Relying on fat, he said that he was detained for pregnancy!"Lao Lai" quickly take a look at this

As the saying goes: there are two difficulties in the world: borrowing money is difficult, it is more difficult to collect money.There are two bitterness on the ground: Huang Lian is bitter, and there is no money to be bitter.There are two insurances in the world: rivers and lakes, people are more dangerous.There are two thin people in the world: the spring cake is thin, and the human feelings are thinner.

There is such a person

The guarantor does not pay back the loan

Also depending on your face and do not pay back your face!

The couple did not repay on time, the guarantor poured pouring mold

In November 2014, Zhang and Shi of Weifang loaned 80,000 yuan from banks because of their operations, and Liu Mou and Yang provided joint guarantees.After the loan expires, because Zhang and Shi Mou did not return the loan on time, Liu Mou replied to a bank loan of 38,000 yuan.After Liu fulfilled his obligation, he pursued the two.

In December 2017, the Qingzhou Court made a judgment on the case, or ordered Zhang and Shi to pay 38,000 yuan and interest to the payments.However, in the process of litigation, Zhang and Shi Mou have never appeared, and after the judgment came into effect, it has not fulfilled the repayment obligation.In July 2018, Liu applied for mandatory execution.

In the early morning, the assault is not useful. The final rural collection finds people

After the executive took over the case, the property of the two executed persons was first investigated and controlled. However, the property that the two had available for execution were not found. The executive speculated that the two should have been prepared for a long time to prepare for the property and put the property to the property and put the property to the property and put the property.Transfer.

Subsequently, the executives summoned the two, but each time they were summoned, they ate closed doors, and they could not find anyone in the early morning raid finding.Enter the two of them.

After careful understanding, the executive learned that Zhang and Shi, the couple went out early to collect vegetables, and then shipped them to the market to sell them. They returned and returned late and their whereabouts were uncertain, so it was difficult to find two.According to the executives, the two executives live in the countryside and may also go to the rural collection to buy vegetables. Therefore, every time you go to the countryside to carry out the implementation operation, if there is a large rural set nearby, you will rush over to touch your luck.

At the end of December 2018, the executive finally found Zhang and Shi Mou on a rural collection in the southern suburbs of the city.Considering that a whole car green vegetable needs to be watched, the executives temporarily "let go" Zhang, and summon Shimou to the court.

Relying on fat, I said that I can’t detain my pregnancy

After arriving at the court, when the executive persuaded, he fulfilled a legal obligation, but Shi always said that he had no money.The executive told him that she could only take judicial detention measures.When he heard that he was going to be detained, Shi Mou immediately said that he was pregnant and could not be detained.Because Shi was fatter, he was still with his stomach, and the executive could only take it to the hospital for examination.After inspection, Shumou was just pure fat.In the end, Shi was sent to the detention center for refusing to perform its legal obligations.

After the 15 -day detention period expired, Shi Mou was still obsessed.

One bite determines that he has no money,

His husband, Zhang, also said the same rhetoric.

Shi Mo thought it was over to go through this level,

I did not expect the news to be waiting for the detention for 15 days:

Because she refused to report the property after receiving the property order.

Regarding that Shi was detained by judicial, the couple had been hiding their families.But when I didn’t see Shi Mou for more than half a month, the mother’s family finally learned the news.When the mother -in -law rushed to the detention center to visit, she advised her to pay the money as soon as possible and go home as soon as possible.But the family has repeatedly persuaded, and Shi Mou still refused to repent.When the mother -in -law was distressed, she took the initiative to pay the compensation and interest to the court.

It’s the end of the year, let’s take a look at those "Lao Lai"

How does Weifang rule them

As of the end of August 2018, Weifang has implemented a total of 22,000 cases of implementation cases, with a total of 15,800 cases, 71.8%of the case, and 4.48 billion yuan in execution.

Since 2018, the city’s courts have released a total of 14,400 cases of dishonesty. Through a series of dishonesty punishment measures, the person who was executed was "restricted" everywhere in work and life.A total of 21,400 people were restricted to purchase air tickets, motors, and high -speed tations, and 4,423 executed persons were implemented in a restricted consumption order; our city sentenced a total of 18 rejection, 1571 person -times, fined 215 people, limited to 20 people; 1136 people; 1136 peopleThe executed person forced to perform his obligation automatically with the pressure of credit punishment.


At about 6 am on May 30, 2018, with a order, a four -rotor unmanned reconnaissance aircraft slowly lifted off, hovering over the courtyard of the company where the executor Yin was located.The drone keeps taking pictures and cameras, and the dynamics of the courtyard are presented on the operation display held by the executive of the Anqiu People’s Court …

It is understood that this is a dispute over a sales contract for a food Co., Ltd., a food company in Anqiu, an executor Anqiu City.After losing the case, Yin played "hiding cats". Due to the large number of houses in his company and complex terrain, Yin used to hide Tibet by favorable terrain to make the executives flutter.

The People’s Court of Anqiu City decided to use drones in the early morning to conduct air investigations in Yin Company to find Yin’s hiding place.The drone accurately captured Yin’s whereabouts, and the executive quickly turned over the courtyard door and found Yin.In the end, Yin reached a settlement agreement with the application executive, and paid 104,025 yuan first, and the remaining funds were paid in installments.

Orthocked out of the country

A company in our city involved 18 cases of labor disputes in Binhai District. After the labor arbitration ruling was effective, the company refused to perform and the workers involved in the case applied to the court for compulsory enforcement.During the execution, the undertaking judge had undergone online investigation and control and traditional investigations, and did not find that a company who was executed had a company available for execution. Because the executed person refused to report the property, the court decided to incorporate the list of people who were dishonest and restricted high consumption.However, these two measures have not prompted a company to automatically perform their obligations.

According to the investigation, it was found that Li’s legal representative Li was a number of legal representatives of many enterprises and frequent entry and exit. The enforcement court made a decision to list Li as the legal non -approved outbound personnel and hand over the public security organs to control the border control.In May 2018, Li was blocked in Beijing, so he took the initiative to contact the court to actively meet the obligations with the application executive. After the 18 labor dispute cases were successfully concluded, the Court of Executive Court lifted Li’s outbound restrictions.

Breakthrough Bell "Assist"

On October 11, 2014, Ma Mou in Qingzhou borrowed 80,000 yuan from his friend Yang.In the borrowing contract, the two parties agreed to borrow interest and borrowing for one month, and received interest overdue.On the same day, Ma issued a debit for Yang, and Yang remitted the money to Ma.After the borrowing expired, Ma did not repay the principal, but only paid interest by agreed by February 2015. Since then, Yang has repeatedly accepted Ma Mou.

In 2016, Yang complained to the court together with Ma, Si Mou, and Jimou.A certain and Si Mou assumed the liability for liquidation.After the verdict came into effect and entered the execution procedure, Ma and others have always dragged their accounts and rely on their accounts on the grounds that they had no money.

On July 13, 2018, Ma found that the ringtone of his and his wife’s mobile phone became a faithful color bell, and he could not modify it himself.It turned out that after the coordination of the Qingzhou Court, Qingzhou Mobile Company set up a faithful color bell for the executor of the dishonesty in July.On July 13, the first batch of mobile users’ dishonesty was executed. The dishonesty bell was officially opened. Because Ma and Si Mou happened to be mobile phone users, they heard that their names were exposed in the color bell.

At this time, Ma was anxious, and he immediately called the executive, expressing his willingness to pay the remaining arrears, hoping to remove the dishonesty color bell as soon as possible.On July 16, the applied executive Yang also came to the court and told the executive judge that Ma had repaid the remaining arrears and interest to him, and submitted written proof materials.

Give today, give it tomorrow, won’t give it every day!

Go today, go tomorrow, go for nothing!

One year of bitterness, one year of tired, and money every year!

It takes one year for a year, and it is accounting every year!

My heart is hard, my body is tired, and my mental collapse!

This "poem" that has been circulated on the Internet reflects the sadness of the accountant

It’s the end of the year, it’s time to pay back!

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