Red meat is listed as carcinogens. Can beef and pork often suffer from cancer?One article explains clearly

In 2020, the team of Israeli scientists published a research survey in the "BMC" medical magazine that scientists have stated that there is a kind of sugar, blood, and antibody direct molecular response in some special meat.Increase the probability of human cancer, and this special meat is "red meat".

Scientists have used a large range to explain why red meat may cause cancer:

Red meat contains a special sugar called N-hydroxyl acetyline (Neu5gc). It is more common in mammals, but the human body cannot actively synthesize this substance. ThereforeN-hydroxyl acetamine (Neu5GC) will promote the body to produce antibodies.

It will combine normal cell surfaces at a low level, and then promote immune response and cause inflammation. Mouse models have confirmed that this inflammation can cause cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Coincidentally, a team of scientists in France also conducted related research and investigations.

They measured the N-hydroxyl acetamine (Neu5GC) content in various mammalian meat products, and then surveyed the intake of about 20,000 adults daily N-hydroxyl acetyline (Neu5gc).And extracted the samples of 120 subjects for sample surveys. The results proved that the incidence of colorectal cancer was obviously positive and the intake of red meat was obviously correlated, and more men were more than women.

Therefore, this also caused many people to be afraid, worrying that eating too much red meat will induce cancer.So, can you suffer from cancer when eating beef and pork frequently?The doctor explained clearly.

Red meat is actually the meat of mammals, that is, four -legged mammals such as pigs, cattle, and sheep. Their meat can be seen everywhere on our daily dining table, so many talents are beginning to worryrelated.

What are the characteristics of red meat?

First, the color is bright red: this is the basic characteristic of red meat. After cutting, it shows beautiful red. Because red meat is rich in muscle red protein, it will show a bright red color.Beautiful color.

Second, the protein content is relatively high: red meat is a high -quality protein source, which contains a variety of essential amino acids, which is very important for physical development, repairing tissue and maintaining various physiological functions.The protein content per 100g of beef is as high as 20g. On average, one person requires 60-90g of protein per day, so only eating meat can meet the needs of protein.

Third, high -speed rail content: red meat is an important railway source. Among them, hemoglobin can provide the essential iron elements of the body, which helps the transportation and supply of oxygen in the blood, and iron is also a necessary raw material for processing hemoglobin and white blood cells.Lack of iron can cause iron deficiency anemia or other diseases.

Fourth, high fat content: red meat contains high fat, some of which are saturated fatty acids.Excessive intake of saturated fatty acids may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, so it should be intake.

Fifth, rich nutrients: red meat is also rich in nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin B6, zinc, and selenium, which maintains an important role in the normal function of the nervous system, immune system and reproductive system.

These are the characteristics of red meat. I believe you should remember how to judge whether the meat you eat is red meat in the future.

1. During the cooking process of red meat, carcinogens may be produced.Red meat will be decomposed at high temperature when it is culinary and processed by high temperature, and then produces polychic aromatics compounds (PAHS) and heterocyclic amine compounds (HCAS).

In addition, red meat will also be attached to these two substances when barbecue and fried. They are carcinogenic. Therefore, the problem of cooking methods further causes the cause of red meat that is easy to cause cancer. Everyone must pay attention to it.

2. Nitro -nitrotic compound.Everyone may be unfamiliar with this term, but everyone may know if you change the term -nitrite, nitrosamine, these two substances should be familiar.

In a natural environment, meat can be transformed into nitrobial compounds under the influence of chemistry and biology, and a large -dose intake has the effect of changing the genetic structure.Red meat is rich in protein and fat, so if you do not pay attention during processing, you will give birth to NOC, which is closely related to colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer.

3. Blood iron erythrin.Cheng Ye is also Xiao He, and the defeat is also Xiao He. The blood iron redness plays a vital role in the metabolism of the human body, but the research also shows that a large number of red meat is consumed.The probability of incidence of multiple cancers.It is recommended that you do not consume too much blood iron red essence, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

4. Fat.High -fat intake will cause the secretion and excretion of bile acid. The increase in concentration of bile acid in the intestine will promote the increase in the activity of certain harmful bacteria. For example, Darge the epithelium of the intestinal mucosa and induce cancer, so reducing fat intake is the most critical basis for preventing colon cancer.

Red meat is indeed unknown to cancer. Sometimes we really need to reduce the intake of red meat, but so far, it is impossible to completely separate red meat.Benefits, so doctors suggest that you can take red meat reasonably.

Buy fresh meat: Choose fresh, bright red meat to avoid buying meat that looks fresh or odor.The nutritional value of red meat is relatively high, and it is relatively easier to deteriorate. In addition, the weather is very hot now, and you will buy deterioration meat if you are not careful.

There are a large amount of harmful substances, toxins, and bacteria in the deterioration red meat. This is also a kind of cancer stimulation for the human body, so fresh meat is important.

Storage and processing well: When storing and processing red meat, take the correct way to store raw meat from other foods such as cooked foods to prevent cross -pollution.Refueling or frozen meat, the storage time is based on the instructions of the product.When thawing and frozen meat, it is best to slowly thaw in the refrigerator, because the bacteria breeding speed is very fast during the thawing of red meat, and it is easy to deteriorate at room temperature.

Cooking temperature: Make sure that red meat is completely cooked.According to different types of red meat, ensure that the internal temperature reaches at least 160 ° F (71 ° C) to kill bacteria and parasites, but try not to choose a way of fried and roasting, which will produce harmful substances.High -temperature stewing effect is better, and red meat with better quality can be cooked slowly at low temperature.

Sanitary measures: Before dealing with red meat, be sure to wash your hands and workbench.Use different cutting plates and tools to isolate raw meat from other ingredients to avoid the mutual impact of bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Pay attention to food safety: Avoid exposing red meat at room temperature for a long time, especially in high temperature season.Put the remaining cooked meat in the refrigerator in time.

All in all, the harm and benefits of red meat need to be considered together. It is not possible to kill a stick. In daily life, we must eat reasonably.

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