Regarding pregnancy, everyone said a few days ago because of the short time, today … today …

Isn’t it that I did not get pregnant two days ago?Then everyone said that it might be because of the short time, and then I saw that I must be happy, and then I held the mentality of the mentality of waiting for.Before I tried again, I was here.

So this one tells you an exact news. Do you know if you are not pregnant?My mother told you what to do, I do n’t know if I show it to you, let ’s see you.To be honest, I really feel a little gap now.Look, what do you call you to do, what do you call me?I told you to take the sky to take Xiao Ni to see you in the morning.You see that he still gives light and vomiting, isn’t he pregnant and say that you should say that you should?It wasn’t for him to take a look at it.

I am gone.Give this money for Xiao Ni, you can buy some food for him, buy some delicious morning.I know, then I ’m even at home. You can rest assured that you do n’t watch it without you. You ca n’t see it. When I take you to check and check it.The inspection is not checked, there should be nothing or other reactions, mainly for two days. Our mother also said that I will ask me to take you to check for inspection.You see that my mother has money, you also say that I said that you have nothing to check. What do you collect your mother’s money? Then he said that he said to take you to check it.What do you want this money to do? You say it is bad to have money. Take the money for our mother and hold you all. I don’t want to have money in my hand. This is not anything.Eat, hold you what you buy, know, you know that you told him to take away, and ask your grandmother to hold it. We take the car and take it in the car.It’s coming, why don’t you come to me again, don’t you say that you won’t you call you a piece?It’s okay, don’t take this to take this time. At that time, people think you are doing what you have come. Take a mobile phone and shoot. It’s okay. You go out and buy me bottle water. When I will check it myself.Then I went out to buy water. If you go, you will call me if you wait. This person really enjoys it. What do you scare me?He said that he was cold. The results of the inspection came to see it. He didn’t check me and listened to it. He said that I was cold and told me to eat less exciting. I told you to drink more tea two days ago.Drink more tea, you just don’t listen, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, our mother is assured, I also feel relieved to go back and drink more tea, know, then take you with you, then take you with youTake you with you and play with you.Then go, then I have to talk about my mother, and my mother will take you away without letting go. When we walk around and stop, stop the outside. Let’s go for a while., What to check, check and check, there is no one who says it is cold, and even ask me to do the color Doppler ultrasound. I did not call me to do anything.It’s called sound insulation.Nothing, don’t eat cold these days, don’t eat spicy, remember to click on this mouth.Knowing it, I give you a little brown sugar tea, and some brown sugar tea drink.Hahaha, I will give you some haha, you drink something, my stomach is okay, my stomach does not hurt, I do n’t hurt people, I do n’t say that I have given birth to a child, and my stomach does n’t hurt anymore.It’s right.right.When I used to be a little daughter, I still do n’t eat cold when I feel cold. I will give you long ginger and long sugar for you. I do n’t want ginger, you want to grow brown sugar, you can cut your brown sugar tea for youah.

Baby Scale-(24inch)