Repeated infection of vaginitis, it may become infertility!The abnormal secretion is caused by body moisture disorders

High temperature, many girls love to eat ice products and drink ice drinks. If you often wear tight jeans, it is easy to cause vaginitis. The leucorrhea becomes more and a long time.Wearing breathable skirts and inflammation of the vagina, you should avoid intimate behavior in order to lay a good conception.

If you want to get pregnant, let’s fixed the secretion first

Miss A, 33 years old, always has abnormal secretions after the moon, and accompanied by odor or odor. When ovulation, the pathological secretions increased. In severe cases, even accompanied by urine tingling and itching.For many years, there was no good news in my stomach.

If you want to get pregnant, you will set the secretion first.The main task of the secretion is to control the cervix and block the sources of infectious diseases such as foreign bacteria.In addition, outside the ovulation period, the secretion fluid is thick and sticky, and the cervix mouth is blocked. Therefore, the sperm is like being caught in the mud and cannot move.

Do not hold urine to improve the inflammation of the genitals

Near the ovulation period, the water increases, the viscosity is reduced. When the ovulation is ovulated, the portal is widely opened to welcome the sperm army flowing in, but only about 2 to 3%of the sperm can be drilled in smoothly., Block the cervical mouth.

The abnormality of the secretion is caused by the abnormal body moisture regulation. Drink plenty of water in the summer to reduce the intake of snacks, biscuits, sweets, ice products, drink plenty of water and urinate, and do not urinate.

Vaginitis and pelvic inflammation, serious infertility

Vaginitis does not directly lead to infertility, but severe frequent pelvic inflammation may cause roseward blood, edema, thickening, and hardening, forming lumen adhesion and narrowing until it is blocked, causing female infertility.

It is recommended to check the obstetrics of western medicine first. After the fallopian tube is unblocked, if it is still infertile, you need to consider whether the sperm is not easy to fertilize the sperm due to gynecological infection, because the vagina is repeatedly inflamed after the vagina is infectednormal operation.

It is still expected to get pregnant

If infertile women often have vaginitis (leucorrhea increases), it is best to treat it first. Maybe there is no leucorrhea, and there will be children.

Take Miss A as an example to receive traditional Chinese medicine treatment, regulate immunity, improve repeated inflammation of gynecological infections. After half a year of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture conditioning, the symptoms of inflammation in the pussy infection improved a lot, rarely occurred, and finally succeeded in getting pregnant.

Women with qi deficiency and wet constitution are abnormally increased during ovulation, and even water -like leucorrhea occurs. At this time, traditional Chinese medicine is often treated with yam, ginkgo, front, stir -fried barley, and Poria. The effect is significant.

Drink plenty of water, eat less sweets, wear breathable skirts to reduce infertility risk

It is worth mentioning that the vaginal discharge is often easily transformed into yellow -green secretions when the weather is hot, the pants are stuffy, or often eat sweets. In severe cases, it cannot even be divided into vaginal tingling or urethral tingling.

Drink plenty of water in summer, wear less jeans or stuffy leather pants, and try to wear breathable skirts as much as possible to avoid using pads all the time, and often change cotton pants. If vaginitis is serious, it should be matched with western medicine plugs orIn order to reduce the risk of infertility.

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