Recommended 3 high -quality post -wedding posts, "The mouth is the heart of the heart", "Saturday of Here", "Flower Ben"

1. "Mouth is wrong"

Author: Tiger

惟 Person: Lu Jiwei vs Meng Qing

This is the cutest bun in the text I have read buns.The author writes very well. He wrote the article into a real appearance. The characters are very three -dimensional, the cute son’s dependence on the mother, the relationship between the male and female masters, and the conversation are very comfortable!After reading this book, I really have a blew!IntersectionIntersectionHe has been looking for the same type of buns, and even He Zhiyao in "Who is the New Swallow" can’t match!

This novel is relatively bland and warm as a whole, but the text is very attractive. There is no plot of heart abuse and liver abuse in the romance, indicating that the author’s text skills are okay.At the beginning, the male and female masters have been married for several years, and the baby is also in the first grade.The female lead was on a business trip, but did not tell the male lead, but when the female client invited the female lead to eat, she happened to meet the male lead at the hotel, so she made up a table to eat.The story kicked off.

The male and female owners met before they fell in love. The female lead and the male mother and mother had a good relationship, but at this time the male lead had a girlfriend and later broke up.After graduating, the male lead buddies and the female lead and the female lead, but did not go, let the male lead go. In this way, the two established a relationship. After that, the female lead got married because of accidental pregnancy.During the pregnancy, the relationship between the two was also good, but when the heroine gave birth to the child, when the full moon wine, the male lead and his mother quarreled.The ex -girlfriend, the result was heard by the heroine.Since then, the heroine has been discouraged by the male lead, but she endured her children and told her to keep her heart in marriage.

The male owner starts a business in another city because of the family and has his own company.In this way, the two have been in different places for several years.In the past few years, the male lead may not have loved the heroine so much, so he did not realize that the female lead was wrong, but the female lead often took her son to find the male lead.why?Because the little buns wanted dad, the hostess took him to find his father every other time.Occasionally, the male lead knew that the heroine had the idea of divorce, and he had a close female lead outside. The heroine gave him a slap. The male lead finally realized that the heroine’s abnormality was.Feelings, so I started to chase my wife.Of course, it was not very long. The two said that they were a misunderstanding at that time. The two reconciled. The male lead also moved back from another city.

What impressed me most in this is particularly funny that the male lead and his son got along. He always liked to mess with a cub and loved him very much. He bought a excavator in the yard for his son. This is the excavator of each man.Dream, and the little buns are cute, like coquettishness, like to live in bed, do not like class, and fight with their dads.You will fall in love with him too!IntersectionIntersection

Putting a few cute little buns that I are impressed by it, this is just a few, and there are more exciting parts than this. Book friends are rushing!

2. "Saturday of He Ex -husband"

Author: grapefruit fleshy

Person: Ji Shu vs Zhongyu

This novel, the heroine is a web author. Many of the novels she wrote are based on the male lead.The male lead happened to be the owner of a film and television company, but because of the plagiarism of the heroine’s novel, the male main company bought the copyright remake of the book that plagiarized the heroine’s novel.The heroine quarreled with the male lead, and at this time the two had been married for two years. For some reasons, the relationship between the two had become stiff.Therefore, after the heroine quarreled, she proposed a divorce. The male lead recovered it successfully and agreed.After the divorce, the heroine found that she was pregnant. She wanted to be killed, but the male lead hoped that the female lead would give birth to the child. After knowing it, the male lead and mother came to ask the heroine to leave the child.The male and female mothers are good girlfriends. The male and female masters have occasionally met in high school, but they are not familiar with each other.Therefore, the male lead and mother for the female lead and the female mother’s mother, and let her leave this child. The main thing is that the heroine is not affectionate to the male lead, and she is not willing to kill it, so she gave birth to the child.

Therefore, at the beginning of the story, the heroine took the child to the hospital to see a doctor. At this time, the child was more than one year old. The female lead in the hospital could not take care of it.Dear and coaxing, because the heroine herself was sick, she fell asleep when she looked at the child. After the male lead came to the hospital to see, whether she was looking at a doctor or a child, she slept so fragrant!Ha ha ha ha.In fact, at this time, the relationship between the male and female lead began to ease because of the child’s reasons, because the female lead hated the male lead when the divorce was just divorced.The male lead occasionally see it once.As the child is big and has his own ideas, he quarrels all day to find his father. The male lead puts a lot of children’s favorite toys at home at home, causing her daughter to go home when she arrives at her father’s house.Moreover, her daughter’s temper was very bad. When she was sleeping, everyone couldn’t help it, and she asked her mother.The male lead obeyed his daughter and coaxed his daughter to take medicine. After half an hour, good words were successful.EssenceEssence

The hostess met a doctor when he saw a doctor. The two of them slowly came into contact and had the idea of going on, but because of a chance, the male lead was drunk.Hold back, the two fell asleep.EssenceEssenceAt this time, the second man was too frequent because the heroine and the ex -husband were too frequent, and they were unhappy to question the heroine. The heroine could have been rational, but because of the chaos after a drink, the male lead would lose her a boyfriend.Because they are adults, they have demand, and the two have inexplicably established the relationship between artillery friends.

The relationship between the two is becoming more and more harmonious. In fact, they have feelings of each other, only because of some misunderstandings that divorce.And the root of all this misunderstanding is the secretary of the male lead. This is the most clever primary three I have ever seen. Even the appearance of the male doctor was manipulated by the female No. 2.Because the female two liked the male lead from the beginning, the female second, regardless of her academic or looks good, but when the female second was preparing to confess, the male lead announced that he would get married.After marriage, all the contradictions of the male and female masters are manipulated by the female second -hand.The heroine is writing a novel, but she has an idol, who looks like the male lead. In fact, the two of them are relatives, but the heroine does not know. The heroine likes the star and the male lead.Knowing what’s going on, the male company began to circulate a rumor that the male lead was a stand -in. The male lead’s wife didn’t like him. He liked the star.In fact, this rumor was passed out by the male lead, because the female lead likes to find a ticket for the female second to meet the fans to meet this star.This is just a fuse. Later, the female lead’s novel was plagiarized, but the other party was bitten and said that the heroine was plagiarized. After that, the male company also bought the copyright adaptation of the novel., Very angry, go to the male lead theory, say that the male lead’s company’s remake of plagiarism works, and also accused the male lead of not helping her. In fact, the male lead did a lot silently. The heroine did not know.And all this was also from the hands of the second female. She bought a plagiarism book without authorization and did not tell the male lead.

As the relationship between the two people became better and better, after the two said, they complained their emotions. Occasionally, I knew that everything was misunderstanding that year, and they knew that everything was done by the female secretary.In order not to let the male and female lead reconcile.The misunderstanding was solved, the two reconciled, the sweeter than before. After the remarriage, the family of three was happy together.

3. "Huajian"

Author: Lan Sisi

Character: Shao Yun vs Sumanzhi

The name of this book is "Flower". There is no other meaning, that is, the heroine likes to raise flowers and opens a flower shop.The article is written in a backward method. The beginning is that the male and female owners have been married for many years. They have a cute daughter.However, at this time, the male lead saw that he was a dog scumbag. There were some Yingying Yanyan outside, and a card directly held by the male lead, buying flowers in the female lead shop, and signing the name of the male lead.Let the heroine see it, but the heroine puts it away expressionlessly.In fact, although the male lead is very scum, because he loves the female lead, the male lead knows that his love can’t respond, so he chose to indulge himself.

The hostess met a particularly high -quality male second in her flower shop (I wanted to make the male second upper in the early stage, and the man was furious).The heroine looks very beautiful. The male second goes to the store to buy flowers. At first sight, the female lead often patronizes. Once the heroine encountered a robbery and was rescued by the second man.In the process of communicating with the heroine, he saw that the heroine was unhappy in marriage and often cared about her. This made the heroine who was hurt in marriage to feel warmth and ripped in his heart, but he had not reached the level of love.So the love of the second man was indifferent.The second man later went abroad to find the female president. He was rejected by the heroine. The second man was sad and kissed the heroine.However, it happened to be seen by the male lead, which was so coincidental that it was also the fuse of the marriage between the two.

After the hostess returned, the two quarreled, the evil words were in each other, and they no longer decorated with peace.Finally, the heroine left home.The male leader sent her to her girlfriend’s house.The younger brother’s girlfriend and the heroine are good friends. She has always been curious why the heroine is indifferent to the derailment of the male lead.The hostess told her the secret between the two, and then began to remember.

The male and female masters met each other six years ago.Let him advise his sister to kill the child, but the male lead hid the sister to give birth to the child.The male lead does not like the heroine and sister. Because of his father, the male lead becomes a person without emotion. He may be a bit sympathetic to the heroine and sister and has no feelings.The heroine couldn’t find her sister, so she told the male lead’s father. The male lead father was more iron -hearted, found the heroine sister, and snatched the child directly. As a result, the heroine’s sister died unfortunately.The male lead hated the heroine, and the female lead hated herself, and felt sorry for her sister.In order to make up for their own faults, it is better to be good for children.The male lead and his father cut off the relationship between father and son and started his own business.There is no money and no place to live, and you have to bring a child who has just been full of moon, but he does not let the heroine get close to the child.The female lead was looking at the child every day while the male lead was not at the time. Occasionally, the male lead was discovered, but the baby and the heroine were particularly close to prevent others from bringing.The male lead is starting a business now, and the act of the heroine by defaults.The female lead took two years in this area. During the contact process, the male lead slowly fell in love with the heroine. With the pretext of letting the heroine always bring the child, he proposed to the female lead and agreed.After getting married, during the two, the male lead became more and more unable to bear himself, and had a relationship with the female lead.In this way, the relationship between the two became more and more sweet. LaterBecause my sister married herself, in fact, the heroine had fallen in love with the male lead.The two began the Cold War, and they could clearly say a word, but they suspected all day and knocked off the children. The last two divorced.

At the end of the memories, the male lead regretted it after the divorce, and the company was in crisis. The heroine could not bear it, and secretly helped the male lead. Finally, he invited a savior. I did not expect that the rescue was the original male second.The heroine also divorced, and the second male did not forget the heroine. The two were together.The male vinegar jar was overturned, and he came to harass the female lead (hahahahaha) every day.The heroine decided to go abroad and live a different life with the male second, but in the end, he was reluctant to be reluctant, and he was reluctant to be a male lead. The night before leaving, the male lead knew that the female lead went abroad and came to the female lead’s house.Papa.EssenceEssenceThe heroine was soft -hearted and gave up the male second. He was as good as the male lead. After remarriage, he gave birth to a little bully child like a male lead.

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