Ren Medical Science 丨 "Plague beside the gestational sac" is not panicked, and the right treatment is safe

With the specifications and popularity of pregnancy tests, many early pregnancy Baoma will conduct colorful supermarkets, and many Baoma often gets a color Doppler ultrasound report diagnosed with a "gestational effusion".what?Is it harmful to the gestational sac?What should I do?Let’s answer them one by one.

First, what is the effusion next to the gestational sac?

With the attention of people’s health, many Baoma will do a B -ultrasound once they find pregnancy. Sometimes they find that there is a liquid dark area around the gestational sac. In fact, this liquid dark area is the liquid next to the gestational sac. Generally, it is generally.It is bleeding or effusion around the early pregnancy sac.

This situation is mostly implanted bleeding, indicating that there is a liquid in the gap between the gestational sac and the palace wall. Most of the reasons are that the gestational sac is unstable in the uterus, which makes the gestational sac and the uterine wall stripping, resulting in the gestational sac that causes the gestational sac.The surrounding effusion is usually correlated with the amount of bleeding.The vast majority of the accumulated efficiency of a small amount of gestational sac can be absorbed by itself. If the blood volume is relatively large, it can be discharged by the vagina without being absorbed by itself.

2. What does the accumulation of blood beside the gestational sac mean?

If you find the effusion beside the gestational sac during early pregnancy, it is accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage, especially if there is symptoms of abdominal pain and discomfort, it is prompted that the possibility of aura abortions.

If there is no vaginal hemorrhage and abdominal pain and discomfort when you find that the stitch beside the gestational sac is found. As long as the color Doppler ultrasound prompts the embryo survival, there is generally no need to be excessive. In most cases, the asymptomatic gestational sac side effusion will be gradually absorbed until it disappears, or it is either disappeared, or it is or disappear.As the vagina is excreted, the effusion range will gradually become smaller.According to the data of the literature, the effusion side of most gestational sacs will not adversely affect the growth and development of the fetus, and it will not directly cause embryo to stop.

However, if the effusion next to the pregnancy sac is gradually increased, it is prompted that there is a possibility of abortion. The common reason is:

1. Poor folicular or sperm quality;

2. Insufficient luteum function leads to low progesterone;

3. The abnormal quality of the embryo itself;

4. Abnormal thyroid function.

Third, what should I do if the effusion beside the gestational sac should be dealt with?

After the B -ultrasound found that after the hypertherbage, it is generally recommended to choose natural progesterone for tires. Commonly used drugs include lutenone capsules, musching ketone tablets, lutein ketone injection, and assisted vitamin C for treatment.During the treatment period, pay close attention to the changes in the value of HCG and bloodurone, and monitor ultrasound in a short -term monitoring to understand the development of the embryo.

We can indirect judgment by checking the progesterone and blood HCG values: if the blood HCG doubles is in the normal value range, but the progesterone value is reduced, and the bleeding occurs at the same time, the symptomatic treatment can be treated by supplementing progesterone tires.If the efficiency of the efficiency of the gestational sac beside the gestational sac in short -term ultrasound inspection monitoring is increasing, considering the increase in abortion risks, it will cause an inevitable abortion. At this time, you should actively come to the hospital for treatment.Ke is waiting at any time.


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