Repeated abortion is really troublesome, do you still have the opportunity to have children?

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Repeated pregnancy and repeated falls are the dreams of many couples -preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, and abortion; pregnancy again, carefully protect the fetus, take medicine, rest in bed, or not, the embryo stops developing, and has miscarriage … even after all, it’s not easyAs a "IVF", the embryo transplanted into the uterine cavity, and finally pregnant!However, after a while, it was found that the embryo stopped.

Repeated abortion, that is, one after another, and then natural abortion occurred in the three places. It used to be called "habitual abortion".The name of the Chinese medicine disease is "skating tires" and "counting abortion".This is a problem that plagues many pregnant mothers and their families!Professor Luo Songping, Director of the Maternal and Children’s Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, interprets repeated abortion for readers.

See the chromosome of both the husband and wife twice or more

Luo Songping explained that in general, repeated abortion has two factors in embryonic and mother.

The unhealthy embryo itself is an important factor in abortion.If the embryo chromosomes are abnormal, including three bodies, that is, one more chromosomes, or three times, that is, double the chromosomes, not 46 normal, but 69.Therefore, it is best to check the embryo chromosome when there is a miscarriage.

Another situation is that the chromosomal abnormalities of the parents are abnormal, such as balanced displacement, and the chances of abortion of embryos are relatively high. Therefore, both the couple must do chromosome examination by more than two times.If both couples have the same thalassemia genes, embryos are pure cono for thalassemia in the Mediterranean, and there is a high abortion rate. Especially in South China, poverty screening should be performed before pregnancy.

If the reproductive cells (sperm and eggs) of both couples are not good enough, such as male sperm deformity, high DNA fragment rate, poor women’s egg quality, and prone to abortion after pregnancy.

Repeated abortion is also related to the mother’s endocrine and immune regulation

The mother’s uterine environment, endocrine and immune regulation are important conditions for maintaining pregnancy.

The abnormality of the uterine form, such as the vertical diaphragm, a single -angle uterus, etc., the chance of abortion is greater.Uterine adenomia disease, multiple uterine fibroids, etc. will also affect the uterine environment.

If the luteal is not strong, it maintains insufficient progesterone in pregnancy; abnormal immunization of pregnancy, high TH1 cytokines, insufficient closed antibodies, and positive antibodies, etc., may cause abortion.Therefore, couples who have occurred more than two times should conduct system screening under the guidance of a specialist.

If the male sperm deformity rate is too high and the DNA fragment rate is abnormal, it should be diagnosed and treated inrology.

Nourishing kidney and spleen can prevent repeated abortion

Regarding the phenomenon of recurrent abortion, Chinese medicine is called a sliding tire, and the cause of skating tires is related to kidney deficiency or spleen deficiency.Therefore, the treatment of slippery tires should be "pre -cultivated", that is, on the one hand, pay attention to pre -pregnancy treatment and improve the situation of both the mother or parents; on the other hand, actively reappear tires after pregnancy, dynamically observe, and avoid abortion again.

Professor Luo Songping introduced that nourishing kidney tires and nourishing kidney and spleen and sanitary tires are the two major laws of traditional Chinese medicine in preventing and treatment of tires.The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney master reproduction, the main seal is the essence.The spleen is taken by the main system.Kidney deficiency can gradually occur due to lack of congenital endowment or damage to the day after tomorrow.The kidney deficiency is lost in the seal, the spleen deficiency is lost in the photography, and it is damaged, and the fetal element is not solid.

When you are pregnant again, you should be actively available

Repeated abortion, the heart and body are damaged, it is really frustrated.But don’t be discouraged, actively check the cause, cooperate with treatment, and strive for the next pregnancy success.

Professor Luo Songping suggested that on the basis of the system checking the cause of miscarriage, 3-6 months before pregnancy, reviewing the reproductive cells of the couple, and after the overall situation improves, it enters the pregnancy preparation stage.

After pregnancy again, the fetus is positive.And regularly check that it is generally treated until 12-14 weeks of pregnancy.(For more news, please pay attention to the Yangcheng Pai

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