Really stunned!Haining’s baby was born with her mother’s birth ring when she was born!

Recently, Haining People’s Hospital

There is a new baby

Bring a "little thing" at birth!Intersection

It’s actually in my mother’s body


Oh my god!It’s really shocked this time!

"Want to kill me? It’s not so easy!"

Recently, the obstetrics and gynecology department of Haining People’s Hospital was born.It is understood that the baby has a caesarean section and weighs about 5 pounds.Although it is many days earlier than the due date, various signs are normal.

But!The point is!After the doctor took out the baby, he found that there was a small ring -shaped object in the mother’s uterus, which flowed out along the placenta.Take a closer look, it turned out to be a breeding ring!Intersection

The baby must be thinking about it: Small!Want to destroy me in this gadget?IntersectionNot so easy!Haha ~

Why did I get on the birth ring or pregnant?

Babies born with the birth ring, Chachaojun is also the first time I heard.So, there is a birth ring in my mother’s body.And can it be healthy?

Dr. Ling Lin, deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Haining People’s Hospital, told Chachaojun that there are many reasons that will lead to the situation of ring conception.

Under normal circumstances, the birth ring in the uterine cavity should be located at the bottom of the uterus.If the model of the birth ring does not match the size and shape of the uterine cavity, the uterine cavity is too large, and the support of the birthplasia material is insufficient, it will cause the position of the birth ring to move downward, and it will not be able to play the role of contraception normally.The remaining space is available in the bed, causing a ring to conceive.

In addition, due to the shrinkage or other reasons of the uterus, the nursery is embedded in the uterine muscle wall or abnormal level to the uterine cavity. If the cavity or abdominal cavity, the birth ring cannot play the role of contraception normally, and it may also cause the ring to conceive.

For the uterus, the birth ring is a "foreign foreign body".As soon as the ruming rings, the uterus will have a "rejection" effect on it, that is, the shrinkage of the uterus.If the heavy physical strength of the heavy object or the increase in abdominal pressure after the onh ring, the long time of the squatting stool, the amount of menstrual flow, the inner mouth of the uterine, and other reasons, coupled with the contraction of the uterusMove or fall off, causing the ring to conceive and contraception failure.

So how does this baby defeat the birth ring?

It is understood that the main principle of the breeding ring work is to change the environment in the uterine cavity without conducive to fertilized eggs, which affects the mobility of sperm and the movement of eggs in the fallopian tube, thereby achieving the purpose of contraception. The success rate can reach more than 94%!But do not rule out the possibility of getting pregnant after the ring!

Dr. Ling Lin, deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Haining People’s Hospital, learned that in fact, the mother who was pregnant with a ring before was pregnant.Chance.Dr. Ling Lin said: "I have encountered a case of ringing with a ring before, and many of them have chosen an artificial abortion and a loop. Of course, there are accidental factors."

Dr. Ling Lin also said that in the past 20 years, Haining People’s Hospital has also received two babies who have been born with healthy and healthy. Therefore, the probability is extremely low!It seems that the baby’s defeat of the breeding device is purely "pregnancy"!

Although the ending of this incident is very complete, Chachaojun must wake up the sisters of the Sheung Wan:

1: Check after the ring: 1, 3, 6, and December after the loop is put on the ring; check once a year after a year until the period of use.Observe whether there are adverse reactions and whether the ring is normal after the loop release.If there is a mild discomfort, it can generally be solved by drug treatment.If the adverse reaction is serious, consider taking out the inner ring of the palace if necessary.

2: The Shekuan is not 100%contraception: if there is menopause or irregular menstruation, you still need to go to the hospital in time to exclude the ring of pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy.

Oh God

Chachaojun is really eye -catching today

For the first time I heard that the baby born with a ring!

Others say

"I stood out from 1.3 billion compatriots that year."

This little baby smiled slightly

"What is this

I didn’t stop me!

I not only came out, but also pulled a ring!"

Hahaha ~

Just rush your baby you

Chachaojun also wants to poke you a thumb

I also hope this baby

Can grow up healthy and happy ~~

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