Recalling the moment I am pregnant, I am still happy to cry …

The arrival of the baby is undoubtedly the biggest surprise from God to a family.When the little life suddenly came, as a father and mother, some moved, some were incredible, some cried with headache, and some even felt complicated.

These mothers and dads wrote down the feeling when they first knew that they had the baby. Sister Yu thought that everyone would be almost the same. I did not expect that everyone’s story was so interesting, but they were full of happiness ~

@Mocha: Two years after getting married, the contraceptive measures were removed and planned to be pregnant.My husband bought a box of pregnancy test paper for later use. On the day of the test paper, I opened it and took a look. I thought it was very cheap anyway. I tried it with one. I found that two bars showed two bars.I think it is impossible. I thought that the pregnancy test stick bought by her husband was a fake, so he also tried to try one. As a result, he tried only one line.I was so inexplicable, and everything was just beginning to prepare, and he came.

If you are liberalizing, can you share your contraceptive measures ~ The effect is good ~

@: I was pregnant for a year with my husband for a year. At that time, I didn’t plan to conceive. I knew that when I was pregnant, I was surprised. This reflected that I was a woman. I can do it.Suffering such a great thing, surprise, amazing, surprise!Intersection~

Although the most scientific preparing for pregnancy in advance, this accident is actually the most surprising ~ Is there a wood?

@: For more than two months of marriage, my aunt was more than ten days late, and ran to the pharmacy with her husband to buy two pregnancy test sticks.I said with a shallow one, and I did not read the manual carefully.I don’t know if he is curious or out of intuition, he must look at the stick by himself.Then he said that the instructions said that the depth of one was pregnant, and then he laughed like a silly lack.

You never know the first and unexpected first, unless you are pregnant!Is there a one of the lemon?

@: I was doubtful for a few days, and people were dizzy like a cold. I thought it was postponed by my aunt. At night, I scared me. Why is it so fast?I did n’t believe it. I dared to tell my husband the next morning that I had n’t got married at that time, and I was married later.Until now, her husband is still proud, saying that nothing is difficult to pour him, it is shameless.

right!Just make a shame, he broadcasts at most, and it depends on us if you do not sprout/do not result.

@: After seeing the second bars, I yelled at my husband’s name and was shocked to the husband who was ready to go out to buy vegetables. Then I sat on the toilet and held someone’s waist and cried.I don’t know for Mao, maybe I feel that I can’t be a little girl who can no longer be honest ~

No!If you are a girl, you will be coquettish together; if you are a kid, there will be two men to protect you.

@Sheri: I still cried when I first knew it, because I did n’t really like children in myself, and when I thought of life, there was an inexplicable concern, and there was an inexplicable sadness … The prodigal son can never be led again without led the lead.The rigid waves … were bleeding when they were born, which scared the whole family.But when I saw my baby, I felt willing to hold him in this life, and never wanted to wave anymore.

For children, they can change their personality, and they can go to the ghost gate without hesitation. Mother is sometimes so great!

@simida: My wife asked to buy a pregnancy test stick that day, saying that her aunt was postponed for seven days. It was very late. I still wore clothes for a long time to buy it.I don’t remember what my wife said, she laughed, and then she reacted.I didn’t dare to sleep all night. I opened a light and stared at my wife’s stomach (actually the quilt) and kept looking at it. She continued to laugh like a fool.

It can be seen that you are a good husband, and you must be a good dad in the future. Remember that many people will guard in the future ~

No matter what the mood at that time, the memory is still fresh now. After all, the big things in this life will give you a different feeling ~

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