Rabbit rabbit technology | Female Rabbit pregnancy diagnosis technology

Checking whether the mother rabbit is tire is a necessary technology to ensure the efficiency of rabbits. Familiar with the tire examination technology, it may be targeted to prepare for the nutrition, preservation and delivery of pregnancy in pregnancy.Increase the breeding rate of female rabbits and increase the benefits of rabbits.If you do not check, not only can not guarantee benefits, but also feed bad populations.For example, when breastfeeding should be added in the later stages of pregnancy, it should not be added in time, so that the rabbit’s first birth is not ideal. Insufficient nutrition in the later stages of pregnancy of the female rabbit will cause too much weight after delivery.The female rabbit could not be added at first, and it needs to be reproduced again, but the feeding of the female rabbit is too fat, and the probability of the breeding of obese female rabbits has decreased.Unparalleled adult female rabbit.

Therefore, it is necessary to master the correct tire examination technology, and use inspections to determine whether the mother rabbit should be supplemented or continued to breed, and make a good record.The following three methods are commonly used to check whether the female rabbit is fetal.

1. Complex check

A complexity is performed 5 to 7 days after the mating. For example, the female rabbit refuses to mate, escape along the cage, and make a "gurgling, gurgling …" calling, which means that it has been tire;That is to indicate that they have never been born, but this method is not necessarily accurate.

2. Weight examination

Adult female rabbits before mating, write down the weight, and then repeat it once in half a month. In this way, the weight increases significantly compared with the breeding, which means that it has been tire.Essence

Third, tire tire examination

Tired tire is the most common diagnostic method for determining whether the breeding female rabbit is pregnant.The tire tire examination operation is simple and the accuracy is high, and its technology is as follows.

1. Touch the fetus time

Touching the fetus should be carried out 8 to 10 days after the mother rabbit is breeded, and it should be checked at the empty time of the mother rabbit.Beginners lack their understanding of embryos and fetal positions. They can be carried out 12 to 14 days after the mother rabbit breeding, so as to accurately identify.

2. Touching method

When touching the fetus, first wait for the mother rabbit on the tablet or the ground, or it can also be carried out in the rabbit cage, so that the rabbit head is facing the inspector.One hand makes the thumb and the remaining four fingers "eight" shape, the palm of the hand is up, and it will reach the abdomen of the female rabbit, gently hold the back abdomen, move the abdomen content forward, the five fingers slowly close, touch the shape of the abdomen content object, Size and texture, if you touch the softness of the abdomen as cotton, it means that there is no pregnancy; if the touch of meatballs with peanut size, the meat ball can slide and elastic, this is the fetus, indicating that the mother rabbit is pregnant.During the inspection process, the number of female rabbits is often reduced to the number. During the inspection, it needs to be touched repeatedly from the front to the back to detect the embryo.

3. Precautions for membrane tires

The first is to touch the fetal early in the early stage. Beginners are easily confused with the embryo of 8 to 10 days with the ball. The dung balls are mostly flat and round, the surface is rough, no elasticity, and the distribution area of the abdominal cavity is large.EssenceThe position of the embryo is relatively fixed. Gently pressed by hand, the surface is smooth and elastic, and the hands are easy to slide.After 15 days, you can touch several small meatballs connected together. After 20 days, you can touch the formed fetus. 24 days can be checked that the breasts of the mother rabbit begin to swell, the belly is drooping, and the breast milk starts to produce cubs in about 30 days.

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