Return my child’s life!Kicking a pregnant daughter -in -law, now I still want to occupy the house, and the son is angry at the door.

In a quiet village, there is an old man named Zhang Laohan.He originally had a happy and happy family. His son and daughter -in -law were loving, and his grandson and grandchildren were lively and cute.However, the peace and harmony of this family were broken by a sudden dispute in a silent night.

On that day, Zhang Laohan and his son had a fierce dispute because of some family chores.In the impulse, Zhang Laohan, who was emotional, kicked his pregnant daughter -in -law.The daughter -in -law fell painfully on the ground, echoing in a quiet night.However, this foot not only hurt the daughter -in -law’s body, but also caused the consequences of irreparable -the daughter -in -law lost the child in the belly, a life that came to the world in the future.

Faced with such a tragedy, Zhang Laohan’s son was angry and helpless.He couldn’t forgive his father’s behavior, nor could he calm his inner pain.In Zhang Laohan’s opinion, he was just out of anger, but he never thought that he would cause such a tragedy.He regretted it, hoping to get the forgiveness of his son.

However, things have not ended.After experiencing the sorrow of the child, the daughter -in -law’s body gradually recovered.However, the contradiction between Zhang Laohan and his son was not resolved, but he became more and more intense.Finally, in a fierce quarrel, his son angrily drove Zhang Laohan out of his house.

Zhang Laohan was flowing out, and his heart was full of remorse and pain.He was deeply aware of his mistakes, but he didn’t know how to make up for the harm to his son and daughter -in -law.After their son and daughter -in -law experienced the family tragedy, their lives were also in trouble.They must not only face material stress, but also to face spiritual pain.

This story makes us deeply realize how important family harmony is.In the face of conflicts and contradictions, we should maintain calmness and rationality and communicate and solve problems in the correct way.At the same time, we should also learn to respect the lives and rights of others, and care for the health and safety of our family.

We should call on all sectors of society to pay attention to the damage and influence caused by family contradictions.In family relations, we need more understanding and tolerance to build a harmonious and happy family relationship.

Finally, let us mourn for those who have been hurt in family conflicts, hoping that they can get out of the shadow as soon as possible and re -embrace the sunshine of life.At the same time, we also hope that each of us can cherish our families, care for family members, and let warm and love fill every family.

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