Reproductive health said 丨 Blooding in the early stages of pregnancy. Is this a precursor to miscarriage?

The first three months after pregnancy is often the most happy and most worried period of pregnant mothers. Chen Li (pseudonym) is such a slightly anxious pregnant mother. She is careful after pregnancy, but she still has bleeding, so she still has bleeding, so she still has bleeding.She was very worried and found a doctor.

20-30%of the early pregnancy will have bleeding

"Doctor, I am less than 3 months pregnant, occasionally bleeding, sometimes abdominal pain, will they have a miscarriage?" Recently, Chen Li came to Shandong University Reproductive Hospital with a sorrowful face and told the doctor Li Jing.Your own encounter.Due to years of infertility, she has been pregnant with her baby, but she hasn’t been happy for a long time, and the bleeding of worries is still coming.

Li Jing’s words dispelled Chen Li’s doubts, telling her about 20-30%of pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy, vaginal trace bleeding. Generally, there is no need to worry about it.The bleeding caused by drilling into the uterus in the inner wall of the uterus is like drilling the drill drilling to the groundwater pipe to spray water, but this situation often stops bleeding by itself without excessive worry.Occasionally mild abdominal pain may be a small feeling caused by the growth of the baby.

Many people have heard that it is true within three months of pregnancy. Is it true?The doctor said that when the baby had just entered the uterus, the link with her mother was not very stable. She needed to adapt and was accepted. This was a test of the quality of the embryo itself.Embryo occurring in early pregnancy, which leads to a natural abortion.At the same time, strong interference from the outside world, such as: doing severe exercise, heavy moving items or sexual life, etc., may also induce abortion.The cause of miscarriage also involves infection, anatomy, immunity, and other unknown factors.

In recent years, psychological factors have also attracted the attention of medicalists and psychologists.If the pregnant mother is often in fear, fear, or nervous, it will cause increased adrenal hormone secretion. Excessive accumulation of these adrenal hormones will directly affect the growth and development of the fetus.Studies have shown that if the pregnant mother has been suffering from mental stress for a long time in the first few weeks of pregnancy, then the risk of abortion is higher than others.

What are the signs of abortion?

Abortion is common for a small amount of vaginal bleeding (sometimes blood or blood clots) during pregnancy, accompanied by minor lower abdominal pain (sometimes colic) and backache.If the above situation continues or worsen, be sure to pay attention, go to a regular hospital as soon as possible.

In terms of life, Li Jing suggested that first of all, there must be regular work and rest. It is best to ensure that you sleep for 8 hours a day and move appropriately so that you can have full physical strength and energy to cope with various situations during pregnancy.

The other is to maintain a comfortable mood. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to regulating their emotions, try to keep their mood comfortable, avoid all kinds of bad stimuli, eliminate tension, boredom, and fear.Very unfavorable.

Pregnant women should pay attention to sufficient protein, vitamins, minerals, and avoid partial eclipse, and should not be hungry and full.Pregnant mothers who used to have a history of abortion should pay more attention in the early stages of pregnancy. They have doubts, concerns, or discuss the doctor in a timely manner to seek solution and relief.When a small amount of vaginal brown secretions or slight abdominal pain appear, pay attention to rest and relax.You know, Jing Yang is a very good fetal preservation measure.Of course, you can also distract attention, such as listening to songs, watching TV, chatting with family and friends, and so on.

All in all, bleeding in the early pregnancy is not terrible, relaxing mood, reassuring and recuperating, and consulting doctors in time. A large number of studies have proved that as long as the embryo itself is not obviously abnormal, most pregnant women can develop healthy even if bleeding occurs during pregnancy, and the fetus can develop healthy.

Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yitian Jiao Shouguang Correspondent Jia Dongmei

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