Remember not to soak in water directly, it is equivalent to eating insect eggs. It is too practical to teach you the correct practice.

As soon as it is in the summer, I like to eat cold dishes. The cold dishes are cool and refreshing, and some crispy and refreshing vegetables, such as sour bamboo shoots, kelp, and lotus slices, are really comfortable to eat.One week, our family finally wanted to buy two or three times or do it at home.And one of our favorite dishes every time is fungus, not only I like it, but my husband and children like to eat fungus.Because the taste of the fungus is crispy and crispy, sometimes it is very delicious to make wooden ear egg soup or frying of fungus at home.As a edible bacteria, fungus has high nutritional value. Vitamin, calcium, zinc, and a large amount of protein nutrients. If you usually eat more fungus, you will have the effect of beauty and beauty, eliminate fatigue, and moisturize the lungs.Essence

In daily life, the most commonly purchased fungus is dry fungus, which need to be soaked first and then use it to cook vegetables.However, there are a lot of folds on the surface of the dry fungus. Among these folds, it is easy to hide some dirt, insect eggs, bacteria, etc. if you don’t clean it well, it is easy to eat dirty things, so how can we thoroughly be thorough?Wash the fungus?Let me share with you today, soak the fungus and clean the fungus. Next, follow me to find out.

[How to choose fungus]

When many people buy fungus, they usually buy it and buy it.In fact, when we buy fungus, we still have to choose carefully.When choosing fungus, we better choose the surface of the fungus is black or dark brown, while the back is gray -white or dark gray, and we must observe the degree of curling of the fungus. It is best to choose naturally curly.In addition, when we choose the ink, in the process of turning over, we can also listen to the sound of the fungus colliding with each other. If the sound is crispy, the fungus that is easy to break by hand is very good.Choose to buy.

【Quickly Soak my hair】

After buying fungus back, we better store fungus in a sealed box or bag.Because fungus is dry goods, if it is not sealed, it is easy to bring the moisture in the air into the fungus, so that the fungus is moldy and moldy.When we soak the fungus, we must prepare an appropriate amount of fungus first. Don’t prepare too much fungus. Although the fungus looks very small, it is easy to get more.Then add an appropriate amount of warm water to the bowl, and then add the fungus and put it in.Some people will put the fungus directly in the hot water in order to get fast, so that although the foaming speed is fast, the taste of the fungus is completely destroyed.Although the cold water soaked in the hair, the soaking time became longer.Therefore, you choose to soak in warm water as much as possible, so that it is not easy to add wood ear soaking too softly and shorten the time of the soaking.

【Clean fungus】

After putting fungus in warm water, we need to add some flour, soda and a little sugar to the bowl.Add the flour because the flour has strong adsorption ability, which can absorb the dirty organs in the fungus; and because the baking soda is weak alkaline substance, it can clean the dust such as the dust in the fungus folds.Therefore, the flour and baking soda can quickly clean the dirt in the fungus.And add sugar because it can make the fungus burst faster and shorten the time for soaking.

After adding these things, we can stir with our hands to make these things more in touch with fungus.If we are soaked in a container with a lid, we can also cover the lid and shake it hard for a few times to achieve the same effect.

When the stirring is almost the same, there is a small time for soaking. We can observe that most of the fungus is soaked, and many dirty things have been dissolved in the water.

In the end, we only need to put the fungus under the water, and it will be completed twice.The fungus that was cleaned in this way is clean, and the speed of soaking is fast.

This is how to choose fungus, soak hair fungus and effectively clean the fungus today.I hope today’s sharing can help everyone.

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