Real story: Chongqing 40 -year -old man has a big belly for 30 years, abdominal pain is hard to bear to give birth to a stranger, doctors call it rare

Man’s big belly

The man is 40 years old and he lives in a small village in Chongqing.

Like ordinary men, he was married in the year of not confused, and his wife gave him a cute son.

However, he is different because he has been in his belly for 30 years.

This big belly is different from the "big belly" when getting fat. His belly shape is more like a woman’s pregnancy, so he has been laughed at "pregnant" by the villagers since childhood.

Unexpectedly, when he was 40 years old, after a drama pain, he really gave birth to a "blame".

Man’s big belly

In the Journey to the West, the monks and apprentices of the Tang Dynasty were pregnant through the water of the daughter’s country, and they were pregnant. However, this was just a fictional thing in literary works.

Back to reality, even if medicine is so developed now, it is impossible for men to have children.

But this man really gave birth to a "fetus", with hands, feet and hair, and even doctors were rare.

How can men give birth to children?Still after 30 years of "breeding process", what is going on?

What is the "strange fetus" given?

Tang monk and apprentice drink down the mother river water

In a small village in Dongxi Town, Chongqing.

This small village is remote and far from town.

Although the people in the village are not very wealthy, the village is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the environment is very good. However, a terrible thing happened here.

There is a man in the village called Pu Deqiang. He is a lean guy, but he has a round belly, shape like a woman’s pregnancy.

So the villagers are laughing at him and said, "Pu Deqiang is pregnant!"

Men are holding their stomachs

But he was not like this when he was a child. He was flat and very healthy in his childhood.

So when did his stomach start to get bigger?

In his childhood, Pu Deqiang, like other children, is naive and cute, and also loves to play and jumps. He has a lively personality.

The only thing that is different from other children is that he has a great appetite. He can eat three bowls of rice in a meal, so his stomach is always rolling.

At the beginning, everyone didn’t feel strange. Children were energetic and normal, so everyone didn’t care.

Even if he noticed that everyone thought that his stomach was fat, and there were many obese people in the village.

However, the neighbors found that the child’s belly was unusual.


For those who are fatter, the corresponding limbs will be thicker.

However, Pu Deqiang had a large stomach, his limbs were very slender and thin, and it looked very uncoordinated.

And with the increase of age, Pu Deqiang’s stomach not only continued, but became bigger and bigger.

According to common sense, men’s work is very laborious and should not have such a big belly.

So rumors began to appear in the small village. I don’t know who joked first and said, "Pu Deqiang may be pregnant!"

Everyone knows that men can’t get pregnant, so they didn’t take it seriously, but they just started to interest when they saw him.

The villagers did not expect that they even said a word, but it was all later.

The doctor is checking the belly

Later, Pu Daqiang reached the age of marriage. Because of the big belly, no girl in the village wanted to marry him.

So after being introduced by relatives, he met a girl in the neighboring village. The girl was named Zhao Mingliang.

She was kind and did not dislike his belly. It didn’t take long for the two to get married, and the day after marriage was very happy.

But the rumors about him in the village stopped because he got married and had children.

Pu Deqiang knew that his body was really different from ordinary people, so when others laughed at him, he never argued.

However, the rumor still invaded Pu Deqiang’s heart. He was laughed at by the villagers for a long time, and Pu Deqiang’s psychology gradually changed.

He began to become inferior and silent, and slowly didn’t go out, and refused to speak with people in the same village.

The villagers laughed at others

Although he was ridiculed by the people in the same village to make Pu Deqiang very uncomfortable, he still believed that it was impossible for men to get pregnant.

Unexpectedly, he was not so sure a few days later.

Maybe men can really get pregnant?

"Child" in the belly

One afternoon, as usual, Pu Deqiang came back to the farm work and was walking on the road.

The abdomen suddenly felt a pain in his heart, so painful that he couldn’t stand his waist, and finally he could only lie on the ground and curled up painfully.

The neighbor came back to the ground and saw him lying on the road, and quickly carried Pu Deqiang to send him to the hospital.

At the same time, the villagers heard that his stomach was so painful that he had rolled up and had new rumors. Originally, the villagers were rumored that "Pu Deqiang was pregnant". At this time, everyone was more convinced of this idea.

"Pu Diqiang is pregnant. His stomach pain may be born." Everyone said.

Villagers are guessing randomly

What’s even more exaggerated is that villagers who love to see the lively also ran to the hospital to see Pu Diqiang gave birth to children.

After Pu Deqiang entered the hospital, the doctor started an examination on him, and the diagnosis results showed:

The organs in the patient’s body are not in normal positions. Instead, they move closer to one side due to the "big belly". The entire form and distribution are very similar to the displacement of women after pregnancy.

Because of the overwhelming pain, Pu Deqiang passed out, and the doctor decided to wait for him to be awake before doing a more detailed examination.

However, what the doctor didn’t expect was that when they decided to check again, they found that the bed was empty.

The nurse did not find the hospital, and this strange patient was gone.

Doctors can’t find a patient

It turned out that Pu Deqiang left the hospital after he was awake.

Pu Deqiang is just a farmer. The family is poor and white.

Thinking about it, he left the hospital himself.

After returning home, he was very scared. This time his stomach pain made him doubt that he really had a child in his belly?

His wife stared at his stomach worried all day and persuaded him to go to see a doctor. He thought about obeying his wife’s suggestion.

Find a doctor in the hospital

At the hospital, the doctor suggested that he do a B -ultrasound. He did not expect this to do the B -ultrasound, which confirmed that Pu Deqiang’s inner thought was confirmed.

The B -ultrasound shows that Pu Deqiang’s stomach does have "things"!A large white object appeared on the display.

Is Pu Deqiang really pregnant?Can men really get pregnant?

The doctor also said that it was incredible that men could not get pregnant. He suggested that patients do a CT examination to understand the condition more clearly.

However, he escaped again, because he was very scared inside, and he was afraid that the results of the inspection confirmed the inner guess.

He and his wife went home again.

Doctor explained the results of the examination

Unexpectedly, after a few days, my stomach began to hurt violently, so I had to return to the hospital to obey the doctor’s advice and did a CT examination.

The results showed that there were hairs and hands and feet that were only available on the white objects in Pu Deqiang’s belly.

This result really surprised the doctor. They didn’t know how to define this "thing".

But Pu Diqiang’s situation is very dangerous and must perform surgery immediately.

When he heard the doctor, Pu Deqiang hesitated, he didn’t know if he wanted to perform surgery.

The man obeys the doctor’s words

On the one hand, he was very worried about finishing surgery. The doctor really took out a "fetus" from his body, so the people in the village had to intensify and said him.

On the other hand, because of economic reasons, Pu Deqiang’s family could not make up 1,000 yuan in surgical fees anyway.

So he rejected the doctor’s suggestion and was ready to go home.

Considering the situation of Pu Deqiang, the hospital decided to give him exemption costs, while studying him as a case.

The doctor is meeting

Facing a special case such as Pu Deqiang, the hospital convened experts to analyze it in detail, formulated a strict surgical plan, and finally pushed Pu Deqiang into the operating room.

This surgery was done for a full day, and finally took out the patient’s stomach, and the doctor announced the successful surgery.

Look at the "thing" taken, what is it?

This white "unknown" weighs 9 pounds, which is heavier than the newborn baby.

Doctor meeting

The most surprising thing is its shape. It has grown with human limbs and hair, and it looks very much like a developmental defective baby.

Is the "white object" in Pu Deqiang’s stomach really a child?He really gave birth to a child?

The hospital tested this, and the truth gradually surfaced, and it also became a secret that plagued the Pu Deqiang family for many years.

The real result is not as good as the villagers say that "Pu Deqiang gave birth to a strange fetus", and his "birth" "strange will" is actually a kind of teratoma.

Abnormal tumor

What is teratoma?According to doctors, it is a physiological disease.

This disease is very rare, just like its name, it is a kind of tumor.

The difference is that its shape is very similar to that of a baby, so it looks like a "blame".

It is caused by cell mutation hyperplasia. Over time, it will slowly grow, so the patient’s belly looks like pregnant.

After removing the tumor, Pu Deqiang’s belly slowly returned to normal, and the rumors about him in the village gradually dissipated. The Pu family, who was tortured by strange diseases and rumors for more than 30 years, finally recovered.

Pu Deqiang

Physiological point of view, it is impossible for men to have children with children, at least the current medical level cannot be reached.

But when a phenomenon makes people unable to explain, various rumors will appear.

Because Pu Diqiang’s sick villagers have not seen it, it is easy to enter the misunderstanding.

Pu Deqiang’s story tells us that, first of all, we must believe in science, do not spread and spread rumors, and do not use ignorance as a weapon that hurts others and be a kind person.

If you are sick, you must choose to go to the hospital for examination.


Shakespeare said:

"Don’t insult the truth you don’t know, otherwise you will compensate your past with the danger of life."

Therefore, we need to learn more, closer to truth and science, don’t let ignition of our minds.

It is hoped that people who have the same unfortunate "strange disease" as Pu Deqiang can get treatment as soon as possible and recover your health as soon as possible!

I also hope that healthy people can give these unfortunate people more care, make the world better and pure, and make the world warm!

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