Remind expectant mothers: After pregnancy, these 4 parts should be well maintained

After women’s pregnancy, due to the influence of hormone changes in the body, a physiological change will occur physically. Therefore, it is necessary to face changes in the body with a peaceful attitude and do a good job of care.Especially after pregnancy, some parts will become more vulnerable, and they usually take more careful care.

1. Breast

In the early stages of pregnancy, because of the effects of estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin, it can cause breast enlargement and breast tenderness. The breasts began to become mild pain in the middle of pregnancy. At the same time, the color of the nipples will deepen.At this stage, you must choose underwear with better support, and you cannot compress the nipples.Wipe the nipples and breasts with warm water to keep the breast hygiene.During the bath, use a hot towel to apply hot compresses, and gently massage to promote local blood circulation.Can’t sleep on your stomach, otherwise it will be squeezed into the breast, affecting blood circulation and breast development.

2. waist

Most women have waist pain during pregnancy, which is mainly prepared for production.With the extension of the abdomen during pregnancy, the balancing of the body’s center of gravity changes, increasing the burden on the waist.Usually adjust the standing position when standing. The specific method is to tighten the abdomen and shoulders and move the pelvis gently.When sitting, the back also supports the back, making the knee height higher than the thigh.Take side lying while sleeping to avoid moving heavy objects.Try not to wear high heels. If the waist pain is severe, you can massage or compress the pain site.

3. Teeth

After pregnancy, the hormone in the body changes, which will make the gums a slight swelling, and it is prone to bleeding when brushing.During this period, we must maintain good oral hygiene habits, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, and rinse your mouth in time after meals.

4. Private parts

After pregnancy, women’s vagina is congested and leucorrhea is increased. Some women will have itching of the perineum. They should go to the hospital to find out the cause and treat symptomatically.Keep the outer pussy clean and dry, the underwear should be changed diligently, and often uses water to clean the vulva.Choose a loose and breathable underwear.

Kind tips

The blood circulation speed of women after pregnancy is accelerated, it is easy to make the skin sensitive and rough, and it is easy to breed a lot of stretch marks. During pregnancy, you should exercise more to enhance the elasticity of the muscles and skin.Vitamin C is rich in vegetables and fruits.

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