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Question: Why do you grow spots during pregnancy?Can it be eliminated?

Answer: The stains related to pregnancy are mainly chloasma, freckles, brown spots, etc. The causes of long spots during pregnancy are mostly changes in the hormone level in the body. Luthema is the most common and most troublesome.After the first menstruation, it can be faded, and some other people who will not retreat need to be treated.Neither freckles and brown spots will not retreat within decades, and they can be removed through laser.

The topic of long spots during pregnancy makes almost trouble for every pregnant woman.In general, more than half of the long spots during pregnancy are chloasma, which is the "pregnancy spots" we often call.The reason is complicated, mainly because the secretion of estrogen and progesterone has stimulated melanocytes, causing spots to climb the cheeks.

Most of the chloasma that grows during pregnancy will fade back after the first menstrual period.However, there are also some women who have the chloasma on their faces that are stubborn and do not retreat for several years after pregnancy. In this case, if they want to remove freckles, they must be treated.

More than ten years ago, the treatment of melasma is indeed not high. Taking our department as an example, about 20%of patients can improve.Now this situation has reverse, and more than 80%of patients can get better results.There are many treatment methods. The comprehensive therapy advocated now includes drugs, laser and sun protection.

Someone must ask, can it be treated during breastfeeding?

Not recommended!Because it is not possible to use medicine during breastfeeding, oral or external use can not work.Although laser can be used, it is easier to repeat relying on laser treatment alone, not necessarily good.Therefore, it is recommended that novice mothers should not be anxious. Wait until the end of the breastfeeding, and the spots on their faces are not visible to go to the hospital for consultation.

Regarding skin problems, many times I have to mention "taboo".So, should chloasma treatments?

To be honest, it is really not necessary to avoid the mouth.Whatever you want to eat, don’t worry.It is cold and spicy, you can eat it, as long as you like it.

It is really not necessary to pay too much attention to eating, but one thing must be particular, that is, sunscreen!

Although the cause of melasma has not been fully studied clearly, it is certain that the ultraviolet rays in the sun are one of the culprits.Protecting sun protection is indeed the most important thing, and it is what most people can do after understanding.At present, there are many sunscreens available to pregnant women on the market. You can choose to suitable for your skin type.Of course, some people will ask that pregnant women need to expose the sun at the stage of breeding of the fetus to ensure the absorption of calcium. Is this not contradictory with sunscreen?

In fact, the current research has proven that as long as there are two days of sun exposure (facial, neck, and hand to the outside within a week), 15 minutes each time can fully meet the need for calcium absorption.In order to avoid the emergence of chloasma or the more severe chloasma that has appeared, it can be applied to the face (especially the cheekbone parts), and the sun exposure to the sun.

Do you need sun protection in winter?This is the sunscreen misunderstanding of most people.Yes, it is not just sunscreen in winter. As long as you go out, you should sunscreen as long as you go out.Needless to say in summer, ultraviolet rays are relatively weak in winter, but the skin’s resistance to ultraviolet rays will also decrease because of dry skin.Therefore, in winter, sunscreen is also required.

A reminder, although the windows can be lost in a large part of the ultraviolet rays, if you sit in the window for a long time and will be exposed to sunlight, even if you do not go out, you need sunscreen.

As for what kind of sunscreen products to choose?If you want to be outdoors for a long time in summer, you can choose SPF50+and PA ++++ products, which can prevent sunburn to the greatest extent.In winter, it is okay to weaken the index.The sunscreen should be applied 15 minutes before going out, and the amount of coating should be applied to the full part of the entire area.One thing to pay attention to is that sunscreen is not enough.If it is outdoors for a long time, it is recommended to apply it again every 3-4 hours.

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