Reverse!The woman’s boyfriend was suspected to be the script after 6 weeks of pregnancy.

I was 6 weeks of pregnancy, and my boyfriend stole rice non -olone in brown sugar water. Now it is unknown whether the child can keep it.

The woman was wearing a black mask. Due to excessive sadness, her eyes cried flushed, her voice was full of choking, which made people feel distressed.

She and her boyfriend accidentally "wiped the gun away" and had a pregnancy. In her opinion, although the two had not been bound for marriage, since the child came, it was the gift given by heaven, and she should cherish it.

I thought that her boyfriend would be happy because she was about to become a father. What she didn’t expect was that her boyfriend decided to have a child and held opposition. The two had contradictions.

She originally intends to be responsible for the child in the belly regardless of the attitude of her boyfriend.

However, just a day when she was more than 6 weeks of pregnancy, her boyfriend suddenly changed her indifference in the past and gently handed her a glass of brown sugar water.

The woman did not doubt him, but thought that her boyfriend had figured it out. She accepted the child from the inside, and she was very pleased to take the brown sugar water to drink.

She couldn’t think of her dream, and her boyfriend did his hands and feet in brown sugar water.

In the case of her unknown, the brown sugar water was mixed with the abortion effect of rice non -non -ketone, as well as promoting blood circulation and cold.

It wasn’t until the next morning that her boyfriend told the woman the truth.

The purpose of her boyfriend is very clear. Even if you can’t "smoothly" the fetus has a miscarriage, the fetus must be abras’. In this way, the woman will definitely not want this child.

The woman was shocked after listening, and the people at the pillow were so poisonous. This was unexpected.

Due to this kind of thing for the first time, the woman suddenly panicked and quickly went to the hospital to hang the emergency department. After the diagnosis, the doctor prescribed a fetal medicine for the woman.

However, the doctor also said that the doctor was able to keep the child. The doctor explained that the fetus is too small now, and even if it can’t be kept, it will be seen after a while.

Now that the woman has returned home, she looks very sad in her heart. She holds her fetal medicine in her hand and crying and saying, "I’m really messy now, there is no clue."

For her boyfriend’s actions, she was full of resentment: "I want to consult a lawyer, I can’t let him do something wrong, and still get away."

First of all, Mi Fuzone is a prescription medicine, and the management is very strict. The pharmacy cannot be bought. Even if you go to the hospital, you need to have a prescription and ID card.What about Sikan?

Secondly, in the case of unmarried first pregnancy, in order to avoid responsibility, her boyfriend did not hesitate to give women and biological medicine. His boyfriend could not entrust his life, and the child might leave sequelae. In this case, why did the woman insist on protecting the fetus?

Some people say that the woman is too stupid and naive. She loves her head and makes a mistake decision, but is this really the case?

not necessarily!

Some netizens found that on the day the woman posted a videos of her boyfriend, the social platform account increased crazy.

So, on the night when the traffic fluffy, she opened the window to bring the goods to herself.

At the same time, she also shot a video that was taking tire preservation medicine, suspected to be preparing to sell the fetal medicine, and all in the comment area questioned that she was a "script".

If netizens’ speculation is true, then the woman’s use of pregnancy abortion is too bottomless;

If it is fake, it can only indicate that the woman’s psychological quality is too powerful. At this time, I still remember being a net red and using their own tragedies to get the eyes of the blogger and attract traffic. This "career" is so excited!

It reveals the influence of social media on personal life, and more and more people ignore the moral bottom line on the way to chase attention.

Some people even make false stories to attract traffic, or live their private lives as entertainment programs.

This behavior not only defiles the authenticity of social media, but also mislead and fool netizens. We should be highly vigilant about this behavior.

We cannot be the accomplices of those hype masters. We should condemn and resist the reputation of social media and harm public interests, and jointly maintain the online environment of green positive energy!

Note: It is forbidden to carry and reprint, and the offenders are 100 % complained!

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