shui has been incorrectly expressed before. No wonder Xiaohong is always the attitude of a winner. It is because they are going in two -way. They have always felt that they are defending the amount of love Zhao Yingnan.The fool.

In the end, during the time when Zhao Yingnan and Qiu Shui finally broke up, Zhao Yingnan once said that he would not believe it. Isn’t it just a mad woman?Zhao Yingnan is unwilling. Qiu Shui’s heart is not on his own side. No matter what he does, as long as the little red child, Qiu Shui will always be affected.Sure enough, no matter whether Qiu Shui and Xiaohong can finally be together, they will lose to reality after all, a child, let Zhao Yingnan breathe completely for nearly 10 years.

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