Regarding the abortion of the drug, what you don’t know yet

Each year is estimated to have 20 % (about 420,000) pregnant women.Methods include surgical abortion and drug abortion. Most women are afraid of surgical abortion and tend to choose drug abortion.At present, the most widely used pharmaceutical abortion is the frontol of Mepitetlthalythalytalo. According to statistics from domestic production manufacturers, the annual sales volume is up to 17 million people.

Diseases, fast -acting, safe, painful, convenient to use — just swallow a few pills, and complete the abortion process safely and quickly, which is almost the desire to implement a miscarriage woman.But is this really the case?Don’t be too naive, the truth is not the case.

First look at a case: 32 -year -old woman, married and has been born, because of accidental pregnancy requires drug abortion, there is no abnormality after taking rice non -ketone. On the third day, after taking the frontol 600pg of macolytol on the third day, fainted after a while, fainting after a while, fainting.The whole body was cold, cold, and shortness of breath, and the hospital was sent to the hospital for rescue and died invalid.

This is a rare case, but it also reminds us that the abortion of medicine is not as beautiful as imagined.

The mechanism of the role of rice olone is to make the fertilized eggs unable to develop through chemical methods, and then necrotic and fall off. With the increase in the increase of the frontol of the maco and induced the spontaneous contraction of the uterus, the fertilized eggs can be completely discharged out of the body.The effect of this medicine looks very simple: swallowing a few pills, and pregnancy is immediately suspended.In fact, the process is not so simple, and it is far as easy and fast as expected.

First of all, physical conditions should adapt to the requirements of taking this medicine, and 9 medicines should be taken in 2 to 4 days.From the date of miscarriage, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination at any time from the date of abortion. Even if it is determined that it is completely aborted, I will return to the hospital for a review after more than a week.The pain caused by the contraction of the uterus after taking the medicine is sometimes not lighter than artificial abortion surgery. After abortion, there may be more than ten days of continuous bleeding. Some people have a longer bleeding time and even major bleeding.The amount of bleeding is too long and the bleeding time is too long, and it is also easy to cause infection to cause endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and secondary anemia. Women with 2%to 8%eventually need to surgery to clear the abortion again.

The rare adverse reactions related to Mi Fuzone also include: such as severe arrhythmia, limb convulsions, ectopic muscle paralysis, and sequelae and mental disorders left behind.It is relatively more common in adverse reactions related to macoolitol, including: allergic shock, inconsistent contractions, causing cervical laceration, blood loss, painful shock, acute gastric bleeding, high fever, allergic epilepsy, allergic reactions, etc.Essence

Divine abortion is not suitable for all women, and there are strict regulations in medicine. Violation of regulations is to joke with their own lives. Never!


1. Fully understand the process and possible occurrence of drug abortion.

2. Internal pregnancy within 49 days of pregnancy can be performed in the clinic; if it is greater than 49 days, hospitalization treatment.

3. High -risk factors of artificial abortion, such as scar uterus, poor cervical development, severe pelvic deformity, and difficulty in implementing artificial abortion.

4. Perform artificial abortion multiple times, serious fear and concerns about surgery.


1. adrenal glands and endocrine diseases, skin itching and hematological diseases during pregnancy, once related to vascular embolism.

2. Cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, asthma, epilepsy, colitis and other diseases cannot be used.

3. Allergic constitution, pregnancy drama vomiting, long -term anti -tuberculosis drugs, antiepileptic, antidepressant, anti -prostaglandin, anticoagulant or bleeding drugs.

4. Bringing pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy.

At present, there is no diabetes, hypertension, respiratory disease, liver disease, kidney disease, or long -term smokers using the safety and effective data of drug abortion. The international guide recommends that if the condition is well controlled and fully understands the disadvantages, when there is the above situation, there is a situation.Most domestic hospitals do not have a miscarriage.

The occurrence of drug abortion avoids the pain of surgical abortion during unwilling pregnancy, and it undoubtedly brings the gospel to women.Although there is a risk of adverse reactions in drug and centers, large -scale research at home and abroad all shows that the abortion success rate and safety of meteroethydraxolidol anterior alcohol are satisfactory, with an effective rate of 92%~ 98%.The survey shows that 84.5%of women are willing to accept, but when using drug abortion, in addition to strictly grasping the indications and contraindications, there are the following precautions:

1. Can’t buy drugs by yourself!So as not to cause danger and lose the opportunity to rescue.A safe drug abortion must be carried out in medical institutions with good first aid conditions such as emergency curettage, infusion, and blood transfusion.Don’t believe in buying medicines online. Many online sales of Mififeridone are illegal.

2. You must tell the doctor in detail whether to take the history of allergies, family history, family history, etc., which are all related to individual allergies.

3. Watch the symptoms after taking the medicine to prevent accidents. Once allergies are found, go to the hospital in time.

As an obstetrician and gynecologist, sincere hope, friends of friends do a good job of contraception, make the abortion rate lower and lower, and can avoid non -fertility pregnancy to the greatest extent. There are so many ways to contraception. There is always one suitable for you.Important measures for women’s health!

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