Recall the pregnant October who hasn’t unloaded the goods

I belong to a pregnant mother who is relatively self -free. During pregnancy, I should eat, drink, drink, and play.Let’s describe the experience according to the pregnancy week.

At first, I found that I was pregnant on the Saturday morning, the purpose of pregnancy testing was mainly because the company went abroad for a collective travel abroad two days later. Packing my luggage and pondering whether to bring my aunt towel, it seems that there have been two months.Sometimes it is very chaotic and sometimes closed summer, so I didn’t care at all. I took out the giving test that had fallen into the ash. Two red double bars appeared. Hurry to call her husband … and he thought that the toilet paper in the bathroom was used.He is here to send …

Then we went to the hospital for an examination. B -ultrasound showed that there was no germ, let alone the fetal heart, said that he had to wait for about ten days before checking it, so … go home and continue to clean up his luggage … Although you are pregnant, you can not give up when traveling.IntersectionAt that time, it should be about 7 weeks of pregnancy. After a few days in Cambodia, I came back for a few days and reassured for a week. The day before the 11th holiday, I went to do B -ultrasound to confirm that I had germ and fetal heart, so … officially unlocked it.Pregnant buff!

(There is no germ B ultrasound-6 weeks of pregnancy+2 days)

(Confirm the B ultrasound of the germ-8 weeks of pregnancy+2 days)

I just discovered that the baby is particularly happy, but often the germ is late, and it is inevitable to worry about the new mothers, but most babies will develop normally. Sometimes it may be because the holiday cycle is not allowed, so it is temporary pregnancy.Zhou is still unable to determine that of course the baby is still young.Don’t be nervous in your mother’s heart, just wait peacefully.Speak a word to encourage each other online for mothers waiting for germs: believe in your baby!

Take me as an example. The last example is July 14th. It was found that pregnancy was September 16th, and the germ and fetal heart were not available until September 30.The doctor re -calculated my pregnancy weeks, and let me remember that August 5th was the last holiday, so the baby had the fetal heart in about 8 weeks.Of course, this depends on what the doctors say, and some doctors are calculated according to the normal cycle, and then the baby is small. For example, I have normal values. The doctor said that my baby was 15 days younger, and he also prescribed me progesterone and tire medicine.After changing a hospital and a doctor, calculate it according to my long physiological cycle, so that it is in line with the situation of the gestational week. I will not feel that the baby is too large or small.

Throughout the pregnancy, I travel to travel, goes too much, and eat a lot of so -called taboos during pregnancy. How do I say, the physique of pregnancy see the individual, food is fresh and healthy.I have no pregnancy at all. The placenta is low during the NT examination in 11 weeks. I just need to rest on the activity. I do n’t go out to walk away except for normal work.He fell asleep.

(Low placenta B-ultrasound-15 weeks of pregnancy)

Several pregnant mothers have a low placenta in the pregnancy test. I also did the placenta until I performed a large row of deformed examinations until 23 weeks+5 days.Generally speaking, you don’t have to worry. If you don’t worry, you can let the doctor write a rest and go home to bed.The placenta may also become the risk of front placenta, which is more serious.

Donald screening was performed at 15 weeks of pregnancy, and it was also OK. When encountering problems in the hospital, mothers needed additional examination confirmation. Although the amniotic fluid puncture is cheap, there is a risk of infection. Generally, mothers will choose to do painless examination., But the price is more expensive.

(Donald screening results map)

In the middle and late stages, as the fetus grows, the placenta is not low. There are no other symptoms except the stomach feels blocked. It is more embarrassing that I start to snort when I sleep, and sometimes I can wake myself …

23 weeks+5 days When you do big deformed examinations, some babies do not cooperate with some mothers spend one afternoon in the hospital, and there are many people who do B -ultrasound themselves.I rushed to line up in the afternoon, and the baby cooperated very well during the examination. I completed the inspection in fifteen minutes, which made me very pleased …

(3D 排 3D map)

24 weeks of pregnancy+5 days of sugar resistance, high blood glucose, 1 hour after meal and 2 hours after meals.Therefore, the staple food therapy of coarse grains was turned on to control. There is a blood glucose tester at home. It was originally bought to prepare for the parents. I did not expect to be pregnant.There are more than a dozen holes, and the keyboards are faintly painful.Later, the doctor said that I did not need to measure blood sugar every day. Test two hours a week and two hours after a meal … I ate Japanese materials (only cooked), Pizza Hut, hot pot, KFC, cold drinks, cold drinks, cold drinks, cold drinks, cold drinks, cold drinks, cold drinks, cold drinks, cold drinks, cold drinks, cold drinks, cold drinks, cold drinks, cold drinksThe series include snow top, Starbucks, various ice cream, Manchu, Sprite, milk tea … It feels like a junk food has fallen, and there are various curry spices in Cambodia during the tour … As for the amniotic fluid, I have always been in the normal range. IfToo little amniotic fluid or wants to make amniotic fluid clear, drink soy milk and coconut green in moderation, yes, it is the big green coconut sold by the fruit supermarket. The one that can eat coconut meat after prying open the shell and drinking coconut juice!

In the later period, every mother will pay special attention to the baby’s weight and double -top diameter. My baby’s double diameter has always been large. At 34 weeks of pregnancy, the B -ultrasound measures the double -top diameter, the head circumference is matched with the 37 weeks. At 38 weeks+6 days, the last B -ultrasound forgot to take photos. Remember that the double -top diameter is greater than 100mm. The doctor estimates about 7 catties.Attach the picture, make a comparison reference for pregnant mothers.

(30 weeks of B -ultrasound)

(34 weeks of pregnancy+5 days B ultrasound)

in conclusion:

1. Dietary diet is not very harsh, including cold drinks, sweets, etc. can actually try a little, but if you have high blood sugar or pregnant mothers with uncomfortable stomach, it is best not to eat randomly.

2. Whether it is a staple food or fruit snacks, change the pattern, don’t stare for a long time, don’t eat too much diet.

3. In addition to the low placenta, it takes a little bit, it is best to maintain a certain amount of exercise in the middle and late stages to control the growth of weight.Now the living conditions are good. The children are basically more than seven pounds. I envy those baby who are about six pounds.

Regarding folic acid, I did not prepare for pregnancy, so I didn’t take it before pregnancy. The doctor said that I had to eat it every day. I have eaten three types of folic acid. The first is Jamieson bodybuilding folic acid, and the second is Japan’s Unimatriken Zoo series iron+folic acid grapesThe third type is the Kingsley of the hospital.These were all a friend who was pregnant at the same time, because she vomited as soon as she ate folic acid … After changing a few tricks, she still vomited …

In the last month of the pregnancy cycle, my lower body was swollen, my lower legs to the foot were swollen, and the quality of sleep was getting worse and worse. The B -ultrasound was estimated to be the gestational week.I cut it out that day.Because I was in a hurry, I forgot to tell the doctor that it was not much expensive to use the absorbable beauty line. It was not much expensive. The scar hyperplasia was really terrible.Horizontal knife, okay, please mention an ancient vertical cut.

Let’s talk about weight changes. Before the marriage, 88-90 pounds were lingering, about 92-94 catties after marriage, about 97 catties before pregnancy, about 142 pounds on the day of dissection, 122 pounds on the day of discharge, 103-105 when the baby was two months old, 103-105 catty.After four months of maternity leave, 102 pounds are closed. Now the baby is four years old and weighs around 108 … I don’t have less than a hundred anyway anyway … I feel that staying up late breastfeeding is really energy and energy.The hair loss was also taken off. When I took a bath, I touched my head. The fingertips were wrapped around my hair. I cried while taking a bath, feeling that I was bald.Do not lose weight during confinement. After all, you are still a baby’s grandmother.

The above are all personal experience sharing. I want to write it up to the expectant mothers, and I also remember the beautiful time of pregnancy.Pregnancy is a particularly happy thing. Don’t stress too much. No matter what mentality you encounter, it is the most important thing.After all, pregnancy is not the most tiring, breast milk is really tempering!

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