Questions about breastfeeding: What food is easy to return to milk?What should I do during breastfeeding?Can you eat chili cold drink?

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Breast milk is the best food for babies. It is recommended by the WHO. In the age of 0-6 June, baby breastfeeding is breastfeeding. At the age of June, it starts to add supplementary food.Old or above.However, during breastfeeding, many mothers face various questions. In the "Breastfeeding Week" just passed, major hospitals have carried out breastfeeding publicity and education activities, hoping to give mothers a peace of mind.

Will you eat leeks, peppercorns and other foods back milk

"The food without milk." Zhao Yimin, the head of the obstetric room of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Jinan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that any food itself will not cause the amount of milk.And eating habits.

When the child was born, some mothers did not have much milk, and they were worried that they would add milk powder when they were worried that their children could not eat.In this regard, Kong Li, the nurse of the birth room of the Shandong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that unless newborn has special circumstances such as hypoglycemia, there is no need to add milk powder. "Be sure to establish confidence in breastfeeding.As the number of sucking times increases, the lactation of the mother will continue to increase, which will definitely meet the needs of the child. "

Artificially reduce the number of breastfeeding, reduce the stimulation of the mother’s nipples, and the amount of lactation will decrease."Especially at night, despite the hard work, mothers better insist on breast milk. Night is the peak of prolactin secretion, especially at three or four in the morning." Kong Li reminded.

While ensuring frequent and effective sucking, mothers should try their best to eat balanced diet and eat more foods of soup and water to ensure the quality of breast milk.

Can I eat chili cold drinks for cooking during breastfeeding?

"Pepper is not an absolute taboo during breastfeeding. Because the northern climate is relatively dry, and there are relatively few peppers, we recommend that you eat as light as possible during breastfeeding." Zhao Yimin said that the south said that the south was humid and rainy.It’s hard to eat.

Eating heavy flavors such as chili, shallots, ginger and other flavored flavors will change the taste of the mother, but it will not cause harm to the child’s health.If the mother eats these things normally after eating these things, and there are no abnormal stools. Mothers who like spicy food can also be eaten in moderation.

In the same way, the weather is hot in summer, and some mothers like to eat cold drinks."Cold drinks will not change the temperature of breast milk. The mother eats cold drinks, and it will not cause children to eat breast milk after breast milk.

Breastfeeding should be avoided.During breastfeeding, the mother has no safe threshold for drinking, and alcohol can enter the milk without barrier, which will affect the development of the child’s nervous system.Including gruel, rice wine, wine heart chocolate, etc., avoid intake.

However, in the process of cooking, the use of trace cooking wine and soy sauce will not have any effect on breastfeeding. It is not recommended to use MSG.In addition, Zhao Yimin reminds everyone that meals can be put in salt during confinement. Don’t be too salty.

Can children breastfeeding be breastfeeding?

"Newborn jaundice is divided into physiological jaundice and pathological jaundice." Kong Li said that for physiological jaundice, prostaglandin contained in breast milk can promote jaundice excretion.

Some children may have breast milk jaundice. Zhao Yimin said that if the child is severe, seek medical treatment in time first, and then pick up the use of jaundice drugs after recovering, it will consider breast milk jaundice. Generally, it will be observed after 72 hours of breast milk.If the jaundice is obviously retreated after the breast milk is stopped, it can be diagnosed as breast milk jaundice; if it is not obvious, it may be pathological jaundice, and it is necessary to go to the neonatal treatment in time.

"Stop the breast milk for two or three days, not because breast milk jaundice cannot be breastfeed, but to clear the diagnosis." Zhao Yimin explained that after diagnosis of breast milk, breastfeeding can continue to be fed.It’s relatively short.

How long can frozen milk be stored

Li Ning, deputy director of the Children’s Hospital of Jinan Children’s Hospital, introduced: "Breast milk can be saved for 4 hours at room temperature (25 ° C -37 ° C); at 15 ° C -25 ° C, it can be stored for 8 hours, but be careful not to save it above 37 ° C.Conditions. Breast milk in the refrigerator refrigerator (2 ℃ -4 ℃) can be saved for 24 hours, and the breast milk should be placed in the coldest part of the refrigerator. "

In the refrigerator frozen room (-18 ° C or below), breast milk can be stored for 3 months. Pay attention to put breast milk deep in the frozen chamber.If there is a separate frozen cabinet (-20 ° C), breast milk can even be stored in it for 6 months.

"The refrigerated breast milk should be used to heat the water temperature heat before feeding, and it is best not to exceed 50 ° C in water temperature. The frozen breast milk should be retired with cold water before eating.Breast milk cannot be heated or boiled directly on fire or in a microwave oven, otherwise it will destroy its nutrients.

In addition, the breast milk that retreats after frozen should not be frozen again, and the refrigerated preservation does not exceed 24 hours.Once refrigerated breast milk, you must not refrigerate once you warm up, and you should be discarded even if you do not feed.

Can I continue to breastfeed if I am pregnant again during breastfeeding?

Since the implementation of the two -child policy, more and more mothers have conceived Erbao during breastfeeding. This situation is commonly known as "relay milk".After pregnancy, whether it can continue to be fed with breast milk, it has been trapped in Baoma and even the entire family.

"Considering factors such as physical repair, six months after delivery and two years after the cesarean section should take contraception to avoid pregnancy." Zhao Yimin said that it is best to take contraceptive measures during breastfeeding.

"Many women in early pregnancy will have a large early pregnancy reaction. At the same time, when Dabao sucks milk and stimulates the nipples, it will cause varying degrees of contractions. In severe casesContinue breastfeeding will bring risks to the fetus in the abdomen. Zhao Yimin does not recommend insisting on breastfeeding after pregnancy.

But this is not absolute."Whether you can continue to breastfeed during breastfeeding can decide according to personal physical condition. If there is no uncomfortable performance, you can still feed Dabao during pregnancy." Zhao Yimin said.

As the gestational week increases, hormones in the body will change significantly, the level of prolactin is decreased, and the amount of breastfeeding will gradually decrease.Some pregnant mothers have almost no breast milk in the middle of pregnancy, and they will continue to recover until Erbao’s birth.

Can you make up for lactation?

"Makeup can be made during breastfeeding, but it is best to make light makeup." Zhao Yimin said that cosmetics will not enter the milk through the skin, let alone affect the child’s growth and development.However, it is best to completely remove makeup before contacting the child. Do not let the child kiss or cheek to cosmetics.

During the breastfeeding period, we must stick to the bra and use anti -milk pads at the same time.Otherwise, the overflowing milk will become a diner for bacterial growth.Once the nipples are cracked during breastfeeding, bacteria will be infected through wounds, which can easily cause mastitis, etc., bringing unnecessary trouble and pain.

In addition, Zhao Yimin reminded novice moms and dads that although most of the children’s help now have the help of Yueyue and their elders at home, parents should not be a shopkeeper. "Be sure to learn how to take care of the children.Emotional bonds help children build a sense of trust and security, and meet the emotional needs of children. "

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