Remind 15 lives to pregnant mothers to avoid unnecessary harm to the baby’s baby

A baby who is pregnant with a long October, pregnant mothers will inevitably neglect some things in their lives, which will have an unfavorable impact on the baby in the abdomen.The following 15 reminders will make the baby baby grow and develop better with the 280 days after the pregnant mother spent 280 days.

Moms during pregnancy are very sensitive to some factors or stimuli in the living environment. Be sure to avoid unnecessary harm to the embryo–

1. Replace high heels or unfperfooted shoes

Early pregnancy embryo tissue is fragile and easily affected by some external stimuli.If you are still wearing high heels or shoes, you can easily cause miscarriage once your body falls.

2. Clean your lips first

Many chemical harmful substances and pathogenic microorganisms mixed with the dust in the air will fall on the lips.However, people rarely think that lips should only be eaten after cleaning. As a result, it causes harmful things to enter the body when drinking water, eating or licking lips.

This is more harmful to pregnant mothers than others, because there is a baby that is very sensitive to harmful things in the body. Inhaling in the body will cause the baby to be innocent and cause the ending that should not occur.Therefore, when going out, the pregnant mother is best to apply the lip balm on the lips to block the harmful lip balm. When eating, you must wipe the lips with a clean wet towel.

3. It is best not to wear contact lenses

Due to the change in endocrine in the early pregnancy, the corneal tissue of the pregnant mother is mild edema, and wearing contact lenses is easy to aggravate the keratin hypoxia.Coupled with the decrease in the amount of tears in the pregnancy itself, the increase in mucus composition, it is easy to cause uncomfortable with foreign body sensation, dryness, and grinding of the eyes. It will also cause conjunctivitis due to small arteries contracture.Therefore, wearing contact lenses discomfort will increase than before pregnancy, it is best to wear frame glasses.

4. Don’t contact detergent frequently

Medical research shows that some organic substances contained in detergents will be absorbed by the skin and accumulated in the body, which will have a certain damage effect on human health, which is more harmful to pregnant mothers and fetuses.Therefore, if you need to contact various detergents by yourself, including laundry powder, it is best to let your husband or others do during pregnancy.

5. It should not stay in the kitchen for a long time

The most density of dust and toxic gases is in the kitchen at home. If the kitchen is left for a long time, pregnant mothers will inhale a lot of gases that are harmful to the development of baby.Therefore, it is best for pregnant mothers to enter the kitchen. Even if they need to enter the kitchen, they should try to reduce the time for staying in the kitchen. It is best to place a range hood or fan in the kitchen.

6. Don’t boil too late every day before going to bed

Pregnant mothers often stay in the middle of the night to fall asleep. It is easy to disrupt the biological clock rhythm in the body, resulting in a decrease in growth hormone secretion, affecting the growth and development of fetal baby, and even stagnation of growth and development.At the same time, pregnant mothers are also prone to discomfort such as headache, insomnia, irritability, etc., making early pregnancy reactions more aggravated.

7. Use cool oil carefully

Many pregnant mothers like to use a cool oil to relieve itching or reduce cold symptoms when they are bitten by mosquito or cold.But from the perspective of eugenics, it is best not to use cool oil during pregnancy, especially in the first three months of pregnancy.Because the cool oil contains camphor, mint, eucalyptus oil and other substances, it can be absorbed by the skin and can pass through the placenta barrier to enter the fetus, which affects the growth and development of the fetus, and even causes bad endings such as terators, dead tires or abortion.

8. Don’t get hot hair for the time being

Aesthetics is a eternal pursuit of women. Even during pregnancy, research shows that women who often contact hairdressing supplies have a higher chance of breeding deformities or low -weight children than those who do not contact.The low -weight child is about 5%, and the proportion of malformations in the latter is only 2%, and low weight children only account for 4%.Therefore, avoid hot hair after pregnancy, and other hairdressing products are the best use of glue.

9. Don’t take the medicine at will

The easiest thing to make people neglect is the first few weeks of pregnancy.However, some people will use the medicine at random due to the symptoms of no pregnancy. At this time, the use of certain drugs has a great impact on small germ, because the small germ is in the stage of organs differentiation.Essence

However, it is not possible to "waste food because of sorrow", so that the baby is also harmful to the baby, and the body should go to the doctor in time.The principle of medication in the early pregnancy is that it is not used as possible for drugs that can be used; if the drugs must be used, try to choose similar drugs as small as possible.

10. It is not advisable to use whitening skin care products

Many women have coloring spots on their faces after pregnancy, and many of them are anxious to use whitening freckle cream during pregnancy.However, the better the effect, the higher the lead amount, and the leading lead will obviously have a serious impact on the baby.Studies have shown that if the amount of lead in the mother’s body increases, the baby is susceptible to various diseases after birth, such as polymotidians, low intelligence, anemia, etc.

11. It is not advisable to put iodized salt during cooking

In order to prevent fetal babies from lacking iodine, many women have always put iodized salt after pregnancy.However, many people show iodine deficiency during prenatal inspection.turn out to be.Many families are accustomed to putting salt during cooking during cooking. It is known that this approach can easily volatilize iodine, so it does not play a role in supplementing iodine.The deficiency of pregnant mothers will not only affect the growth and development of the baby, but also the severe iodine deficiency can also cause abortion.Therefore, you should put iodized salt after cooking, so that iodine will not be wrapped off.

12. It should not be overly laughed during the third trimester

During pregnancy, the mood is not good for the growth and development of the fetal treasure, and it is easy to have malformations. People always warn the pregnant mother to maintain an optimistic attitude. It is best to laugh, but it is actually inappropriate for pregnant mothers to laugh without limited.Because when laughing, it is easy to make the abdomen suddenly twitch, stimulate the shrinkage of the uterus, and easily lead to abortion or premature birth.

13. Do not pick eaters or do not eat staple food

Some pregnant mothers have the habit of partial eclipse before pregnancy, and the taste is more picky after pregnancy.I always pick my favorite food while eating, and I still do n’t like chopsticks. Some pregnant mothers only eat very little staple food per meal.

However, no kind of nutrients that natural foods can contain the human body can be found so far. If you do not eat staple food, you will lack most of the energy and B vitamins and dietary fiber; if lack of thermal energy and protein, it will be lacking.As a result, the baby’s growth is slow and even stops developing.The latest study also found that if pregnant mothers prefer certain foods, the baby is also easy to eat after birth, because the taste of pregnant mothers can be passed to the baby baby through amniotic fluid and breast milk.

14. Don’t always hide from the sun

Some pregnant mothers are worried about the skin, so they always avoid the sun.You know, this is easy to make the body lack calcium, make the baby lack calcium without birth, and even suffer from congenital disease.Therefore, we must pay attention to sunlight during pregnancy, but in order to avoid damage to the skin, protective measures can be taken. If you are not strong when the sun is not strong; apply a special sunscreen for pregnant women when going out;

15. Separation of bra and other clothing

Now, more and more women have a lack of milk or no milk after giving birth to their babies.Experts believe that some of them are caused by health factors, emotions, and diseases, and some are actually caused by the breast ducts.

Because, when the bra is often washed with other clothes during pregnancy, some small fibers on the clothes may be stained in the inside of the bra.Because the breasts are tightly in contact with the bra and constantly rubbing, small fibers can easily enter the breast ducts and block it, causing less postpartum milk or no milk.Therefore, in addition to not wearing a tight bra during pregnancy, the bra is best cleaned separately.

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