Queen Zheren 20: Men cross the ancient queen through the ancient king, conceived the next generation of kings, concentrate on prenatal education

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The king was about to give the queen a love, but the queen suddenly yue. The queen quickly explained that I’m sorry that it is not that you have bad breath, but I am not very comfortable.Yuyi told her after the pulse, congratulations, you are happy, the queen has become JPG, what kind of thing I am pregnant?

Kings: "Hard work hard"

Palace: "Congratulations to the mother -in -law congratulatory mother"

Wang Shang: "I’m going to be a father"

Everyone was happy to dance, but the queen was still in place. The sorrow and joy of human beings may not be connected. I just feel that they are noisy.

Queen: "Stop me for me"

The queen drove them out of their brains and closed the door fiercely.Wang Shang knocked in grievances, but was locked out of the door again. Wang Shang held back his tears. My treasure was.The queen desperately collapsed to the ground. My life was so bitter. I crossed into the woman’s body not only could not treat the girl, but also had to be a daughter -in -law. Now I am pregnant again. This is destroying my soul. This is my soul.I’m going to force me to go!When the child grows up, should I care about my mother or my father!No, the focus is now a big master, how can you get pregnant!

Queen: "This damn destiny, God, you open your eyes, how can I get pregnant?"

The king sent someone to believe that the drums were faithful. The queen was happy. This was really the female second hearing the jealousy. After listening to the anger, the second male was so angry that his big cousin was migrated.It’s right.

Since the queen has sent all the small vaults of Guozhang, the Guozi feels very empty in her heart, and she can’t be happy if she eats how delicious it is. She can only write a poem every day to relieve her sorrow.Suddenly I received an urgent letter from the palace, and the state of the country was desperate. Is this unlucky girl caused anything?

Sub -person: "Mother she … pregnant"

The king is still in doubt, why is the queen angry, the old eunuch proposes what you are tangled with the reason. If you have this kung fu, you can coax her.Dare to ask a dare to think, who should ask who?

As the exclusive secretary of the king, Xiao Hei has to work hard not only to promote salary increase, but also help Wang Shang to coax his wife. Xiao Hei brought his good brother Xiao Jin, saying that Xiao Jin was a very experienced love master.

Xiao Hei: "What are you doing"

Xiao Jin: "She will be angry like this, then you want to say, I’m pouring flowers"

Wang Shang: "I might be killed if I do this"

Seeing that the king did not agree with this method, Xiao Jin took out the trick of pressing the bottom of the box.

Xiao Jin: "That’s how we’re like this, it’s abominable"

King: "I only know how stupid I did this before"

Xiao Hei: "His Royal Highness Atonement"

The queen who was pregnant was lying on the middle of the middle, but the prenatal education class that made her head was about to begin. No matter how unknown the Queen’s expression was, Xiaohong started to help the queen adjust the posture.The white cloth can be lifted directly.

The queen’s favorite instant noodles have also been banned. In the future, you have to eat a special nutritional meal made of pregnant women. This queen can’t bear it. Am I a maternity machine?Is it a human incubator?How did prenatal education only make me suffer alone?Lao Cui said that you are assured of your mother, and you have to learn from you after the class.Looking at the stealing instant noodles, the queen felt that life would not be happy anymore.

In order to make his mouth addicted, the queen sneaked into the royal dining room with a spoon and planned to drink a sweet pear wine, but found that the jar was empty. The angry queen shouted the kitchen. Where did the wine go?With a serious look, your wine was deteriorated, and I was poured out. The queen’s face was unbelievable walking towards the house, pushing away the imperial kitchen, but seeing the drunk Lao Cui.

Queen: "You look so happy"

Lao Cui: "There is no difference between peaceful times"

Queen: "Didn’t you say you have lost your smile?"

Lao Cui: "Little ones recovered the smile"

The queen shaking Lao Cui’s shoulder, how can you drink it alone, and don’t stay for me!

The desperate queen sat on the ground, crying like a two hundred pounds of children, and walked out of the royal room. The king had been waiting here for a long time.The two could not help but have a fingers, the queen was shameful, oh, don’t be so embarrassed, but Wang Shang pulled her over.

Wang Shang: "Are you going to whine?"

The queen hurriedly sprinkled him. Alas, mother, this is too much. The palace needs to be awake.The king’s gentle touching the queen’s belly, my big child, after birth, inherit the throne after birth!This sentence woke up the queen. If my son became the king, then I was the queen queen.

Queen: "I didn’t expect this! -This-what do you say-, look, everything in this world is yours"

The queen thought about it, and her life had hope again. She now has to return to the palace quickly and give her son a formal prenatal education.The queen opened the fetal teaching diary, came over to open, the ritual -filled pen, and wrote a letter to Erya.

Queen: "Children, if you want to survive in the palace, you must strive to improve himself must not be slack. Children, the more enemies, the more enemies, the more the children must hide the private house money."

After writing the notes, the queen had felt her cub, and she could be a special forces as soon as she was born.By the time the king went up and off, the queen had fallen asleep. Looking at the queen’s prenatal education notes, the king laughed at the front teeth.Just when the two calmed down and planned to concentrate on cultivating their son, a message came out in the palace, saying that the queen’s son was actually a big cousin!

Whose son is it, let’s talk about the next video.

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