Real incident adaptation: 70 -year -old couple indulge himself, causing his wife to get pregnant accidentally

(The first child born at the age of 70) This is an adaptation of a real event. As soon as this movie was broadcast, it caused a lot of controversy. It felt like to give me a child.The incident of having a child is a sound of opposition. In this way, I just want to emphasize that women are qualified to have children. First of allIn anyone, no one dares to guarantee that no one dares to guarantee that the children who have suffered from a young age still suffer.We human beings have no ability to determine life and death. After all, you will never know tomorrow and accidents. Which one comes first, you can judge the stages of pregnancy. If you have no children for most of your life, you will suddenly get pregnant at the old and rare elderly.In doubt, you have to give birth to a child, don’t care about anyone’s eyes, because others can not experience the happiness in your heart.

Or someone starts to refute. They are all 70 years old. They have a child in a few years and fart. Is it not suffering to leave the child in the world?I still have room for refutation in this case, and I can’t agree. First of all, the children of the rich people have the guardian of their loved ones, and he (she) will feel that he is happy?This is a surface image.If you just ask for it, you feel unhappy no matter how much you have. If you cherish the present, you can eat meals, you can feel a gift alive.The plot is introduced below. Lao Ma bought two boxes of pregnancy test sticks in the supermarket. At this moment, he was 65 years old. He bought it home for 70 -year -old wife.When I watched, the old horse took off the old flower mirror and observed carefully and carefully. There were indeed two bars on it, which clearly said that his wife was pregnant.But the old horse meant that he was very long. He only said one sentence and changed another try. Obviously, he was not welcome to this sudden baby, but his wife held back her emotions to explain to her husband. How many results were tested are the same. I was really pregnant.

Lao Ma looked at his wife in shock, and couldn’t believe it. The indulgence of two months ago actually caused a big disaster and made the 70 -year -old wife pregnant. The old horse was true when he saw it. He first confirmed that he confirmed thatWhether his wife has dementia, why is he talking nonsense, because he is just a kind of auxiliary for the pregnancy test stick, and he does not take it seriously at all.Lao Ma tentatively asked his wife’s difficult questions, and see if his wife can answer it?The hateful thing is that his wife is very sober, back upside down. When he saw this scene, the old horse began to panic. He quickly went to the Internet to find the information to see the woman’s latest pregnancy age. Seeing the content of the information, the old horse finally let go of it because of the above because the above was because of the aboveI wrote that the age of 30 is an elderly mother, and there is no possibility of pregnancy at the age of 70.But Lao Ma was still unhappy. The next day he went to the supermarket and went straight to the pregnancy test area. You could go home. The wife tested two bars. It seems that they must go to the hospital for examination.Knowing whether he was really pregnant, the old couple couldn’t afford this person, so I walked on a remote path and went to a small clinic. After examination, the doctor was dumbfounded. He looked at the instrument.One sentence, really there.

Lao Ma asked anxiously, is it a tumor?The doctor quickly answered that it was the fetus, and it was almost ten weeks, but looked back at them. The doctor was a little serious.Those who are so pregnant are more attention and go to a large hospital for a comprehensive examination, which is more confident.The two walked home on their way home. The husband was serious, and his wife was as sweet as eating honey, as if she was like a young mother, with sunshine and energetic, because this was the first child in their lives.Don’t look at their age, it will also become a novice parent.

But Lao Ma was sad to overcome this level. He was afraid that the eyes of the world to overwhelm the public opinion. After all, a child was a controversial topic. He didn’t want to be pointed out.Soon the two came to a large hospital. The doctor explained in detail the fetal condition, and even the development of height and weight. He also talked about it. When the doctor said congratulations, his wife was moved.I know how happy this child’s wife is.

The next day, the wife went to work. It felt that her body was not as good as before. She was tired and exhausted a little bit, and she was weak. She was always disgusting. Therefore, she directly handed over the letter of resignation to the leader. The reason given was pregnant.After a few days, my friend suddenly came to the house because he heard his colleague say that Xiao Ai fainted when he went to work time, and his friend was not assured, so I came to see that Xiao Ai knew that Jenny was his own friend, so he took out the B -ultrasound and told the other party to tell the other party.I was pregnant. My friend thought Xiao Ai laughed.But she looked at her friend’s expression seriously, and her friend immediately looked anxious. She began to teach Xiao Ai as a leader, saying that she was irresponsible.When the child was born, he (she) was 10 years old, you were 80 years old. When the child was 20 years old, you were 90 years old. So, can you live for so long?Even if you can live long, you will only be the burden of your child at that time, and you ca n’t help the child at all.

Listening to her friends, Xiao Ai’s heart began to shake. She has always been immersed in the dream of being a mother. She has forgotten that she is 70 years old. If we have a child, we will take care of the child.This wave of Wei Ping rose another wave, and the brother who was far away in the country also knew at this time. He rushed over the train overnight. He was 10 years older than Xiao Ai. He was 80 years old this year.Xiao Ai felt very sorry.But the elder brother had a cold face from entering the door. He opened the door to see the mountain and let his sister kill the child. He also said that he was still a child when he was old.Not messy, afraid that the younger sister will lose, the child will let the brother’s family raise it.In the end, he also took the society to suppress Xiao Ai. In case of the gossip paparazzi, he knew that he was on the headline and on TV, and Xiao Ai’s mother’s family would also be affected.This farce happened.

When my brother said it was not ashamed, the old horse couldn’t hear it anymore. He walked straight out and stood behind his wife, saying that we were born, you can rest assured, we will not affect the children’s fact, Lao Ma had thought about not this child, because he knew there must be different voices, but he never thought of being so serious. He regarded the old children of the old life as a heterogeneity.Horse cannot accept.The two have no children in their lives. When they are nearly old, the child does not ask for it. Xiao Ai feels that it is the baby God gave her, and the old horse saw the wife in the hospital in the hospital.It was his first time as a dad. No one would experience his inner joy. He began to look forward to the baby’s arrival. If it is true as the world wishes, it doesn’t matter if the child is killed.A second time in him.

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