Ren Jiaxuan Xuan Xuan’s pregnancy good news, there are 4 uterine fibroids in the self -exposure, no marriage plan with her boyfriend

On March 3, Ren Jiaxuan updated personal radio programs on social platforms, and personally shared the good news of pregnancy with you, nervous and excited.

In the radio program, you can hear Ren Jiaxuan loudly, "I! Ren Jiaxuan Selina! I’m pregnant!".She revealed that after learning the news, she chose to share with fans’ friends as soon as possible to surprise the fans, and revealed that the baby’s nickname was "Little Causter Fruit", which had nothing to do with gender.Taking this name is related to Vietnam’s wishing for a wish. As a result, I was pregnant without expecting. It was speculated by the pregnancy cycle that she was pregnant at that time.Ren Jiaxuan said that the baby has been 12 weeks, and when he said, he was so excited that he was crying.

Many fans saw the good news of Ren Jiaxuan, and they also blessed her as a mother, saying that the second generation of the group was about to usher in the second new member.There are also fans mentioning that Ren Jiaxuan said that she would have children at the age of 30 when she was a child. The first marriage was not as expected, and now she is happy for her.Ren Jiaxuan said that this day was the day when Pinky left, and the fans also had a tacit understanding. Both sides thought it was to reborn again.

Good sisters Hebe, through the agent, respects Ren Jiaxuan, claiming that life is a gift of heaven, marking that her body is too young and healthy, and look forward to the arrival of new life.Ella was also excited and moved, and was very moved. She was happy for her and wanted to sing and welcome to this beautiful new world.

Ren Jiaxuan mentioned the difficulty of pregnancy in the show. He wanted to give up, and he also considered artificial conception.Regarding pregnancy, at the beginning, her boyfriend hindered the age of age and was unclear. Later, he reached a consensus and had a fate. From planning to real pregnancy, he experienced a lot of anxiety. Some of them told 2024 that there may be a chance.In December 2022, the pressure suddenly doubled, ready to give up, arranged a lot of travel, and unexpectedly became pregnant.

Ren Jiaxuan also shared the process of pregnancy, saying that when he was discovered, he was moved to tears after confirmation. His boyfriend was crying and crying when he saw her crying.Later, the check -up, grew up each week, only one "bubble" for the first time, and I saw more time, and I heard the baby’s heartbeat.

His body’s touch is obvious. He scared to go to the toilet, and his sense of smell is keen. He is still running in with the baby. At 2 months, the stomach is as large as 6 months and the digestion is very slow.Tell the location that it will not affect the growth of the child.

In March last year, Ren Jiaxuan was photographed holding hands with her boyfriend, and then posted a text saying that there were forty -one women in the woman and confessed their love generously.It has been almost one year from the official announcement to the government.

Ren Jiaxuan’s boyfriend is an outsider. She has always paid attention to protecting her boyfriend’s privacy. On Valentine’s Day, she took a lot of photos with her boyfriend and posted a confession boyfriend, but her boyfriend’s face was blocked.It is speculated that the news of pregnancy has been determined at this time, and the sense of abundant pregnancy on her body is not surprising.

Ren Jiaxuan’s boyfriend was released on the social platform on the social platform. As soon as she revealed the true face of Lushan, and then deleted the coding -free photo. Ren Jiaxuan also mentioned this on the radio, saying that her mother was very generous.

Ren Jiaxuan’s boyfriend is much smaller than her, but she is relatively mature for her life. She takes care of her, and she also stated that she wanted to be her "Xiu Jiekai".However, Ren Jiaxuan once said that he would not marry anymore, and also discussed questions such as her boyfriend’s proposal. She said that she would accept this surprise, but she would not register. At present, the two have bred a baby.No next plan.

In any case, I wish Ren Jiaxuan a happy life, happy and forever, and looking forward to the baby’s arrival.

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