Really "ghosts"?Is the UAE flight attendant telling the ghost when flying, is it true?

"Don’t look back! There are ghosts!" Most of these similar lines come from horror movies.Once these statements appear in the film, with weird music, it is easy to scare the audience a cold sweat.Of course, the protagonists in these horror movies are of course indispensable for a few unique and shocking ghosts.

Jumping out of the video, in real life, many people believe that there are really "ghosts" in the world.

According to legend, ghosts have lived in some remote, abandoned old houses or uninhabited old castles for a long time.Some bold ghost enthusiasts also formed a "ghost team", which sneaked into the dark place to explore.Unfortunately, no one can come up with substantial evidence about ghosts so far.With the development of technology today, have anyone seen ghosts?Is there a ghost in the world?

Sandra Kwon, a stewardess, who had worked at the UAE airline, declared that she had encountered ghosts on the plane!Sandra is 38 years old and likes to release various scenarios on the foreign version of Douyin.In the recently released video, she drew the whole process of seeing ghosts.

During a night flight, Sandra noticed that a couple had never eaten or drinked.For professional care, she stepped forward to ask if a wife who did not sleep needs to provide catering.At first, the wife said that she did not need it, and reminded her husband to be busy, exhausted, and did not want to disturb his rest.Later, he took the initiative to say to the stewardess that he was a bit cold and needed a blanket. At the same time, he hoped that after his husband woke up, he would provide him with green tea with milk and sugar.

Unexpectedly, when the stewardess woke up with a glass of green tea as required, the husband stunned.He said that this is my favorite taste, only his wife knows.The stewardess said that this was required by his wife.The husband said emotionally that his wife died a week ago, and now the corpse is checked in the cabin.At this point, the stewardess was surprised to find that the wife had long been seen.Could it be said that the stewardess met the "ghost" of the dead wife?

As soon as this video came out, it immediately attracted the praise and comments of a large number of foreign netizens.Some netizens are convinced of this story, and said that the back of the back is cool and terrible.There are also calm netizens questioning that the words of the stewardess alone cannot be fully believed.So, is this true?

Ghost, the full name is ghost, it is said that people will become ghosts after death.Ghost has a long history, and almost all over the world exists in legends.It is worth noting that when there are some unprepared phenomena that occur, people are more inclined to identify "this is ghost."

In our country, the early Confucianism believed that the ghosts and gods in the ancestors were actually the souls of the ancestors, and they were respected as ghosts and gods after their death.The feudal superstition will render the mysterious colors and even evolve into a master who specializes in "exorcising ghosts".

In addition, most ghost stories like to shape the image of a evil ghost who is unwilling to leave after his death and hate, and staying on the world.Therefore, many people will be afraid of ghosts.

However, ghosts can also be subdivided into evil ghosts and good ghosts.The understanding of culture in different regions is very different.For example, Koreans who shoot lyric and romantic Korean dramas believe that ghosts can be "good ghosts".

In the TV series "Hello, Goodbye, Mom", the goddess -level actor Kim Tae Hee plays a female ghost, telling that a pregnant mother encountered a car accident during the birthday of her labor.Therefore, her child can see ghosts from an early age, but she is not afraid of ghosts at all.From this point of view, the flight attendant’s flight attendant also met a kind ghost.

According to the steward of the stewardess, this incident occurred on a closed aircraft cabin, and it was a "red eye flight" late at night.Most passengers will choose to rest while flying at night, and the cabin will adjust dark lights.Such an environment seems to be an excellent time to meet a ghost.Referring to the description of horror movies and novels, when the plane is flying at high altitude, the cabin is dark and there are fewer passengers, the probability of ghosts will appear on the air seat to conduct a series of activities.

However, is this story intentionally compiled by the stewardess according to the movie plot?

Let’s take a look at how science explains the phenomenon of ghosts.Many people mistakenly think that they have seen ghosts, but they are actually their illusion.Medical interpretation is the instantaneous discharge of the cerebral cortex or the phenomenon of mistakes, which means that there is a memory cache area in the brain, which will store some things and scenes that have been seen.When the scene in front of the eyes is re -closed, the cache area will release historical memories, making us feel that the scene is reappeared.

Therefore, when people see the dark scene, the brain will automatically release the scene of ghosts in related TV series, plus some psychological suggestions that make us feel that we really see ghosts.

In addition, in life, many people have experienced the phenomenon of "ghost bed".I have also experienced it.After working overtime and staying up late, I finally waited for a rest day.So I planted it on the bed and slept deeply, my brain was awake, but my body couldn’t move. It seemed that the ghost was pressed on my body, making me unable to get away.However, there is no ghostly pressed on a person, but the adverse reaction of the body under extreme fatigue, stress, and depression and anxiety.Professional term is sleep paralysis, and severe cases need to seek medical treatment in time.

In 2003, the American "Nature" magazine published a paper about soul.The main point of view is that the human soul is generated by the specific cells of the brain, that is, the human "soul cells", and the soul or consciousness is generated by these cells.Therefore, after the death, the brain cells died, and the consciousness and soul disappeared.Then, of course, the soul independent of the body does not exist, that is, there is no "ghost" in the world.

Through the above explanation of ghosts, we will review this UAE incident.From beginning to end, this video is just a stewardess Sandra alone.At that time, there must be no stewardess on the plane. Why did there is no testimony of the stewardess of the same flight or passengers of the adjacent seats?

In addition, this stewardess is currently a professional net celebrity blogger.As a qualified Internet celebrity, it requires traffic blogging.In order to attract fans, many people do not hesitate to make exaggerated stories.Therefore, when she got too much attention and controversy, because of the pressure of all parties, she finally admitted that this was just writing a story.

However, many people still choose to believe this video and believe that there are really ghosts in the world.After all, the original intention of this story reflects the thoughts of the dead wife for her husband.If a person dies, it will become a ghost, maybe it is a sustenance of the feelings of the old man in a sense.Is there really a ghost in this world?What do you think?Discuss together in the comment area.

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Author: Awen School Manuscript Editor: W

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