Record the entire process of the second child production, the mother who is about to give birth to can take a look

It is already a four -year -old Baoma. I do n’t have the first child for the second child, but the second child is completely different from the first child. The whole pregnancy is at work during the first pregnancy.For maternity leave, the second child began to have various discomforts from March of pregnancy. After experiencing pregnancy, the separation of the pubic bone, the pain of the skin of the stretch marks, it is easy to say, only those who try to know the pain!

Speaking of the second child should start from about 36 weeks of pregnancy, I don’t remember the first few delivery tests at 36 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor said that the amniotic fluid is too small, and the baby is one week smaller than the normal fetus (in the mobile phone pregnancy weeks softwareWithin normal range), I started to drink soup and drink soy milk to supplement the amniotic fluid and increase the weight of the fetus. After half a month of crazy eating and madly hydrating, the fetal weight reached the standard weight range that the doctor believed, but the amniotic fluid still did not meet the standard.There is only 78mm, there is a little gap between the 80mm from the ideal value, but the test of gestational sugar does not meet the standard. The doctor recommends control of sugar, and insists on several fetal movement and the next day for fetal heart monitoring!

Color Doppler ultrasound

Because the nuclear acid negative certificate within 48 hours of going to the hospital is troublesome, I bought a fetal heart detector on the Internet and performed fetal heart monitoring at home every day. (If you also encounter this problem, it is recommended not to buy it)Although it is not expensive, it is troublesome to use. At 38 weeks, the fetus is already full. The fetal heart monitor buying online needs to use a probe to press the stomach to find the fetal heart.If you are uncomfortable, you will move in the stomach, and the data of a fetal heart monitor is not allowed. Although you buy the fetal heart detector, you have not used 10 times to produce, and the fetal heart is not used for more than 20 minutes.Most of the time is looking for fetal hearts.

Fetal heart monitor

Because it was 28th in the month of 38 weeks+5 days, the last birth checkup was performed. Due to the one -week sugar control, the blood sugar was reached the standard, but the amniotic fluid was still less, only 76mm.However, during the Spring Festival, I did not want to spend too much in the hospital. I rejected the hospitalization. The doctor asked the signing of a bunch of information about any problems that had nothing to do with the hospital doctors, and the doctor arranged for the next sixth day of delivery!

With the experience of drinking more soy milk and drinking more water before, drinking about 2 liters of water every morning after the completion of the birth inspection, and drinking water in the afternoon. It is difficult to drink plenty of water in the third trimester.Therefore, in the afternoon, it is most time to rest in the evening to rest in the morning, and it is added in the morning in the afternoon!

It took a few days so safely, but by the fourth day of the fourth day, the fetus moved frequently in the stomach, and I had done a bit of fetal heart monitoring around 150, or in the normal range.Contractions, but there are no signs of birth, and the whole family did nucleic acid testing that afternoon (during this period of news reporting a hospital for a hospital because there was no nucleic acid, the hospital refused to be hospitalized in pregnant women)After a night, I didn’t feel right. I went to the hospital early the next morning. Due to the results of nucleic acid testing within 24 hours, and the day before yesterday, there was an appointment.At work), after the birth check, the doctor arranged to be hospitalized directly, saying that the fetus needs to be oxygen!

Because the situation in the Shenzhen epidemic situation is relatively Yan Jun, we will not let us leave that day, so that the hospitalization procedures are allowed and the family members are required to send the production needs!Because only children and the elderly come to the hospital at home are not convenient, I pleaded for a long time before the doctor agreed to go home to get what the production needs!

When the husband brought things, he put it directly to the security guard, and then bought some of the food and bought a few bottles of functional drinks!

When things got the hospital, the ward had been arranged properly, and then I signed a lot of documents with my husband and me. Probably the meaning of the fetus was urgent.Responsible for yourself!

Outbursties were arranged that afternoon (in my impression, the oxyte should be waiting for production after the needle), but this is not the case when oxytoculation, but a drip, and the doctor informed that it was not an oxytocin.It must be effective. Some people were born that day, and some people did not respond a few days!

I may belong to the latter. At about 2 pm that day, I started to get an oxytocin needle. Basically, there was basically no reaction to 9 pm that day (from 8 drops per minute to 22 drops per minute, there was no reaction.Drop calculation)!

I ate breakfast the next morning (click takeaway to prevent family members from sending meals, and takeaway from hospitalization to discharging), and starts to take an oxytocontical needle. From the original 8 drops to 28 drops, each of which starts to 28 drops.In minutes, the stomach began to hurt at more than 10 o’clock in the morning. Although it was painful, it was not very frequent, and there was no regular (when the needle produced, oxygen, fetal heart monitor has been monitoring), it didn’t take long after the latter, it didn’t last too longThe doctor checked in internal and said that he had two fingers, and informed the fetus in the stomach that was not very good.

So I gave a notification of artificial water breaking to let me and my husband understand first. During this period, my husband specifically asked some questions about artificial water breaking.If you are not born in 8 hours, you will have a cesarean section!

Don’t mention how uncomfortable it was at that time. The contraction was very painful for a while. I wanted to hear the doctor’s opinions. The doctor did not give a certain opinion.There are also people who don’t come down!

Later, I called the family to see the time when the cesarean section was the best.Yes, it is not credible!The family members are optimistic that it is best at 10 o’clock in the evening. During this period, her husband also contacted the doctor he knew before, but the opinion given by the doctor was also uncertain. Later, the husband query a lot of information, sayingIt may be relatively large, and one child is also given birth!

In the end, my husband told me his thoughts, so he held the mentality of gambling, agreed with the opinion of her husband, let the nurse stop the oxytocin, and directly find the doctor to inform the water to break the water!

The doctor asked for Chinese food first, and came to break the water artificially at about 11:30, so I ordered Chinese food, and her husband also got the red bulls in the delivery room. After eating the Chinese food, the doctor came over after a long time.The risk of artificial water breaking was made with my husband and I signed on the notification. After the signature, it was artificially broken by about 12 o’clock. (During this periodThe nurse strongly recommends that the second child does not need to fight, and painlessness has a certain effect on the fetus!) After breaking the water, the stomach began to hurt violently, which hurt for nearly an hour.The doctor entered the delivery room with drinks, urine, wet wet, and a child!

After entering the delivery room, I used it a few times on the delivery bed. I felt the baby’s crying cry in less than half an hour. The doctor took the doctor to confirm the gender of the fetus.Putting on the crib beside my bed (there is a difference from a child. When a child is born, the baby did not cry when he was born, or the doctor played the child’s feet, and the child started to cry. The first thing was to let the baby first first.After taking a few mouthfuls of milk, confirm the sex of the fetus, and then the sputum absorption and the printed)!

birth certificate

Due to the large fetus and the excessive force of the fetus, the perineal tears, the needle of more than half an hour is sewed.After stitching on the birth bed for more than 10 minutes, I was pushed to the corridor where the child was waiting for the house with the child. The doctor told us that we would have to stay here for 2 hours to return to our ward. (The moment I was pushed outI saw my husband standing at the door of the delivery room, and finally relieved in my heart, feeling unique) in the corridor waiting for the birth room several times, noise to eat milk several times, but the doctor told us that we can’t breastfeed now.You can feed it after I eat something. Listening to the crying of the child to eat milk, I ca n’t hold her to comfort her. Do n’t mention how uncomfortable it is. I just think about how slow it is to live in these two hours!

The baby who just got out of the delivery room

Later, when my husband cleaned up the stuff, he found that the functional drinks brought into the delivery room did not drink. I asked my doctor why I did not drink it. In fact, I calculated the time in the ward.There are only more than 20 minutes throughout the time, and there is no time to get a rush to drink at all.

At this time, when you think about the birth of a child, start from about 1 am at about 1 am, until about 4 am into the delivery room, and the painless delivery did not be born until the baby was born at one o’clock in the afternoon.If you have a tire, you may experience the legend, and you have a smooth turn!

The above is the entire process of second child production!

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