Regarding picky eaters, the four truths you don’t know, as well as four errors that parents often make make

Among the lies in "children grow up", the biggest one is to eat.

Even if you remember nutritional recipes and practice, you ca n’t hold the eaters to eat a bite, and your mouth is stunned: "Oh! Not delicious! Don’t eat it!"

Celery is bitter, don’t eat it!

Egg yolk sticky, don’t eat it!

Tomato is sour, don’t eat it!

Carrots … no matter!Don’t eat anyway!

When the mother is in a hurry, after all, the nutritional balance is very important for the child. The child can force the mother out of anxiety without eating or not.Regarding picky eaters, this question that is often asked in the background, today a article tells you the answer.


Regarding picky eaters, the 4 truths you don’t know

Truth 1

Children picky eaters, which may really be "brought in the mother’s fetus"!

The old man always reads: "What the mother loves to eat during pregnancy, and what the baby born to eat." The first thing that surprised you was: this may be true!

Studies have shown that the taste of "conveying" the food that the mother eats during pregnancy and the taste of breastfeeding food can also be transmitted through breast milk, which will deeply affect the child’s preference for food in the future.Some studies have shown that the preference for food may be hidden in genes!

Truth 2

Children are "bitter, spicy, stinky" when they abandon food!

Children have more taste buds than adults and are more sensitive to taste.

As a natural "food detective", a little sour and cucumber skin in the celery can become the reason for their rejection.With the increase of age, taste buds will gradually degrade, so we cannot taste it, which does not mean that children are making excuses.

Truth 3

He really doesn’t need to eat so much!

We always feel that when children grow up every day, they must eat more day by day.

In fact, after 1 year old, the child’s physical growth rate has slowly slowed, and the energy he needs is not as much as you think.And young children often eat one food at one time, such as eating a lot of vegetables one day, and unwilling to eat again after three days, and they are more willing to eat fruits.

So more importantly, to do a week of nutritional balance, rather than staring at his "picky eaters" today.

Truth 4

Most children will experience the stage of picky eaters

You may not have thought that food will become a big "challenge" faced by children.

When the child is 18 months old, the picky eaters has also become an independent "declaration" of his own discovery of himself -what to eat!

And about 25%of children are afraid of new things when they are 2 to 5 years old, as are food.So they are always willing to eat food they were familiar with before and refuse to try any new types.

In addition to these four "secrets" of eating eaters, some special circumstances will also affect the child’s appetite: children who deficiency in zinc, have no taste to eat; children’s emotional anxiety and tension will also show picky eaters; some children don’t like meat, some children do not like to eat meat, some children do not like to eat meat, some children do not like to eat meat.It is likely to be the lack of stomach acid that decompose digestive protein …

What is the reason for the child’s picky eaters?I really have to know the child who knows the child carefully.


What do you make?

Although there are various reasons for picking, we still want children to eat well!Then you must know that you must not make any faults in your children’s eating–

Error 1

Drink more milk to make up for nutrition if you don’t like to eat

Drink more fruit juice to supplement vitamins if you don’t like to eat vegetables

You may not know that too many milk and juice are the culprits that cause children not to eat.

The calories of fruit juice and milk are very high, and the children’s eating amount is limited. The more given children to drink milk and juice, the more it will affect the normal diet and make him eat less.

Therefore, it is important to make children develop a regular diet, such as three meals in the morning, middle and evening.You can add another dim sum in the middle, and each meal is 2 to 3 hours, and the snacks should abandon high-calorie food.

If you don’t want to eat, don’t be able to feed a bite, but let him leave the dining table (this requires mothers to be heartbroken, don’t be afraid that he is hungry, the child will naturally come back when he is hungry).

You can settle the rules of "dining time for 30-45 minutes" with your child. Children generally eat in 15-20 minutes.After the specified time passed, he received food and tableware. He did not criticize or blame, and did not give him more snacks because he was afraid of being hungry.

Error 2

Foods that children don’t like to eat

This kind of food will never appear on the table again

Children aged 2 to 5 have "phobias" for new things. For the first time, they will refuse when they eat some kinds of food.Some parents will feel that their children do not like to eat or picky eaters.Either scolding him to eat, or he will never buy this kind of dish again.

In fact, at this time, mothers can spend more thoughts to give their babies a trick -such as giving food for food, or mixing with other favorite foods.You can also increase the number of new food on the table.Of course, children who are familiar with and like are not less.After "mix a face", let him try a few more times, and he will slowly accept it.

Error 3

Usually use snacks as "rewards"

When many mothers are not good, they often say to him, "You can give you a sugar for you." "After eating this bite, take you cake at night."

In fact, this approach will only make children more remembers those "junk foods" that affect the normal diet, and in comparison, they will take food as a burden, and the situation of picky food and not to eat will be more serious.

Error 4

Always "open a small stove" for children

For some mothers, for their children’s comprehensive nutrition, three meals a day have to give him alone and carefully.

But so "for him", in fact, the child lost the fun of eating with the whole family, and lacking the opportunity to try more foods and laid a small hidden danger of picky eaters.

See if you have inadvertently helped a lot of "stunning" on the way to the child’s picky eaters?Hurry up and change it.There are some tips here, which may also help mothers who are troubled by children with children–

Let the child participate in the cooking process: take the child to buy vegetables, wash vegetables, pick beans and vegetable leaves together, so that he feels that eating is his decision, and he will be more willing to try it;

Make eating more interesting: for example, calling the carrot of sliced "gold coins", telling him that "eating green vegetables will run as fast as a little rabbit";

Give your child a little choice: For example, ask him, do you want peas, or western blue flower?Like stewed carrots or frying?

"Hide up" the foods that children do not like to eat: For example, hiding the chopped carrots into dumplings filling and noodles hidden green vegetable sauce;

Make a good example: Parents are the best role model for children. If you want your child not to pick up, you must first stay away from snacks, do not watch TV, do not play mobile phones, and eat seriously!

Is your child picky eaters and let you get angry?Calm calm, in fact, compared with the child’s meal, what is more important is to see if the child’s nutrition has reached the standard for a while -mothers can try to record a week’s diet: see if the snacks and milk are too much intake;See if children’s food types include: cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat, meat, eggs, fish, milk, or dairy products. If there are several types of each category, he has no choice.

In short, in a word, as long as the child’s growth, energy, and happy mood, mothers can put their hearts in their stomachs, your baby is good!

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