Regarding pregnancy, why "I don’t want it, I can’t conceive"?The doctor said the truth

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My girlfriend has been married for four years and has no children.When she was married, she was pregnant once, but the fetus was not developing well, and the fetus stopped at two months.Later, I couldn’t be pregnant. I ran many hospitals for examination and treatment every year.Especially when going to the hospital for treatment, she couldn’t help feeling when she saw a lot of little girls who went to the hospital to get a fetus: "I really don’t want it, I can’t get pregnant. Why is it so easy for others to get pregnant?? "

Regarding pregnancy, why "I don’t want it, I can’t conceive"?This problem believes that many difficult women want to know.My girlfriend also consults the doctor specifically. When the doctor was used to this phenomenon, he revealed the truth.

I do n’t want what I do n’t want, most of the pregnancy is easy to get pregnant, and the awareness of contraception is weak

The doctor said that those women who do not want to be pregnant are generally easy to get pregnant and easy to get pregnant.For example, even if you take contraceptive measures, you will accidentally "recruit".Most of these women are good health and menstrual rules, and they are easy to conceive.Moreover, some simply are weak awareness of contraceptives. They do not take pregnancy as a matter of time, and then go to the hospital for miscarriage.

Some of these women who do not want them are lighter, they are at the best age, and they are easy to get pregnant, but they are not ready to have a baby.Another part is a woman who has already had one or two children who intend to "seal the belly".This kind of woman is also easy to get pregnant, because there is no fertility problem because of having children.However, considering that there is no regeneration of a child’s pressure, and no one helps to bring a baby, or when he is old, he has risks, so you will also choose to perform abortion surgery.

In general, doctors say that this kind of woman who is pregnant with unwillingness is either an advantage in childbirth or good health and mentality.Therefore, those women who are preparing for pregnancy should pay attention to pregnancy as much as possible at the right age plan, and usually pay attention to physical health, especially if there are problems in gynecology, do not taboo diseases and doctors, and treat them with illness.

What you want is not to be pregnant, either the body is wrong, or the psychological pressure is high

As for "I can’t conceive", there are two reasons: first, there is something wrong with the body.Second, the pressure in my heart is strong.If men’s problems are excluded, these two factors are the common problems of most infertile women.Physical problems are generally problems with reproductive systems, such as severe gynecological inflammation, premature ovarian failure, no ovulation, less follicles or abnormal development, fallopian tube blocking, etc., all need to be actively treated.

Another problem that cannot be ignored is that women have no problem, but psychological pressure is high.Modern women are relatively independent and self -strong, and they may bear some pressure at work. The other part is from the growth of the family’s birth pressure.EssenceMoreover, the more you want the child to be pregnant, the more nervous the spirit is, and the more you are in a cycle of a vicious cycle.

Therefore, doctors’ suggestions should still pay attention to physical health. Be careful to check the body before preparing for pregnancy.Then, do not have too much psychological burden to prepare for pregnancy to get pregnant as soon as possible.


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