Real case recording series: How to tell her husband who concealed the history of marriage?

Consultant Wen Fang, female, 32 years old, free occupation.

Wen Fang: Hello, hello, I am 32, free occupation, there was a marriage before, and a 7 -year -old daughter.The reason for the divorce is because of her ex -husband gambling.After the divorce, because she was going to make money outside, her daughter brought my parents in his hometown.Now, I meet a new man, 5 years younger than me, but very mature to me. Now I have already applied for a banquet with him, but I have not received a certificate. My belly is pregnant with his child.EssenceHowever, I haven’t told my parents yet, and I also concealed the fact that I had married and had a 7 -year -old daughter. I don’t know how to tell him better. Will he accept it?

Me: I have to say that you are really bold because you are doing an adventure.I believe your appearance is relatively good, so you can achieve such a relationship with the man who is younger than you.It has been concealed for so long, and you may feel faintly feel that if you say it, the man will part ways with you.A woman, unmarried and divorced with children, is very different in the marriage market, that is, the scope of the objects that can be found is different.A relationship obtained by concealment may collapse on the truth at any time.

In the current situation, you have only three options, one is to hide the illusion that you have nothing to do with each other, but your daughter must hide it forever and live under the shadow.Living is tired, because a lie requires countless times.And your daughter grows up.So this item is obviously unrealistic.

The second choice told him after receiving the certificate.The banquet has also been done, and the certificate is also received. If you tell him, although the truth will make him difficult to accept, he will also consider his sinking costs while anger and sadness, and you can read the friendship of the past, and you stillWith his child (note: he is so impactful, you may ask you to kill the child first), and he may force himself to accept it for a while.Note that during this time, he may be very resistant to you and may be angry and depressed at all times, so you need to do what you should do and resent.Because only if he calms down, see your goodness, and really accept it in his heart, can you think about live with you again.You need to remind you that choosing this road is very passive.It is not conducive to choosing a mate again.

The third choice is to tell him the truth before receiving the certificate.Although he will have a greater probability than the second one, at least you still have a back road.After he is angry, he will think about whether this relationship needs to continue. Regardless of the results, you should be calm and accept the results, and bless the other party to be happy and happy.You can tell him that because he loves him too much, he dare not tell him before, but now he chose it.If he leaves you, it is also in line with common sense. If you don’t leave, you should be better to him to stabilize his heart.

Finally, you must clearly realize that today’s situation is because of your greed.In any case, learn to pay for your mistakes.Understand what kind of people can find in the marriage market, and live a lifetime instead of bullying or so high.It is important to master your own life instead of gambling.Note: At present, children in the abdomen are not recommended to be forcibly stayed, which is related to the happiness of life.Talk about it, accept the results, it is not so terrible from scratch.

The "Real Case Records" series comes from my real consultation record. After the consent of the help, anonymous disclosure is made as a material.

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