Recently, my friends around me have been pregnant, and see what I recommend to them, guarantee …

Alipay searches for luck.

Hello everyone.Let’s talk about a pregnant woman and newborn insurance I bought when I was pregnant.Why?Recently, several friends came to ask me if I had bought insurance during pregnancy, because they were pregnant, I wanted to ask me that I just bought a product during pregnancy, that is, Xing pregnant pregnant women and newborns insurance.I bought it on Alipay at the time. Alipay directly searched for Xing pregnant pregnant women and newborns insurance, and you can see it.

Why buy this product?I can tell you today, because friends who have watched my video before all know that I actually have some research on insurance, and I also bought a lot of insurance for my family.This pregnant woman’s insurance not only guarantees pregnant women, but also protects some of her baby before the age of one.This insurance is not limited to the pregnancy week, that is, it can be guaranteed after pregnancy. The guarantee age should be at 20-45 years old. Basically, you can be considered a maternal maternal in his 40s, and it can also be guaranteed.

The most important thing is the unlimited gestational week, because I compared many products before. Many product requirements must be bought after 12 weeks of pregnancy or 16 weeks of pregnancy, but this product can be detected as long as you detect pregnancy.You can buy it.Of course, you can’t buy it during your pregnancy. Only when a doctor checks blood or B -ultrasound, you can buy it after you are pregnant.

The price of the product is not expensive. I bought more than 300 yuan a year at the time. It was to ensure that I like gestational diabetes, preliminary eclampsia during pregnancy, and ectopic pregnancy. I think some of the more common problems can be guaranteed.Because I was gestational diabetes at the time, it also spent a lot of money to control sugar.

Other pregnant newborn guarantees the congenital diseases of 30 newborns. I don’t know much about how specific diseases are guaranteed, because my baby is healthy, and abortion is the premium that you have paid.The product is still better.That’s it today, bye.

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